Elaborate Geisha Hairstyles

Geisha’s, who are famous for their classic white makeup, fabulous dresses and delicate hairstyles, are traditional Japanese performance artists. Among their typical features, the various geisha hairstyles are especially popular.

It is quite common to put your hair up in a geisha hairstyle and it is also considered as a typical symbol of a geisha do. Usually, geisha hairstyles are decorated using elaborate hair accessories and are sometimes combined with hairpieces and/or wigs. To maintain the hair in the “perfect state” appearance, geisha’s themselves only sleep on small pillows using only their necks.

Geisha’s may only need to style their hair once a week. They cannot loosen or wash the hair, and only professional hairdressers can make these traditional geisha hairstyles, which, naturally, take a long time to prepare. It is said that traditional geisha hairstyling is a slowly dying art, due to the excessive pulling of the hair for long periods of time, combined with the chemicals used during the hairstyling process, side effects to the skin and even balding have been known to occur.

There are four major types of the geisha hairstyles:


Taka shimada

Taka shimada commonly sported by Single young women, a high and volumised hairstyle.

Super Cute “Bowed Hair” Hairstyles

Bow hairstyles becoming increasingly popular right now. There are Lady Gaga bows and then Rainbow Bows, Wedding Hair Bows, Ponytail Bows and Braided Lace Bows, etc. The hair bow is a subtle style most suitably worn by girls and young women. With Christmas Day approaching, we recommend you to try out these bow hairstyles! Allowing your hairstyle to match the presents under your Christmas tree.

Lady-Gaga bow

Lady Gaga Bow

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Fashion Street Style Blonde Hair

When we’re walking down the street, we find ourselves being naturally attracted by beautiful women and those who display the latest trends. Don’t you think everyday some girls rock their hair trends? The long wavy hair, the natural straight hair, the blonde hair and the dark brown hair, etc, with or without a hat, they always seems to look amazing.

Get a look at this group of fashionably haired beauties on the street. Which style is your fav?


Blonde Wavy Hair

Blonde Wavy Hair

Street Style Long Wavy Blonde Hair

Street Style Long Wavy Hair

Tips for Buying a Good Quality Wig

Usually, the best quality wigs are made from 100% human hair, due to its long lifespan and natural look. If you want to purchase a good human hair wig at a reasonable price, the following below are some tips to point you in the right direction.


1.If you are a patient in need of a wig to cover balding as a result of chemotherapy or alopecia, you might find some funds from outside sources. Often, insurance companies will cover a partial or complete cost of a wig if prescribed by a doctor. Additionally, several support groups offer loans to individuals in need of purchasing a wig. Human hair wigs represent some of the finest quality wigs and are therefore expensive. If you are able to receive assistance with your purchase, take advantage of it.


2. Start by finding a wig catalog from an online store. Wig catalogs can help you understand the criteria of what you require (sizing, types of hair used, care information, accessories).Wig catalogs include all types of wigs with a diverse range of available colors, lengths, textures and sizes. You can purchase a suitable wig easily from the comfort of your own home.

Start Your Beauty Regime from the Head down – How to Massage the Scalp

Scalp maintenance, is usually neglected by most people during their daily life. In fact, it is as important as skin maintenance. The reasons for this are as follows: Firstly, scalp maintenance can relax the mind so as to keep your brain clear and focused. Secondly, blood circulation will speed up through massaging the scalp, which can reduce the risk of hair loss and slow down turning the arrival of those unwanted grey hairs. Thirdly, last but not least, massaging the scalp can help you enjoy a sound night’s sleep. As we all know, good sleep can make you look more beautiful and young. Therefore, let us learn to massage the scalp and start beauty from the head down.


Step 1: Put your hands through your hair. Massage your scalp with your fingers horizontally and vertically. Then, pull your hair up gently and slowly in order to make your scalp feel absolutely relaxed.

How to Massage the Scalp-step 1

The Student Style – Superstars with Campus Hairstyles

Youthful and vigorous campus hairstylesalways remind people of the old school days. Acting young with an optimistic attitude towards life. Combing up these beautiful hairstyles and presenting your pure and youthful face, are you ready? Come and learn from your favourite star how to imitate these campus hairstyles.


Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice Lady Herringbone’s hairstyle: Smooth and straight hair can stand out among curly hair in European and American cultures. After all, it is usually associated with feminine ladies. With herringbone bang hairstyle, girls’ foreheads appear more beautiful and their faces look slimmer and more beautiful. Making them look much younger and resulting in an ultimate campus style look.