How to Style Wigs with Bangs

“Every girl’s best accessory” has changed over time and for this decade, it is undoubtedly the wig. Different styles with different colors and lengths have flooded the world’s market and can be found in the room of every girl who is considered stylish. And if you are not on this train, really, what are you waiting for?

Maybe you do not have so much of a variety of wigs, but you want to look different at every event. Why not? This is very possible when you style your wigs; creating new looks from what you believe is a limited number. Different styles can be made but this article is focused on styling your wigs with bangs.

Why should you style with bangs?
The most obvious reason is that bangs are always in style. Think back to all the movies you have watched for at least the past 2 decades; actresses, celebrities and everyone in between have worn bangs at some point and totally killed it. Bangs have had their peak seasons but one thing is certain; they have always been and would always remain stylish. So, depending on the shape of your face, you can always find the right size and style of bangs to fit and accentuate your facial features.

Reasons to style your wigs with bangs
We have agreed that bangs are stylish and special, but why should you style them on your wigs? There are a couple of reasons actually, but we would be looking at just a few of them
• Bangs are known to help frame, shape and accentuate the face.
• They are used to cover up forehead and facial skin issues e.g. pimples, acne, and reactions.
• They remove the need for a frontal lace and would make your wig look as natural as possible.
• In fact, most people believe that bangs provide a younger look as it was most common with teen idols in the ’90s who needed to always look young and appealing.

Procedure for styling your wigs with bangs
To style your wig with bangs, a couple of steps must be taken. It is essential to have your selected wig ready and decide on one of the 3 popular styles; the side-swept bang, the curtain bangs and the most common which is the straight bang. Each of them has different ways to make and can be more specific to different facial shape (more on this later).
The only common thing with all three styles is that you need to wear your wig and pack up your hair in a bun before you begin. Also, remove the hair from the bundle gradually, rather than all at once so you can fit it nicely and gradually into the style you want. Ensure you have a mirror and sharp scissors so your work can go on smoothly.

1) For the side-swept bang

side-swept bang
side-swept bang

The side-swept bang is a one-sided bang with your front hair made to be arched at a particular angle on the face. After doing the procedure stated above, you should

• Use a small-sized comb (e.g. the rat tail comb) to comb and straighten the hair in front.
• Choose between your right and left side for the bangs to be at. This is a personal decision and should be determined by your more photogenic side, better eyesight, etc. (Note: your bangs should cover your non-flattering side).
• Next, pull your bangs on the side you want them to be at, hold them in place and make a cut at an angle, preferably around 45 degrees. Continue to comb and snip until you achieve your desired result. Watch out for any uneven ends.

2) For the curtain bangs

curtain bangs
curtain bangs

The curtain bangs are unique from the side-swept bang as they are usually longer, not angular and you might not be particular about achieving even ends on either side. Following the basic steps already stated, you also need to

• Comb the hair you plan to use for the bang, straighten it up and then cut up to the length that you desire.
• Make a defined parting either at the center or any point across the bang and sweep each half to its side.
The advantage of this style is that you can change the “curtain” by increasing the amount on either side depending on your preference.

3) For the straight bangs

straight bangs
straight bangs

This is the most popular style and there are a lot of reasons why it is so; it is a simple look and extremely flattering. Even though it looks simple, it requires as much effort as the other types but may be properly packed into an updo if need be too. So, it acts as a 2-in-1 style. Besides, it is the style that makes wigs look as real as human hair and is the most protective of the forehead while covering receding hairlines and messy eyebrows. The procedure for this style includes

• Comb the bang and make sure it is as straight as possible.
• Place the hair between your fingers and cut the hair in tiny snips (This would ensure that you have the opportunity to quickly correct an error if it arises).
• Continue combing and snipping and ensure the bang is as straight and even as possible.

Tips for choosing the right bangs

1) Side swept bangs
This style helps to cover up unflattering sides of the face and may also add length to the face. Therefore, they are ideal for shapes that are fuller in the middle e.g. round, square, heart and diamond-shaped faces.

2) Curtain bangs
Curtain bangs are also very flattering and lengthening for short shaped faces. If your face shape is a good fit for the side-swept look, then congratulations, the curtain bangs are also a great option for you. So, the round, square, diamond and heart-shaped faces can enjoy the curtain bangs too.

3) Straight bangs
While the former styles soften the facial features, the straight bangs tend to make the face even more angular. For example, a triangle-shaped face would be best suited for the straight bang so that there would be less focus on the lower side of the face and also give the needed width to the top of the face.

Overall, bangs are beautiful hairstyles that always seem to trend. So why not use this knowledge to style your wigs as such and beautify yourself in the process?


Do you ever wonder why it always seems like your wig doesn’t listen to you? Let’s say you had a crazy week and you got to use your wig every day because your natural hair just won’t do it, you still have to prepare for next week but your wig is giving you all the wrong signals. It’s dry to the touch, frizzy and worse tangled or matted at the nape from overuse without proper styling. Whew! That is a lot to take in and you definitely do not want that kind of energy in the new week.

The thing about wigs whether human hair wigs or synthetic is that you just got to put in the work. And the truth is it isn’t a lot of work either. There are a lot of reasons why your wig could become dry and frizzy or even tangled and a lot of times these can be avoided with proper caretaking. We’re here to show you some of these reasons and to give you remedies that can help your situation.

• Storage

human hair wig
human hair wig

While it is possible that your wig could suffer from overuse or become dry and frizzy from the lack of care, it is also possible that all of these could be a factor of underuse. A lot of times people have wigs and really only use them on occasions because they want to have a change of look. While this is applaud-worthy, you should also consider proper storage of your wigs when they’re not in use for long periods of time. So, it is safe to say that your wig could get dry and frizzy and even tangled because of neglect and improper storage.

Usually, wigs are better off on wig heads and as this gives it a lot of ventilation and really just keeps the wig in place without fear of tangle. However, when wigs stay on wig heads for long periods of time, they could get dusty, dry up and become frizzy. You would need to get it washed and properly moisturized to get back its shine. It’s the same with your natural hair when you neglect it for long periods on end, it is likely to become coarse and dry and you may start losing your hair in the process. Everything needs an amount of commitment and care and wigs are definitely part of them.

• Moisture
Your natural hair is affixed to your head and your hair gets a lot of moisture from your body. You definitely cannot say the same for wigs which are more artificial. Whether synthetic or a human hair wig, they all need moisture to maintain a certain level of shine and texture. While human hair wigs are more natural and may need a smaller amount of products, with synthetic wigs, you will need to go the whole nine yards. So, something of importance is moisturizing your wig as much as possible to keep it from getting dry.

When we talk of moisture, we don’t just mean products as a lot of products on the wig may just make it heavy and dirty. What you need is light products just to maintain moisture without affecting its texture. There are instances where people go around with water in a spray bottle and just spray it on their hair during the day just to maintain the moisture in the hair in harsh weather conditions. This isn’t a bad idea because using a lot of products on the hair could be disastrous to the wig.

• Styling


This is another factor that can make your wig dry and frizzy. Apart from wrong storage and lack of moisture, excessive heat styling can be a problem for your wig. Sometimes when you subscribe to heat styling every other day, the wig could get burnt as this is a natural effect and when this happens, getting the wig to its original state may be difficult. Curling machines, straighteners, heat rollers cause a lot of frizz by burning the hair. So, you should as much as possible avoid a lot of heat styling and just let your wig breathe.

• Hair Products
Granted that there are hair products that can do wonders for the hair, there are also a lot more that can cause irreparable damages. This is what you need to avoid. There are a lot of chemicals and alcohols in hair products and your goal should be to avoid those because they strip the hair of oils and leave it dry and therefore causing frizz. So as much as possible when shopping for hair products for your wig, try to stick to nature-based products as these are mild to the hair. Remember that a lot of products on the hair will leave it looking greasy and heavy. Invest in detanglers and anti-frizz serums that you could apply after shampooing your hair.

These will help you keep the wig in good condition. Ultimately, watch what you put on your wig. If you can’t use it on your natural hair, chances are that they are not suitable for your wig.

• Care Generally
A lot of times dirt accumulation in the hair could cause frizz and dryness and that’s why it is advised to wash your wigs frequently. If you do not do this, you risk having problems because your natural hair underneath the wig also suffers. Keeping the wig clean is for yourself entirely. When hair is washed frequently, whether wig or natural hair, it will eventually develop split ends so you should get your wig trimmed occasionally so as to keep it in good condition. You should think of your wigs as an investment that you ought to take seriously.

Wigs are an essential part of our daily lives, at least for those who indulge and like every other thing we hold dear, we should take out time to care for them properly. That being said, adherence to these tips will elongate the lifespan of your wig and keep it looking new.


Wigs have gradually become the rave of the moment, especially among the female folks. Wigs are a significant part of most women’s mode of dressing. As such, they can change their look frequently. Hair is a salient part of the identity.
Suffering from hair loss is a sad thing for individual confidence. And wigs have really been so helpful and come in handy especially for people that have health challenges such as cancer and alopecia. Hair loss can be psychologically disturbing and makes one feel unattractive. Instead of having hair implants or surgery, wigs can be worn instead. Actors and dancers also employ the use of wigs to portray different characters in their different performances.

The growing demand in the supply of wig is really high and this adds the nation’s economy greatly. Wigs are really worth the cost and the hype, especially human hair wigs. They cost more than synthetic and are more preferably worn because in a way they are long term investment. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to choose wigs; human hair wigs.

• Wigs are worth the cost
Most expensive wigs are produced from natural human hair. This explains the shortage in supply because human hair wigs are usually scarcer than synthetic products. The fineness in appearance also adds to the cost but the natural look and feel make it worth the cost. Anyone wearing a human hair wig certainly gets a boost in confidence, making people look good and improving self-esteem. All these are worth every dime spent on human hair wig.
If you are seeking to give yourself the best treat, human hair is worth it.

• Natural look

Natural look
Natural look

No one wants to wear a wig and people are able to tell that it is a wig. Even though the synthetic wigs look shiny and so natural at first sight. Most females always prefer to wear the human hair wig because it matches the color of the scalp, fits the hairline and makes it look very natural. Wigs also enhance the look of the wearer because the hair movement is real and not artificial-looking. A fashionable and neat hairstyle can be achieved within a few minutes with the wearer looking a billion dollars. You don’t have to wait for long hours at the salon waiting to have your hair fixed.

• Lightweight and breathable
Human hair extensions are sewn in mesh caps that have holes. This enables the circulation of air in and around the wig. This also encourages the fact that wig can be worn even all year round, even in winter. The head is kept dry and ventilated for as long as the wig is worn.
It is preferable and recommendable for people suffering from hair loss or alopecia to wear human hair wig. The reason being that for hair to grow again, the scalp needs to be healthy and devoid of oil build-up. Therefore, since human hair wigs have breathable mesh, hair growth will not be difficult to achieve.

• Irresistible craft
Wigs are carefully handcrafted products by the wigmaker or by the wearer. It reduces the rate of unemployment too as both young and old delve into the craftsmanship of making wigs, creating more jobs.

• Protect the natural hairline
Braiding or weaving done frequently pulls on the natural hairline thereby resulting in receding hairlines. Wearing a wig protects the hairline and at the same helps hair growth.

• Long-lasting
With the right and appropriate maintenance and care, human hair wig can last from three to five years. So, buying an expensive wig is equivalent to getting timeless beauty from it depending on the maintenance and care. The wig doesn’t lose its luster and shine as long as you have them proving that buying a human hair wig is cost-effective.

• Wigs are easier to style
wigs are very easy to style, cut, trim and shape into any desired style. More hair can be added to the wig to increase the volume and bring out the feminine look. Wigs can also be colored or tinted into different preferred shades. The wearer can go versatile with human hair wigs. Although synthetic wig which is on the cheaper side cannot be styled as desired.

• High resistance to heat
Blow dryers, hot combs, heated rollers, and curling tongs can be used on human hair wig because of its good resistance to heat. This also helps in the versatility of wearing the wig. On the other hand, synthetic wig easily melts when exposed to any source of heat or even shrink because of its zero-heat tolerance.

• Reduced tangling

human hair wig
human hair wig

Human hair wigs are less exposed to tangling because of its fineness. Tangling is less frequent which helps in the durability of the wigs.

• New look
Wigs can be made to the desired choice of the wearer depending on the purpose of getting the wig. Whether it is to change your look, get a new look for an occasion or in order to restore lost hair. Wigs greatly help in transforming your look instantly.

• Keeping up with trends
Trends and styles are fun to keep up with. Sadly, they come and go while causing serious wear and tear on the hair. When the trend of the moment is a lowcut ends, the wearer has to practice the transitional hair growth method. This goes on for another trend of beautiful long hair comes, one will have to wear wigs to keep up with the trends to avoid being left out. Wigs are also the preferred choice instead of going through nasty, painful hair surgeries that are unlikely to be successful.

Conclusively, paying more for a wig means that the value you get is increased. Putting the cost of wigs into considerations, they are worth having as an accessory. Wearing a beautiful, lustrous makes the wearer feel more expensive and look more beautiful.


While most people think hair loss only affects men, this is not true. Hair loss in women is just as a concern as it in men. If you are one of these women who is experiencing balding then this article will give you some insight into some of the causes that may be contributing to this condition. What causes hair loss in women?

Loss can be caused by a number of things. One of the main things that cause this condition is hormonal imbalances and medical conditions. Hormones keep the body functioning normally, it affects a woman’s mood and many other things in the body. When hormones become imbalanced they tend to show on the outside. One of these things can be balding.

women baldness
women baldness

There are many medical conditions and treatments that can cause this condition. One such thing is the treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, when used, has been proven to make it fall out. Other medical conditions may be thyroid problems, anorexia, anemia, bulimia, diabetes and many others. Hair can fall out either from these conditions themselves or by the medication that is taken to help it.

There are many things that can trigger hair loss. One common problem is chemical breakage causing hair loss in cosmetics. Women all around the world use many different chemicals on their heads. These are usually hard shampoos, dyes, coloring dyes, bleaching and many other additives that are put through their scalp. These chemicals have been known to reduce the life of your hair causing it to remove from the scalp. These are another cause for balding in women.

Women are the most vulnerable when it comes to hair loss through cosmetics. Hair loss through cosmetics is usually the result of improper use of treatment chemicals.

In cosmetics, there are some treatment chemicals such as relaxers. Relaxers function in such a way that they break the structural bonds of curly thus making it much straighter. Relaxing chemicals are to be mixed in the right proportions and the amount of time the hair is to be exposed to the relaxer should never be exceeded. If a relaxer is too concentrated there are risks that the scalp will be burnt and the hair splits and breaks. Hair relaxer chemicals can irritate the skin on the scalp causing the hair follicles to shed hair. This results in hair thinning and development of hair patches. Hair relaxers have to be applied by professional hairdressers to avoid damage to hair. After treatment with a relaxer it is advisable to use a shampoo that neutralizes to ensure the relaxer chemical is completely removed.

Another common problem of chemical breakage causing loss is the dying of hair. Some dyes affect the properties making it become more brittle. As a result of this, hair becomes more prone to breakage during combing.

There are also other chemicals that can cause breakage, which is outside cosmetics. Good examples of such chemicals are chemicals such as chlorine in swimming pool water. The mixture of chlorine and saltwater from the pool remove sebum from the hair. The result is that after a swim hair becomes dry and brittle. If we do not shampoo after a swim we are at risk of increasing the chances of breaking.

There are other chemical products such as styling gels and oils that people apply to soften it. Some of these chemicals in the presence of ultraviolet radiation breakdown to form substances that can either irritate the skin or disrupt the structure of the hair. When the skin is irritated by these chemicals hair follicles will be disrupted causing reduced hair growth and increased breakage.

To sum up, the whole issue caused by chemical breakage, it wise to let only professional dressers handle. If you do happen to encounter any loss problems due to chemicals, it is possible to solve them with some drugs and treatments that are available on the market. Never experiment with your hair, for hair is very sensitive and any stress applied to it will cause it to stop growing. It is advised that all chemical treatments be done after making sure the hair is thoroughly cleaned and washed. This is very important as it helps remove things like dandruff which can mix with hair chemicals and irritate the scalp, therefore affecting growth.

Recent studies have shown that stress and psychical tension trigger hormonal reactions in the body, causing hair loss. Stress increases the concentration of hormones such as cortisol and testosterone, which affects the hair roots. This condition is temporary if the person affected is not predisposed to genetic or Androgenic Alopecia.

The lack of nutrients and vitamin deficiency lead to temporary hair loss. In order to be healthy, our hair needs protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. Your daily diet should include various foods and provide all the necessary nutrients. Otherwise, your hair follicles won. ‘t be able to function normally.

Adopting a diet full of nutrients stimulates hair growth; it. ‘s recommended to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, egg yolks, almonds, whole grains, seeds, oily fish, light meat and diary products. Give up smoking, alcohol, and caffeine. Avoid eating foods that contain too much salt, saturated fat and preservatives, because these substances have harmful effects on your hair.

You might be losing your hair because of stress. Researchers have shown that cortisol and testosterone levels are increased by stress. The good news is that hair loss can be treated successfully as long as you ‘re not suffering from androgenic alopecia.

What about hair styling products? Is it safe to use gels, mousse, leave-in conditioners, hot oils, hair enhancers and dyes? Well, you can use them anytime, but only if you opt for quality products. The harsh chemicals contained by most dyes and hair enhancers can dry the hair strands excessively.

Now you understand why is so important to know what causes hair loss. Once you have identified the cause, you should start taking measures. Follow a balanced diet, give up smoking and avoid stressful situations.

Now you know what causes hair loss. In most cases, it’s enough to adopt a healthy diet and use reputable products in order to maintain your hair healthy. However, if this condition persists, it’s indicated to ask for medical advice immediately.