UniWigs launched a vote on MOST POPULAR PRODUCT on December, 2019. Through 3 weeks of voting, six UniWigs products including Trendy wigs and hair helpers have been selected as the Most Popular Products of 2019 by our dearest customers, which are Lavender Dawn, Calypso – Loose Curl Version, 6″x7″ Bella Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper, 8.5″x9″ Melanie Remy Human Hair Mono Topper, Charlotte – Remy Human Hair Lace Wig and Perfection- Remy Human Hair Lace Wig.

Most Popular Products of 2019
Most Popular Products of 2019

We thank all loyalty customers for voting our products. Five lucky customers who voted in the campaign are selected randomly and one of them will get a $200 coupon, two get $100 coupon, the other two get $50 coupon. Congratulations! Welcome to join our future campaigns!


Now, let’s figure out why these six products won the favor of a majority of customers.

1. Lavender Dawn
Lavender Dawn is inspired by the deep rich colors that peak right at dawn in Southern California. UniWigs brings you a glamorous twist of Lavender with hints of the sun, embodied in luscious long curls that make this the perfect choice for anyone. As with all of The Trendy Collection, we combine the natural look and feel of our heat-resistant synthetic hair, with our ultra-comfortable French lace cap.

Lavender Dawn
Lavender Dawn

See how customers comment on it. “Very full, beautiful color, decent lace, stays on your head comfortably, hair is very soft and no fake shine!” “Honestly I was in SHOCK at the quality and the softness of this wig and I get compliments ALL the time. It’s definitely my favorite and the color is so vibrant!!!”…So, if you want a gorgeous dating with your lover or dear sisters, the Lavender Dawn will be your solid choice!

2. Calypso – Loose Curl Version
Calypso is bright blue and will remind you of faraway mythical islands. Calypso has bright Marge Simpson Blue colored hair, which is eye-catching and will make you stand out! Calypso is absolutely perfect for cosplay, fancy dress costumes, and events, or even just if you want bright blue hair!


For such an attractive hair color and hairstyle, how the customers would comment? “THIS WIG IS AMAZING !!!! I love this unit so much! It is my first and it was so easy to manage. I love for my wigs so that was also a plus! I would recommend this to anyone who needs a nice curly unit.” “Love, love, love very in love with this wig very silky and soft and smooth very affordable love the length love the texture love the price love the cap, very comfortable very very impressed and satisfied!” Yeah, Calypso is like her name, has symbolic bright blue color, usually considered be popular around young fashion girls. Who hasn’t been young and had colorful hairs!?

3. 6’’x7’’ Bella Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper
The Bella human hair topper is a human hair top piece with a 6″x7″ large base. Designed to add gorgeous volume and coverage at the crown, this 100% Remy human hair top piece integrates with your own hair for a supremely natural look. You can create beautiful loose curls that cascade from your shoulders.

6’’x7’’ Bella Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper
6’’x7’’ Bella Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper

It features a 100% hand-tied silk base which gives the appearance of your own natural scalp and the most natural look. Bella topper is available in various lengths and colors.

She also has received plentiful praise. It was *almost* too much fun. It’s a lightweight silk top piece that is completely hand-tied, giving me a ton of versatility. It’s similar to a traditional side braid but with a really deep hair part for a more dramatic effect.” Whether you are young or not, you can wear this topper with no worries!

4. 8.5″x9″ Melanie Remy Human Hair Mono Topper
The Melanie human hair topper is another hot-selling product. It is a human hair top piece with an 8.5”x9” super large base. Designed to add gorgeous volume and coverage at the crown, this 100% Remy human hair top piece integrates with your own hair for a supremely natural look. It features a mono top and wefted back. The mono top gives the most natural look and the wefts makes the large topper more breathable.

8.5"x9" Melanie Remy Human Hair Mono Topper
8.5″x9″ Melanie Remy Human Hair Mono Topper

Let’s see the comments on this perfect Melanie. “I absolutely adore this topper! It is so soft. The color is exactly as pictured. And the density is so believable…this is what my hair always SHOULD have looked like. This is now my go to topper!” “The Melanie is quite nice. I like how the front hairline merges with my own hair so nicely.”…Wearing this piece makes you scalp breath at ease.

5. Charlotte – Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
Charlotte is our new luxurious style from our UniWigs Celebrity Collection. With a carefully perfected blend of Ice Blonde and Beige Blonde and our most natural-looking dark roots, Charlotte oozes sophistication and elegance. Charlotte is made with Virgin Remy Human Hair which is the highest quality standard of hair, with long-lasting shine, silky softness and an extensive lifespan.


UniWigs human hair wigs are really worth investing. Customers say, “Real human hair, soft beautiful wig, love the colors, amazing blend, the front lace is very realistic looking, bright platinum ends… definitely worth every penny.” “The wig color is blended so well! It seems that there are at least 3 different hair colors and with a dark root. I only saw this kind of hair color in a salon. I love the color soooo much. It is just so natural! The hair quality is great apparently! Such a luxourious style!” Certainly, we are also proud of Charlotte!

6. Perfection- Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
Perfection is a firm favorite and a UniWigs classic. The rich brunette shade and Chocolate Brown balayage gives this silky straight lace wig irresistible color that never goes out of fashion.


Perfection is perfect for everyday wear. Wear Perfection casually or dress Perfection up for an event. The hair is made from entirely remy human hair that can be heat styled any way you like.

“What can I say about this AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL WIG!! It has the perfect name and the colors are just to die for. I was fortunate to receive this wig after I lost my hair to cancer, Im currently battling leukemia. This wig has not only boosted my confidence but has also given me the hair color I’ve always wanted! The highlights are so pretty and I honestly am so grateful for this gift! I highly recommend everyone to buy this if you’re looking for that HOT go to look!” A really high compliment, right?

These are all our TOP 6 most popular products in 2019. UniWigs will accompany you all and continue do our best to offer the high-quality products and professional service in 2020!


I bet you already know that there are so many hair types but you are unsure of the type of hair you have. This piece would solve the mystery for you. It would uncover the different types of hair and how to identify them making it easier to determine your hair type without stress. Most times, hair types are not discussed because no matter the individual’s hair type, there are certain things she must do to take good care of her hair.

There are different hair typing systems such as LIOS, Andre Walker Hair typing system and FIA’s hair typing system. Of all the typing systems, Andre Walker’s tying system is the most popular and commonly used. Note that this does not imply that her typing system is the best. This article would touch the different hair typing systems

• Andre Walker Hair Typing System
In his book titled “Andre Talks Hair”, Andre established his hair typing system. She defined four hair types:

Type 1: Straight hair
Generally, Type 1 hairs are straight in nature. Andre further classifies them into three segments:

Type1A – the straight hair type that is very thin, fine and very soft. Its shine is also very noticeable.
Type 1B – this type of straight hair has a medium texture. It also has more volume than type 1A
Type 1C – this straight hair resists curly styling. It also has a coarse feel as compared to types 1A and B.

Type 2: The wavy Hair
Type 2 hairs are moderate in oil content. They are not too oily and not very dry. They are in between the Type 1 and Type 3.

The categories include:
Type 2A: This wavy hair is not just thin but fine. It accepts any styling – you can easily curl or straighten it.
Type 2B: The waves of this hair type assumes the shape of the head and sit that a well-fitted crown.
Type 2C: This wavy hair is coarse and tends to frizz easily.

Type 3: The curly hair
Type 3 hair is curly and the hair texture is a clear “S” shaped curl pattern. It is also noticeable in this hair type that it doesn’t shine as the Type 2 or Type 2 hairs. It has its categories as:

Type 3A – This curly hair is shiny and loose.
Type 3B – The amount of curl it has is at a moderate level ranging from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews.
Type 3C – This curly hair has tight coils or curls that look like the corkscrews.

Type 4: The Kinky hair
This is a full tightly curled hair otherwise known as kinky. It is extremely curled and fragile. Most times, kinky looks coarse but the truth is that it is strands of fine hair densely packed together. This is the type of hair commonly found in African Americans’ hair. It is further classified as:

Type 4A- this kinky has full tight coils. When you stretch it, it has a visible “S” pattern just like type 3 curly hair.
Type 4B – this kinky does not have a well-defined pattern like Type 4A. The face appearance is like the letter “Z”. That has sharp angles at its bends.

• The LIOS Hair Typing System
It wouldn’t be a falsehood if you say that LIOS Hair Typing System is dying slowly even though many naturals advocate for it more than the popular Andre Walker Hair Typing System.
The LIOS hair typing system is used by many because of its simplicity.

This hair typing system defined hair using these three attributes
1. Hair pattern
2. Hair strand size
3. Hair texture

Hair pattern
The pattern of the hair is defined by the letters LOIS:
L – You are said to be pattern “L” if your hair has so many right angles and bends almost without a curve.
O – You are said to be pattern “O” if the coils or curls on your hair are very significant and look like the letter “O”.
I – If there is no visible curves or bends on your hair and the hair lies flat on your head, you are a pattern “I”.
S – Those with pattern “S” have their hair strands as “S” shapes waves or curls.
Note that it is possible for one to have more than one LOIS hair pattern. In this case, you can combine the LOIS letters that define your hair to determine the hair pattern.

Hair Strand Sizes
This means identifying the size of your hair strand using a strand of thread. It is classified as:
Thin hair strand – when your strand is smaller than a piece of sewing thread
Medium hair strand – When your strand is the size of the piece of sewing thread
Thick hair strand – when the strand of your hair is larger than the piece of the sewing thread.

Hair texture
The hair texture can be any of the following:
Thready – This has a bright shine but with a low sheen. This hair texture easily gets wet and doesn’t frizz easily.
Wiry – This texture has a glossy appearance but little shine. It is difficult for the hair to get fully wet.
Cottony – This texture frizz easily. it has a low sheen and shines brightly.
Silky – This also has a low sheen but with a bright high shine. It gets wet easily.
Spongy – this hair texture has a high sheen but a low shine. It absorbs water easily just like a sponge.
Note that to accurately depict your LIOS hair type, you must wash your hair thoroughly to ensure that no hair products are left on the hair. Alternatively, you can remove a strand from your hair, wash and rinse it in cold water. Allow it to dry without touching it and get your LOIS hair type with it.

• Fia’s Hair Typing System
This typing system seems to spread through Andre Walker Typing system and incorporates some of the LOIS Hair Typing system as well.

FIA’s Hair Typing system is classified into three
1. Curls definition – this is the same as in Andre Walker system’s Types 1 – 4.
2. The general appearance of most of the hair stands – this is similar to the hair strand sizes in the LOIS. The difference is the terminology.
3. The volume of the hair – this checks the volume of the hair. To test this, tie your hair in a ponytail and measure the circumference using a soft tape.

If the circumference is less than 2 inches, you have a thin volume
Circumference between 2 – 4 inches depicts a normal volume
Circumference greater than 4 inches has a thick volume.

With the above information, it would be a piece of cake to figure out your hair type using any of the given typing systems.

Are Hair Transplants Worth It?

Growing hair occurs almost effortlessly for some while others have to go through so much stress which includes hundreds of hair appointments, dozens of hair products and of course dealing with hair aestheticians who all claim to have the holy grail of hair growth serums. Hence, if you’re dissatisfied with your hair texture, volume or length, and looking for a remedy, you’re likely to spend a fortune on products whose effectiveness is somewhat relative. It may seem unfair but rather than sulk, you can now explore other options that don’t include over-the-counter products. However, despite common hair conditions like breakage, thinning or balding which could span from lifestyle choices, the inability to grow hair could be as a result of a health condition. This is evident in the case of alopecia, congenital aplasia, and even cancer.

Hence, with cases like these, there’s little effect any hair growth serum, product or treatment could have. With that being said, it may be time to fish for other solutions like hair transplants. This may sound extreme to some, but if you’re gravely unhappy with the appearance or nature of your hair, you might want to consider this as a restorative solution. Luckily, we’re going to analyze this particular solution concerning certain factors to determine its worth.

Just to be clear, hair transplants are restorative procedures that involve the surgical reattachment of hair follicles retrieved from one part of the patient’s body (donor site) and implanted on the recipient area or balding spot. Certain techniques are used to harvest the donor hair which we’ll also be getting into in a minute. But, before consenting to this life-changing procedure, there are factors worth considering. These factors include the risks, cost, effectiveness, side effects, and of course the procedure’s working principle. Let’s begin with the ‘Hows’ of the trade.

How it’s done

Simply put, a hair transplant is the transfer and installation of hair from one body part to another. Typically, the donor site is mostly the back of one’s head, unless your doctor thinks otherwise. As expected, before this procedure your doctor must have sterilized and numbed both areas with a local anesthetic or even a sedative if you’re up for that. Next, your surgeon will commence the procedure by using either the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The difference between both methods is the extraction method. While one involves the removal and reimplantation of a piece of scalp, the other has to do with hair extraction and follicle implantation.

Does it work?

While hair products have a somewhat volatile effect on hair growth, hair transplants are known to be highly effective. The procedure works better than any over-the-counter product could ever. But, before celebrating your victory here’s what you should know. Experts claim that once implanted, about 10-80% of the transplanted hair will grow back in no less than 3-4 months, so it may take a little while before results are visible. Also, the transplanted hair was extracted from you, it’s your existing hair and it’s still likely thin over time, depending on how you care for it. Lastly, this procedure may not work as well for everyone. This is because it is a selective restorative one that can only be used to increase hair volume due to balding, thinning or hair loss stemming from injury. Therefore, if your balding or thinning is widespread, if your hair loss is due to chemotherapy or if your scalp scar is thick owing to injury, this procedure may not be as effective for you.

How much it costs

It’s important to note that hair transplants are classified under ‘cosmetic’ procedures hence your health insurance package will most definitely not cover it. Now, the price of this procedure varies depending on your location’s availability of surgeons, the adapted surgical technique, surgeon’s experience, recovery medications and of course the extent of your condition. Adding these figures together, this procedure could range from $4,000 to $15,000. Seems like a lot of money to grow hair, but can you really put a price on the accrued confidence of having full, voluminous hair? No.


Either of the FUT or FUE procedures could take some hours or days to complete. It just depends on the commitment of your surgeon. However, once the procedure is complete, the bandages will be removed and you may notice swelling and feel pain. To help with the swelling, pain, soreness, and redness you may be prescribed analgesics like ibuprofen as well as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, as well as hair stimulating medications. Regardless of this, you may not be able to brush your hair for another three weeks but you should feel good enough to function normally in three days.

Possible Side effects

Every procedure has risks and potential side effects and for hair transplants, one thing you should definitely expect is scarring. It is somewhat inevitable for any surgical procedure. However, on the flip side, other side effects include bleeding, numbness around affected areas, scalp pain, itching, infection, swelling, hair loss if the patient is still balding. This is just a handful of the side effects from the actual procedure, others could be prior to the medication. Nevertheless, these side effects could be minimal for some patients and they could be gruesome for others. Hence, it’s important to seek your physician’s opinion before embarking on this procedure just to ensure your health can take it.


The human hair is a critical part of the body. When damaged, deteriorating or balding it can create severe damage to the bearer’s psychological health as in the case of low self-esteem or it could even nullify one’s confidence thus affecting how such an individual carries out his/her daily activities. Now, a lasting solution in the form of hair transplantation can turn things around for such individuals, but with the price, side effects, and overall fear of the procedure a lot might be discouraged. Nevertheless, this doesn’t take away the fact that hair transplantation is singly the most effective hair restorative procedures available today and it is definitely worth the try.