How to take care of your synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs, especially if they are long or very long, deteriorate due to friction (rubbing the nape of the neck, shoulders, scarves, collars, scarves …). If you can’t renew it, there are tricks to soften the fiber of synthetic wigs and leave it almost like new! Mind you, the length of the fix is ​​somewhat temporary, but it can save you for a couple more weeks of use without having to buy a new synthetic wig.

Most importantly, maintenance is first of all. If we regularly apply a specific mask for synthetic wigs, the duration of the fiber in good condition will be longer than if we do not use anything.

This trick can only be done with heat resistant fiber wigs. If your wig does not admit heat, the result would be disastrous and it would spoil much more.

1) Brush the wig to remove tangles from middle to ends.

2) When the wig is old and damaged by rubbing, immerse in hot water and apply a scoop of concentrated fabric softener that we use for clothing. Wait 15 to 30 min before rinsing thoroughly.

3) Dry with the dryer at medium temperature and leave the synthetic wig wet in the most damaged areas.

4) While still damp from medium to ends (humidity is important), divide into small locks and start by passing the iron at medium temperature (140 degrees). Increase the temperature gradually until you see that the frizz is mitigating and the fiber softer.

5) Never raise the temperature of the iron more than 180 degrees.

6) Pass the iron until the wig is completely dry.

The fiber should be softer, the ends more sealed and more manageable for about two more weeks.

How to take care of your wig

We do not imagine how pollution and urban agitation attack us every day, and our hair in the wind are the first sensors of these nuisances. The accumulation of fine particles, dust, sweat and also styling products makes the hair heavy and difficult to handle. They swell and tangle more easily. Here’s how to deal!

Wash your hair as soon as you feel it less flexible, that the curls are less defined, and that you find it harder to style your hair (in general or after a week depending on the use you make of the styling products).

Rinse the hair with cold water by adding a teaspoon of… apple vinegar or alcohol in the last bath. Yes, this grandmother’s remedy really works!

For a natural and light look, do not use too many care and hairstyling products. A few drops a day are enough. An excess of products weighs down the hair and makes it difficult to handle. In addition, it would require you to do frequent shampoos, which would complicate your routine.

Use moisturizing and nourishing products.
Do not hesitate to test the products, recommended or not, to find the ones that best suit your needs. The main thing is to invest in quality products like you do for your natural hair.

In all cases, avoid products containing petrolatum and lanolin which grease and weigh down the hair and ultimately dry it out since it does not allow true hydration.

Apply your moisturizer preferably on hair that is still damp, part of the water is then retained in the fiber and the hair will only be softer and flowing.

For wavy or curly hair, naturally drier, use a foam suitable for this type of texture. It is possible to compose it yourself with organic aloe vera, organic shea butter and pure organic oils of coconut, bean sprouts, or sweet almond to mix in a spray bottle with water purified hot. These oils can be replaced by a quality conditioner, in small doses. Another personal solution for quick refreshment and immediate redefinition of curls: moisten the hair well with a water sprayer (preferably from a source) and seal the hydration with a special curl mousse. Do not brush or pull on the hair, but rather press it between your hands. Guaranteed result! Moisturize the hair by emphasizing the lengths and ends and avoiding the base.


You want to buy a wig and you hesitate between a synthetic hair and natural hair?
The list of advantages and disadvantages of each type of hair below will help you make your choice.



The hair can be colored.
The hair can be straightened or curled.
The wig is almost invisible thanks to its entirely natural look.
The natural hair wig can be cut according to the wishes of the client.
The wig has a longer lifespan.
The hair supports all shampoos.


It takes more time for hair care.
The cost of natural hair is higher.



“Ready to go” – the synthetic hair wig is ready to wear.
Even after washing, the wig retains its original look.
Moderate prices
Easy to maintain
Large choice of models and colors


Synthetic hair does not support heat.
The curly or smooth hairstyle can no longer be modified.
The wig does not last as long as a natural hair wig (about 1 year).
It is necessary to use a special shampoo.


The origin of the wig dates back thousands of years instead. The Egyptians are among the first to wear wigs. During ancient times, many Egyptians shaved their heads and used wigs to protect their heads. The wig can be of human, horse or synthetic origin. There are therefore wigs with synthetic and natural hair.


Besides the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, victims of hair loss, also wear a wig. The wig had then become a symbol of prestige. In France, in the 17th century, King Louis XIII masked his baldness with hairpieces. Very quickly, many important men also began to wear the accessory while covering themselves with a wig to remain elegant. The success of wigs has not waned over the years. Even today they have become real fashion accessories for some and a real necessity for others. Knowing that they can be worn by both a man and a woman. But, whatever the reasons for wearing it – baldness, chemotherapy, change of look – using a wig is always beneficial.

UniWigs is an on-line wig store that offers hair toppers, human hair & synthetic wigs, hair extensions and pieces for women who want to look their best and feel confident. Whether it is for fashion, for fun or to compensate for hair loss or thinning hair, you can always find the perfect products here!

Is Synthetic Wig Really Not As Good As Human Hair Wig?

As we enter the market to purchase the wig we desire, we are faced by a variety of options and suddenly, the answer doesn’t seem so clear anymore. Should we opt for the synthetic wig, or go for the human hair wig instead? Or is the heat-friendly synthetic wig the solution to our hair woes? To prevent the confusion from building up, it is better to do some research beforehand, and know which wig works best for us.

Human hair wigs are just as the name entails – they are made of natural, human hair strands. You might have heard about hair donations by people for a good cause. That is mostly how the natural hair ended up gracing the wigs. The greatest charm of these wigs is how real they look; with no unnatural shine and the ability to bounce around like natural hair, wearing a human hair wig is feels just like having your natural hair back. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs are made from man-made fibers, which tend to imitate human hair, and mostly are indistinguishable unless looked at very closely. These wigs are perfectly styled, with the ability to retain their look after any and all activities.

synthetic wig&human hair wig
synthetic wig&human hair wig

There is a popular opinion of synthetic wigs not being as good as human hair wigs. The opinion is certainly not unfounded, because human hair wigs bring with themselves an abundance of advantages:

  • The All-Natural Look

Considering human hair wigs are made from actual hair, they appear no different than the time when you actually had hair. Resembling the texture and feel of real hair, the wig exclaims all things natural.

Being made of human hair also means the hair acts just like normal hair would; stylish as ever sometimes, whilst untamed otherwise. However, this also means it can be styled as any way we want, something we aren’t able to achieve with synthetic hair. Whether we want to don a perm today or go for a straightened look, the human hair wig makes it fairly easy and simple to achieve any of these styles.

A great plus point in human hair wigs is the large variety of textures, hues, and lengths on offer. We can search entire markets and will eventually land on a wig which completes resembles the hair we had earlier, making it difficult for others to tell the difference between the hair we had before, and the hair we have now. Win-win? We think so!

  • Get those Pops of Color

Since the wig has human hair, it can be easily dyed without any side effects, unlike synthetic wigs. This means just because we have lost our hair, doesn’t mean we give up on the little things we love. Dying our hair in a variety of colors, from ombre highlights to purple edges, the sky is the limit with human hair wigs. We simply have to search for a hair stylist proficient in coloring human hair wigs.

  • Apt for Sensitive Skins

When we think about wearing wigs, the idea makes us scratch our heads. We often find ourselves wondering: How will the wig be attached? Will it feel comfortable?

With human hair wigs, there is no need to worry about itching or rash on the scalp because the wig has a very high probability of adapting comfortably to the head. Thus, making the human hair wig an especially good option for those with sensitive skins.

  • Long-Lasting

Human hair wigs are highly durable. Known to last up to a year, they are a good option for those who wish for a long-lasting remedy to hair loss. On the other hand, synthetic wigs merely last for 4-6 months.

People opt for human hair wigs not only due to the advantages brought forth by this type of wig, but also the disadvantages of the synthetic wig. The synthetic wig although is a product of newest technologies and imitates human hair, it has a certain unnatural shine to it which makes it noticeable (especially in the sunlight), giving onlookers the feeling that the person is indeed wearing a wig. Sensitive to heat, synthetic wigs are easily harmed which makes styling them very difficult. They usually come in a particular style (e.g. curled, etc.) and eventually bounce back to their initial form, regardless of the hairstyling you practice on it. Even if you wash your hair, as soon as it dries up, the wig returns to its original style.

However, just because the synthetic wig is refrained to exhibiting a particular look, does not necessarily mean a downside of the wig. For people who struggle with time and energy to manage the upkeep of their hair, synthetic wigs are a blessing in disguise. There is no need to take out time for styling the hair as it comes styled, always. Another charming feature of the synthetic wigs is the low maintenance. They should be washed after 4-6 wears, unlike human hair wigs which, being human hair, need to be washed after each wear. Furthermore, human hair wigs also require proper shampooing, oiling, and conditioning – which may pose as another hassle.

Although synthetic wigs cannot be dyed, why go through the trouble of dyeing when you can find an abundance of colored and widely styled wigs? Simply try the wig on, and if it suits your face, make the purchase. Synthetic wigs are cheap as compared to human hair wigs, and thus make for an easy-buy.

Therefore, the question of which wig is better cannot be answered so easily as each has their own sets of pros and cons. For people who want a low maintenance, easy to control wig – the synthetic wig is the way to go. For those who want their hair to look as natural as possible, the human hair wig should be opted for. For the ones who reside in cities with extreme weather conditions, the human hair wig may prove uncontrollable most of the times, thus a man-made synthetic wig might be better suited. For ones who know their hair loss is permanent, the human hair wig is a better investment due to enhanced durability, and value for money.

Thus, the answer to which wig is better varies across individuals. What matters is, which wig is best suited to us, and our conditions and needs. Remember, although our hair is an important part of us, it surely isn’t the only aspect which represents us. Thus, whatever wig you decide to purchase, don it with confidence, and you are bound to shine wherever you go!


Wigs have gradually become the rave of the moment, especially among the female folks. Wigs are a significant part of most women’s mode of dressing. As such, they can change their look frequently. Hair is a salient part of the identity.
Suffering from hair loss is a sad thing for individual confidence. And wigs have really been so helpful and come in handy especially for people that have health challenges such as cancer and alopecia. Hair loss can be psychologically disturbing and makes one feel unattractive. Instead of having hair implants or surgery, wigs can be worn instead. Actors and dancers also employ the use of wigs to portray different characters in their different performances.

The growing demand in the supply of wig is really high and this adds the nation’s economy greatly. Wigs are really worth the cost and the hype, especially human hair wigs. They cost more than synthetic and are more preferably worn because in a way they are long term investment. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to choose wigs; human hair wigs.

• Wigs are worth the cost
Most expensive wigs are produced from natural human hair. This explains the shortage in supply because human hair wigs are usually scarcer than synthetic products. The fineness in appearance also adds to the cost but the natural look and feel make it worth the cost. Anyone wearing a human hair wig certainly gets a boost in confidence, making people look good and improving self-esteem. All these are worth every dime spent on human hair wig.
If you are seeking to give yourself the best treat, human hair is worth it.

• Natural look

Natural look
Natural look

No one wants to wear a wig and people are able to tell that it is a wig. Even though the synthetic wigs look shiny and so natural at first sight. Most females always prefer to wear the human hair wig because it matches the color of the scalp, fits the hairline and makes it look very natural. Wigs also enhance the look of the wearer because the hair movement is real and not artificial-looking. A fashionable and neat hairstyle can be achieved within a few minutes with the wearer looking a billion dollars. You don’t have to wait for long hours at the salon waiting to have your hair fixed.

• Lightweight and breathable
Human hair extensions are sewn in mesh caps that have holes. This enables the circulation of air in and around the wig. This also encourages the fact that wig can be worn even all year round, even in winter. The head is kept dry and ventilated for as long as the wig is worn.
It is preferable and recommendable for people suffering from hair loss or alopecia to wear human hair wig. The reason being that for hair to grow again, the scalp needs to be healthy and devoid of oil build-up. Therefore, since human hair wigs have breathable mesh, hair growth will not be difficult to achieve.

• Irresistible craft
Wigs are carefully handcrafted products by the wigmaker or by the wearer. It reduces the rate of unemployment too as both young and old delve into the craftsmanship of making wigs, creating more jobs.

• Protect the natural hairline
Braiding or weaving done frequently pulls on the natural hairline thereby resulting in receding hairlines. Wearing a wig protects the hairline and at the same helps hair growth.

• Long-lasting
With the right and appropriate maintenance and care, human hair wig can last from three to five years. So, buying an expensive wig is equivalent to getting timeless beauty from it depending on the maintenance and care. The wig doesn’t lose its luster and shine as long as you have them proving that buying a human hair wig is cost-effective.

• Wigs are easier to style
wigs are very easy to style, cut, trim and shape into any desired style. More hair can be added to the wig to increase the volume and bring out the feminine look. Wigs can also be colored or tinted into different preferred shades. The wearer can go versatile with human hair wigs. Although synthetic wig which is on the cheaper side cannot be styled as desired.

• High resistance to heat
Blow dryers, hot combs, heated rollers, and curling tongs can be used on human hair wig because of its good resistance to heat. This also helps in the versatility of wearing the wig. On the other hand, synthetic wig easily melts when exposed to any source of heat or even shrink because of its zero-heat tolerance.

• Reduced tangling

human hair wig
human hair wig

Human hair wigs are less exposed to tangling because of its fineness. Tangling is less frequent which helps in the durability of the wigs.

• New look
Wigs can be made to the desired choice of the wearer depending on the purpose of getting the wig. Whether it is to change your look, get a new look for an occasion or in order to restore lost hair. Wigs greatly help in transforming your look instantly.

• Keeping up with trends
Trends and styles are fun to keep up with. Sadly, they come and go while causing serious wear and tear on the hair. When the trend of the moment is a lowcut ends, the wearer has to practice the transitional hair growth method. This goes on for another trend of beautiful long hair comes, one will have to wear wigs to keep up with the trends to avoid being left out. Wigs are also the preferred choice instead of going through nasty, painful hair surgeries that are unlikely to be successful.

Conclusively, paying more for a wig means that the value you get is increased. Putting the cost of wigs into considerations, they are worth having as an accessory. Wearing a beautiful, lustrous makes the wearer feel more expensive and look more beautiful.


Two important desires as wig lovers and wearers are to find quality wigs that complement our hairlines, and most significantly, match our skin tone, to look as much natural as possible. But finding such wigs that especially match our skin tone sometimes is complicated. That has been one of the challenges so many people are faced with. Usually, all I want is to find a wig that complements my skin tone and looks almost unnoticed and we believe you want the same too.

For the best parts, celebrities have always been our role models when it comes to matching outfits and wigs with our natural hairline. From the dark-skinned among them to the warm skinned, their ability to complement their skin tones with matching wigs has always fascinated us. Often, I log into Instagram and scroll their pages to find intriguing features about their wigs and especially, the variations of wig colors their wear that match with their skin tone and complements their entire look. That is one way we broaden our knowledge about wigs here at UniWigs and develop answers and solutions to the challenges and questions wig lovers have about wigs and extensions.

Here at UniWigs, it has always been our pleasure to offer support to our customers and other wig lovers within our reach and to provide solutions to many of the challenges their experience in regards to wigs and beauty. And so, we’ve organized some ideas that you believe you should know to help you make the right wig-choice that matches your skin tone on your subsequent shopping.

Skin Tone
Skin Tone

Understand Your Coloring

As you may know, people can either have warm or cool skin tone. Knowing your natural skin tone will help you decide which hair types to choose.

For Warm Skin Tone

If you have a warm skin tone, have similar attributes, such as look better in gold jewelry, have olive or dark skin, tan easily, have brown, green, or hazel eyes, have pink or gold undertones, and have deep brown, red, or strawberry hair.

If you have warm tones, you can choose wig colors, such as golden-brown, dark-brown, rich auburn, chestnut, white, or those with red or gold highlights.

For Cool Skin Tone

People with a cool skin tone often have fair skin, blue or green eyes, dark brown or pale skin tones, blue-black, coffer brown, or ash brown hair.

If you have a cool tone, wigs in blondes, browns, and blacks with wheat, ash, honey or taupe highlights will be a great choice for you, and when you take a step forward to complement that with a silver or ivory jewelry, the result is amazing!

For Advanced and Ageing

We care about our aged customers. We know that skin tone tends to fade slowly as we grow old. But we want to help you complement your appearance and look as attractive as possible. We suggest lighter wigs because they can give you that natural and softer appearance perfect for you. Finding a wig color slightly lighter or close to your skin tone brightens your complexion and gives you a more youthful look.

Eye Color
Eye Color

Your Eyes Count Too!

Eye color is also another important factor to consider when finding the right wig for you. if you have a green, hazel, golden-brown, or light blue eye color, finding golden-brown, dark, chestnut, or auburn wigs with red highlights is a great idea. And if you have dark hazel, dark brown, deep blue or blue-grey eye color, wigs with more natural colors like blonde, black, and brown tones can be a perfect choice

Looking for Something New?

If you think of choosing a color that is two or more shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color, then you should do it carefully. I advise that you slowly change the color and give yourself time to determine or decide if it’s going to work for you.

Other factors like personality and health status matter as well when finding the right wig for you. Women going through chemo may experience fading of their skin tone, as well as changes in their natural hair look. I also advise that you should take your time to find a wig that matches your current skin tone.


Highlights Can Give You a Rich Natural Color You Need To Improve Your Appearance

Finding natural-looking highlights on your human hair wigs or synthetic wigs can be very effective when it comes to choosing wigs. A great highlight gives you the rich natural-looking color you’ve been looking for. There are numerous variations, you can try out as much as possible to find the best choice for you.

As much as we may have a love for wide variations of wig color, it is important that know that your hair color goes in agreement with your complexion. Dark skin complexions match with dark hair colors, ranging from black and brown to horse blood. Light and fair skin complexions can go with a variety of human hair colors. We recommend that you find a hair color that fits your complexion. Finding a wig that compliments your looks helps you achieve the right appearances that bring back your confidence. Understanding whether you have a light or dark skin complexion is key to knowing your skin tone.

If you’re still unsure about what wig color can match skin tone, we are here to assist you. We derive pleasure in helping our customers find the best wigs that match their desires!




It is no doubt that wearing wigs has made looking good easier, but how do you know the perfect wig to compliment that exquisite look especially as a black woman? Time allows us access to make recognizable improvements on everything that beautifies life, and wigs are no exceptions. They keep coming in more beautiful texture and looks. The wigs are beautiful to behold but you are unsure whether it would be beautiful on you or stand the test of time. This piece would serve as a guide to help you get that wig that would blend with your glowing black colour.

There are two major types of newly made wigs: natural hair and synthetic wigs. You can choose either of these wigs depending on how you want to wear them. If you want wigs that would allow different styles, synthetic wigs would be a better option, they can stay in any position you style them. But if you need wigs that would look like your natural hair, then natural hair wigs would suit better. They look real and you can wear them on a daily basis as if they were your hair. But be aware that if you are going for the natural wig, you would be ready to give it regular maintenance. If not, it would lose its natural features.

Cap Construction
Cap Construction

One of the basic things you look out for in wigs is the wig cap construction. The cap is the base upon which the prepared hair is attached to form the finished wig. With the evolution of time, wig caps are no longer as they used to be. Having a cap that assumes the shape of your head upon wearing it indicated a better fitting wig and vice versa. If you are unsure of the cap and how well it will size your head, you can get a wig with adjustable straps on the cap that would help you adjust the cap to the size of your head. This is better than the tedious task of applying adhesive whenever you have to wear your wigs.

Different caps have different designs with which the hair strands get attached. Of these designs, the best for the black woman is the 100% hand-tied monofilament design. This design also called 100% hand-knotted appears like individual pieces or strands of hair attached to the cap. It is as opposed to machine – attached hair and allows each strand to move freely and makes it possible for the wig to be combed or parted in any direction giving the wearer an undiluted natural look. It creates the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp.  Some wigs have both designs combined in one where the hand-tied method is used in some sensitive part of the wig like the crown while the remaining parts are machine-attached. As a black woman, it may be better to go for the 100% hand-tied monofilament because of the natural look and the comfort that comes with it, but you may need to consider your pocket to make a better decision.

Except you have a look you want to mirror, natural colours like black or brown wigs look more natural on black women. There may be rare exceptions where a black woman has a naturally light coloured hair, she may choose to help her natural hair colours by wearing the light coloured wigs. These natural colours can also be dyed into any other colour of your choice. But trust me, natural coloured wigs are more appealing on a black woman than the brightly coloured ones.


You would also need to consider the length of the hair. Wigs come in varying lengths. The length you would choose should be dependent on the occasion you are wearing it and the look you want to wear. Long wigs can serve for any purpose, especially for a social function. Shoulder length wigs are perfect for dinner parties. It blends with the dinner wears to give the wearer a classy look. You can also rock short wigs (pixie cuts) as a black woman. It is easier to maintain and does not tangle like long hair.  The longer the hair length, the higher the chances of tangling it has.

Also, a black woman can never go wrong with a front lace wig. Once this type of wig seats on your head perfectly, it would be difficult for one to tell that it is a wig. It gives a black woman a natural look plus the fact that it gives an illusion of hair growth from the natural hairline thereby enhancing the natural look the hair gives. Ensure you test if the wig sheds. Shedding of wigs, whether natural of synthetic wigs fastens the life span of the wig.

Research has shown that black women tend to react easily to the weather. Going for wigs with enough ventilation would serve as a saviour even in hot weather. This ventilation would reduce (or prevent) irritation. You are also sure not to sweat because of the free air passage. This can help you wear the wig for a long time regardless of the weather.

You may want to go for wigs that can easily be curled or straightened to fit your choice at a particular point in time. It is only wigs that are rich in high-temp fiber (which is safe for use with curling irons) that can serve this purpose.

For a black woman, the texture of the hair should be of utmost importance especially if she wants a natural look. Some wigs are smooth and curly almost like the hair of these women black women. Those wigs are recommended.

Remember, that your budget is very important while choosing wigs. Some wigs are affordable and have good quality. Overpriced wigs are not necessarily the best wigs.

If you put all these are put into consideration, I am sure that you would be able to get the perfect wig that would serve the purpose it is meant for while complementing your looks. Don’t forget that the durability and longevity of any wig are dependent on how you use it. Ensure to use good products on your wigs to enable them last longer while looking healthy.