Is Synthetic Wig Really Not As Good As Human Hair Wig?

As we enter the market to purchase the wig we desire, we are faced by a variety of options and suddenly, the answer doesn’t seem so clear anymore. Should we opt for the synthetic wig, or go for the human hair wig instead? Or is the heat-friendly synthetic wig the solution to our hair woes? To prevent the confusion from building up, it is better to do some research beforehand, and know which wig works best for us.

Human hair wigs are just as the name entails – they are made of natural, human hair strands. You might have heard about hair donations by people for a good cause. That is mostly how the natural hair ended up gracing the wigs. The greatest charm of these wigs is how real they look; with no unnatural shine and the ability to bounce around like natural hair, wearing a human hair wig is feels just like having your natural hair back. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs are made from man-made fibers, which tend to imitate human hair, and mostly are indistinguishable unless looked at very closely. These wigs are perfectly styled, with the ability to retain their look after any and all activities.

synthetic wig&human hair wig
synthetic wig&human hair wig

There is a popular opinion of synthetic wigs not being as good as human hair wigs. The opinion is certainly not unfounded, because human hair wigs bring with themselves an abundance of advantages:

  • The All-Natural Look

Considering human hair wigs are made from actual hair, they appear no different than the time when you actually had hair. Resembling the texture and feel of real hair, the wig exclaims all things natural.

Being made of human hair also means the hair acts just like normal hair would; stylish as ever sometimes, whilst untamed otherwise. However, this also means it can be styled as any way we want, something we aren’t able to achieve with synthetic hair. Whether we want to don a perm today or go for a straightened look, the human hair wig makes it fairly easy and simple to achieve any of these styles.

A great plus point in human hair wigs is the large variety of textures, hues, and lengths on offer. We can search entire markets and will eventually land on a wig which completes resembles the hair we had earlier, making it difficult for others to tell the difference between the hair we had before, and the hair we have now. Win-win? We think so!

  • Get those Pops of Color

Since the wig has human hair, it can be easily dyed without any side effects, unlike synthetic wigs. This means just because we have lost our hair, doesn’t mean we give up on the little things we love. Dying our hair in a variety of colors, from ombre highlights to purple edges, the sky is the limit with human hair wigs. We simply have to search for a hair stylist proficient in coloring human hair wigs.

  • Apt for Sensitive Skins

When we think about wearing wigs, the idea makes us scratch our heads. We often find ourselves wondering: How will the wig be attached? Will it feel comfortable?

With human hair wigs, there is no need to worry about itching or rash on the scalp because the wig has a very high probability of adapting comfortably to the head. Thus, making the human hair wig an especially good option for those with sensitive skins.

  • Long-Lasting

Human hair wigs are highly durable. Known to last up to a year, they are a good option for those who wish for a long-lasting remedy to hair loss. On the other hand, synthetic wigs merely last for 4-6 months.

People opt for human hair wigs not only due to the advantages brought forth by this type of wig, but also the disadvantages of the synthetic wig. The synthetic wig although is a product of newest technologies and imitates human hair, it has a certain unnatural shine to it which makes it noticeable (especially in the sunlight), giving onlookers the feeling that the person is indeed wearing a wig. Sensitive to heat, synthetic wigs are easily harmed which makes styling them very difficult. They usually come in a particular style (e.g. curled, etc.) and eventually bounce back to their initial form, regardless of the hairstyling you practice on it. Even if you wash your hair, as soon as it dries up, the wig returns to its original style.

However, just because the synthetic wig is refrained to exhibiting a particular look, does not necessarily mean a downside of the wig. For people who struggle with time and energy to manage the upkeep of their hair, synthetic wigs are a blessing in disguise. There is no need to take out time for styling the hair as it comes styled, always. Another charming feature of the synthetic wigs is the low maintenance. They should be washed after 4-6 wears, unlike human hair wigs which, being human hair, need to be washed after each wear. Furthermore, human hair wigs also require proper shampooing, oiling, and conditioning – which may pose as another hassle.

Although synthetic wigs cannot be dyed, why go through the trouble of dyeing when you can find an abundance of colored and widely styled wigs? Simply try the wig on, and if it suits your face, make the purchase. Synthetic wigs are cheap as compared to human hair wigs, and thus make for an easy-buy.

Therefore, the question of which wig is better cannot be answered so easily as each has their own sets of pros and cons. For people who want a low maintenance, easy to control wig – the synthetic wig is the way to go. For those who want their hair to look as natural as possible, the human hair wig should be opted for. For the ones who reside in cities with extreme weather conditions, the human hair wig may prove uncontrollable most of the times, thus a man-made synthetic wig might be better suited. For ones who know their hair loss is permanent, the human hair wig is a better investment due to enhanced durability, and value for money.

Thus, the answer to which wig is better varies across individuals. What matters is, which wig is best suited to us, and our conditions and needs. Remember, although our hair is an important part of us, it surely isn’t the only aspect which represents us. Thus, whatever wig you decide to purchase, don it with confidence, and you are bound to shine wherever you go!


Are you looking for nice and quality hair extensions to add to your collection this year, that least damages hair? We have you covered. At Uniwigs, we don’t only sell wigs, hair extensions and their products, we make it our responsibility to provide you with  all the necessary information you need concerning  wigs, and hair extensions, and to make you beauty journey easy for you. Because we want you to always have the best which we believe that you deserve, we’ve written this content to share with you a list of the best hair extensions that least damages natural hair, to aid you to make the right choice of hair extensions to get, just in case you want or plan to get one this year.

We offer many benefits to our customers, not to mention that we sell only the best quality human hair wigs, hair extensions, and related products. We also constantly share our knowledge and ideas about them with our customers for free, and provide answers to almost every question people ask about wigs, hair exteions, installations, uses, and so much more, to ease their challenges and enable them have the best experience.

Before we move on to describing hair extensions that least damages natural hair, we want you to know that there are several kinds of hair extensions and installation methods. Each of them are unique and beautiful. What you have to know is that, whether a particular hair extension will damage your hair when you install it or not depends on the installer and the method he or she makes use of. Sometimes, even the least hair-damaging hair extensions can cause some damage on natural hair if being installed wrongly by someone that does not really know how to install them. We always advice those who want to install hair extensions to ensure they get it done by not just a professional, but someone that is an expert in the field.

If it is your first time, then you should enquire the best salons or hair extension installation centers to go to around you.

Let’s talk a quick look at some of the best hair extensions that least damage human hair, drawn on the experiences and ideas of some of the best professionals and installation experts in the field.

Clip-in Hair Extensions
Clip-in Hair Extensions
  1. Clip-in Hair Extensions

The clip-in hair extensions are among the best and most convenient hair extensions that you can think of today. They are very easy to install and maintain, as well as remove. According to experts, they are less damaging, especially if their clips are of good quality.

The secret to enjoying the Clip-in hair extensions is to ensure the clips are light. The lighter the clips, the less strain it will cause to the roots of your natural hair and thus, less hair damage and hair fall.

Clip-in hair extensions come in variation of colors and lengths and are suitable for any hair type—whether thick of fine hair. At Uniwigs, we sell the best quality Clip-in hair extensions, ranging in colors, length, and sizes, at affordable prices too.

Tape-in Hair Extensions
Tape-in Hair Extensions
  1. Tape-in Hair Extensions

This is the second on our list. Tape-in hair extensions are alike with the Clip-in hair extensions, but their installation methods are quite different.

Tape-in extensions are also easy to install and remove, even easier than other types of hair extensions. They are less time consuming and they give the best natural look because they lay flat and blend more perfectly with our natural hair after installation.

Tape-in hair extensions have a variety of installation methods, giving it an edge over others. An installation method like the single-sided installation is an ideal solution to women with very fine, thin hair. They cause lesser irritation on the head when properly installed. They can also be reused for several times more. That is how good this type hair extension is.

Tape-in hair extension is a good choice that you can go for too, especially if you have fine, thin hair. You have to know that they are usually costlier than the clip-in hair extensions, but affordable too.

You can find some of the best qualities on our store too, at, and we are always willing to help you find a good one that agrees with your budget.

Hand-tied Hair Extensions
Hand-tied Hair Extensions
  1. Hand-tied Hair Extensions

We know that glue and heat are two methods of hair extension installation that tend to cause damage to natural hair when not carefully and professionally installed. I might even add the tape installation method. But imagine a hair extension installation method without the gluing, heating, or even taping. Then, it can only be better.

The hand-tied hair extensions are another incredible hair extension type which cause none or less damage to natural hair. The hand-tied hair extension is simply a collection of pieces that have been pre-cut and sewn by hand to create the smallest weft-size possible. Hand-tied wefts can also be used to add fullness and length, all while blending seamlessly to your natural hair and texture.

Like other hair extension types, the hand-tied hair extension come in a variety of color, length, and style. Check up our store at to see the varieties and learn more about this type of hair extension.

Weave Hair Extensions
Weave Hair Extensions
  1. Weave Hair Extensions

For all those trendy women desiring to experiment with hair extensions, weave hair extensions is just what “the doctor ordered”. These types of hair extensions are also called sew in or braided hair extensions.

The wefts of these extensions are sewn into the braids of a client’s hair (after creating a base) with the help of a thread and needle.

Sew in hair extensions are meant to transform your look with a variety of hair styles. They can turn your curly hair into flowing locks of considerable length by sewing in these extensions. After having being sewn in, you can treat them just like your own hair and wash, dry or curl them accordingly. You can even dye or color them (just like your natural hair)

Like the hand-tied hair extensions, the weave hair extension installation requires neither glue nor heat, which makes it very less damaging (if at all it is). It is durable and easy to maintain. It is also suitable for all hair type, but most especially for coarse or think hairs.

However, as highlighted earlier, whether hair extensions will cause serious damage to your hair depends majorly on who’s installing it on you. We advice again that you find a very good hair extension installation technician to install your extension, whenever you want to get one installed.

We also suggest that you always go for the best quality hair extensions and even products to maintain them. You will find the very best quality hair extensions on our store at


In our world today, a wig is a common accessory. Many women wear wigs for different reasons. Styling the wig is next to wearing them. There so many ways one can style wigs. You can make it straight, curly, braid it or pack it into a ponytail. To some people, this is a Herculean task, but it is not supposed to be so because unlike a human head, wigs are flexible; you can place the wig on the mannequin and style it yourself. Also, getting your wig styled by yourself before the event proper would not just save costs for you. This article would clearly explain how you can style your wigs whether synthetic other human hair without having to visit the stylist.

To style your wig, you need to first ascertain the origin of the wig: some wigs of some particular origin would be best styled in a particular way. Synthetic hair would not be styled the same way as the human hair.

human hair
human hair

Human hair wigs

For styling your human hair wig, you need the wig, a mannequin head, hair rollers or curling iron and a wig brush or comb.

The following steps would guide you in styling your human hair wig:

  • Wear the wig over the mannequin head and arrange it until you get a perfect fit as it would be on a human head.
  • Cut off the excess lace that comes out at the front of the wig. The lace must be trimmed to achieve a natural look. Take extra care in cutting off the lace so you do not trim the wig. For the process to be achieved, there is need for your hand to be steady while working with a good pair of scissors.
  • While on this, cut a small portion at a time. This requires a lot of patience to get a perfect work done. Trying to cut off all the parts of the lace may not come out well.
  • After cutting off the lace, define the parting. If you would want it to be parted at the centre or side of the hair, use your fine-toothed comb to do the parting neatly. Keep reinforcing the separation with the comb.
  • Wet the hair to make for easy styling. Wetting the hair is best for achieving hairstyles like perm rod sets or rollers sets. You can apply hair lotion or styling foam to make the hair smooth. Remember to be gentle while handling the hair.
  • For a curly hairstyle, use hair rollers to roll the hair and set it with a hair spray or diluted setting lotion. The setting lotion would keep the hair moist and makes the hair adhere to the effect of the roll when the hair dries.
  • If you have rough and fuzzy edges, use your wet hands to smoothen the edges and apply a good hair oil, shea butter is recommended. The oil gives the hair a natural shine. If you would want to bring out the baby hair, it is at this stage that you pick the front hair and brush it in the direction of your choice while applying edge control.
  • When you are done with the above step, air dry the wig. Do not use a blow dryer to dry your wig. Blow dryer would dry out the wig and subsequently damage it.
  • Remove the rollers when the hair is properly dried. The curls would remain.
  • Apply a shinning spray to the wig to add to its shine.

Human hair wig can be restyled using a flat iron, curling iron, blow dryer or electric rollers on medium heat. It can also be dyed, bleached or straightened to look like the natural hair. Only make sure to use a good conditioner to extend the life span of the wig.

synthetic hair
synthetic hair

Synthetic wigs

It doesn’t take much effort to maintain synthetic wigs. This is because they come with their styles. You can buy and use your wig for a long period of time without having to restyle it. It holds the style for a long time. When synthetic wigs are washed, the styling is not lost. It bounces back to the way it was once it is dried. This implies that you do not need to worry too much about styling your synthetic wigs as you would do to the human hair wigs.

Despite the fact that you do not need style to your synthetic wig often, there are simple procedures you can follow to make your wig looking new. To style your synthetic wig, you need a leave-in condition, wig shampoo, wide-toothed comb, a wig stand, a towel, a mannequin head, a spray bottle filled with water, and a blow dryer.

These steps would help you in styling your synthetic wigs:

  • Wash and dry the wig

Detangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb. Wash the wig properly and dry it on the wig stand. Any other tall item around the house can serve, if you do not have a wig stand.  Do not wring the wig and as it may cause tangling.  Do not comb the wig fully in the wet state; it may stretch and tangle the wig when it dries. Allow the wig enough time to dry so that the wig cap can dry as well.

  • Styling

When the wig is properly dried, place it on a mannequin head and secure it tightly. Using this tool would help you concentrate on the sides of the heads as you would do to a real head. Use your fingers to arrange the hairs the way you would want and hold down the style with a shaping cream. You can part the hair if your top wig is a monofilament and has not been parted before. Use a wide-toothed comb to make the part while spraying some water.

  • Use a blow dry on a low heat setting to dry the root toward the styled direction. Make sure not to over heat the blow-dry else, it burns the fibre.
  • Use your toothed comb to detangle once again. There may be need to carry the comb along with you so you would detangle the hair once the need arises especially if your wig is a long one.

Do not use styling tools like curling iron or straightener on your synthetic wigs as they are not meant to withstand a hot temperature.

Now you can style your wigs, feel free to carry out the experiments.