Cannes Film Festival 2024: Achieve the Look with Hair Toppers

Right after the Met Gala, the Cannes Film Festival 2024 has just opened recently. As one of the most famous and grand film festivals, everything at the event gets magnified tenfold. Even though it’s a film festival, we can’t get over all those red carpet photos and celebrity styles. People have high expectations for this event and are ready to praise or critique any style that catches their eye.

One of the most talked-about aspects of celebrity looks, apart from the dresses and makeup, is their fabulous hairstyles. Every single one of them seems to have the perfect hairstyle and hair volume, making their hairstyles look almost impossible to replicate, right?
Well, in fact, celebrities using hair extensions or hair pieces is no longer news. Take a look at all the remarkable hairstyles that caught our eyes on the red carpet and learn how we can achieve them effortlessly using alternative hair toppers.

Salt and pepper

Let’s first talk about Jane Fonda’s elegant silver hairdo. That volume, those framed curls… it’s the cherry on top of her coat, right? But hey, if you’re rocking that silver-gray hair like Jane, UniWigs Salt and Pepper topper is your go-to topper for adding some serious volume.
Now, a word of caution for those synthetic topper lovers: heat isn’t your friend. But fear not! There’s a trick up our sleeves. The best way to style it? Wet the hair and wrap it around a foam or fabric roller. It’s like giving your topper a little spa day, and voila! Gorgeous curls without the heat damage.


Blonde hair and a pink jacket? Classic combo! Even if it’s just an airport outfit for Heidi Klum, it still turns heads. Now, let’s talk hair struggles. Straight hair might seem like the dream, but if you’ve got thin or fine hair, it can feel like a never-ending battle. And let’s not even start on curls—those are a whole other story.
Enter UniWigs and their blonde topper! Picture this: you, strutting your stuff with the perfect hair, no matter what style you’re after. UniWigs’ upgrade Courtney topper is here to save the day! Made from human hair, so you can curl it, wave it, twirl it—whatever you fancy. And the best part? UniWigs just dropped their new blonde series for this topper, featuring 4 gorgeous blonde shades. Every blonde babe will find their perfect match!

eva green

French actress Eva Green always stays true to her style—cool, elegant, with those signature black locks and stunning dresses. But let’s talk about those choppy bangs of hers. We all see Eva and think, ”Wow, she rocks those bangs effortlessly.” But let’s be real, getting bangs like that takes some serious courage. If it doesn’t work out, you’re stuck wearing baseball caps and knit hats for months. Not exactly the vibe we’re going for, right?
Well, here’s where UniWigs comes to the rescue! Ever wanted to try those bangs without the commitment? UniWigs clip-in human hair bangs to the rescue! Made from human hair, you can style them any way you want without the stress. Go ahead, channel your inner Eva Green, or whoever else inspires you, without the risk of a bad haircut haunting you for months. Let your hairdo be the least of your worries, and rock those bangs with confidence!

The Cannes Film Festival showed off some seriously cool haircuts and styles—everything from elegant updos to rockin’ pixie cuts. Whether you’re feeling the classic vibes of Jane Fonda or the laid-back glam of Heidi Klum at the airport (seriously, who looks that good at an airport?), UniWigs has your back with our awesome toppers. Level up your look and unleash your inner celeb with UniWigs—because why wait for the red carpet when you can slay every day?

Essential Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Human Hair Toppers

Embarking on the topper care journey is a delightful experience that ensures your hairpiece remains vibrant and fresh. From brushing through the strands to the final air-drying stage, follow along for tips and insights on using high-quality products to revitalize your human hair toppers, leaving it refreshed and ready for its next appearance.

Brushing and Preparing for Wash:
To begin the process of washing and maintaining your topper, start with the vital step of gently brushing through the strands. Prioritize detangling the hair before introducing any cleansing agents. Initiate the process by starting from the tips and gradually working your way up.

Once the topper is thoroughly brushed, the stage is set for creating a soapy solution to cleanse the hair. In cool water, add two squirts of a quality shampoo like Back2Natural by UniWigs, renowned for effective cleansing without compromising hair fiber quality. This soapy solution marks the transition from preparation to the washing process, ensuring a thorough and revitalizing cleanse.

As the soapy water is ready, gently dunk the topper into the solution, allowing the shampoo to work its magic. Submerging the topper ensures even distribution of the cleansing agent, reaching every strand for a comprehensive wash. The initial brush-through and the creation of the soapy solution set the stage for the topper’s cleansing journey.


Shampooing and Rinsing:
With the topper immersed in the soapy water, the next crucial step in its cleansing journey is the application of shampoo. A small amount of high-quality shampoo, such as the renowned Back2Natural by UniWigs, is used to gently scrub the monotop or lace top area and the wefting. The focus here is not just on cleanliness but also on maintaining the integrity of the part and the overall structure of the topper. The thumb is employed strategically to hold the part in place, ensuring a precise and targeted shampooing process.

As the shampoo is applied, attention is given to the ends of the topper, where a small amount is used to ensure a thorough cleanse. This selective application helps in maintaining the original texture and quality of the hair. The part is delicately safeguarded by the thumb throughout this process.

To enhance the cleansing experience, the topper is left to soak for an additional 5 minutes after the initial rinse. This soaking period allows the shampoo to penetrate deeply, ensuring a comprehensive cleanse from root to tip. The minutes of soaking contribute to the nourishing properties of the shampoo, promoting the overall health and vibrancy of the topper. After the soaking period, a thorough rinse is performed once again, maintaining the careful protection of the part line with the thumb.


Conditioning and Final Rinsing:
After the initial brushing and shampooing, the topper is now ready for the crucial conditioning phase. Unlike shampoo, which primarily focuses on cleansing, conditioning is targeted at the ends of the hair, providing essential moisture and nourishment. Importantly, during this phase, no conditioner is applied to the monotop, lace top, or hand-tied area.

This careful approach ensures that the conditioning process enhances the softness and vitality of the hair without compromising the specialized features of these critical areas. This selective approach ensures that these specialized sections retain their natural texture and appearance.

As the conditioner sets, care is taken to avoid any application to the specialized areas, preserving their unique characteristics. This meticulous conditioning process adds a layer of care that goes beyond mere cleansing, contributing to the overall health and longevity of the topper.

Following the conditioning period, the topper undergoes a gentle rinsing process to remove any excess conditioner. The careful rinsing ensures that the conditioner is thoroughly washed out, leaving only the nourishing effects on the ends of the hair. Throughout this step, the thumb is strategically used to maintain the integrity of the part line, ensuring that the conditioned ends complement the rest of the topper seamlessly. This final rinsing stage sets the stage for the drying process, allowing the topper to retain its revitalized texture and natural bounce.

As we move forward in this guide, the focus will shift to the drying process, uncovering the nuances of air-drying and the natural transformations that take place during this essential stage of topper maintenance.


Drying Process:
For the most effective and gentle drying, invest in a portable wig stand. Placing the hair topper on the stand allows for proper air circulation and prevents any potential damage that might occur from laying it flat. This method ensures that the topper dries evenly and maintains its original style. If your topper is made of Burmese hair, you may notice a delightful slight wave as it dries, showcasing the natural properties of this particular material.

The next day, your hair topper will reveal the results of the air-drying process—refreshed, revitalized, and ready for use. The absence of styling tools or heat treatments highlights the natural wave and texture, showcasing the authentic beauty of the topper. This final stage of the drying process not only completes the comprehensive care routine but also ensures that your topper is in prime condition for its next appearance.


Final Result:
As the topper undergoes the air-drying process on a portable wig stand, the unique characteristics of the hair material become apparent. For toppers made of Burmese hair, a subtle and natural wave develops during the drying period, adding an authentic touch to the overall look. This effortless wave showcases the authenticity of the hair material and eliminates the need for additional styling, providing a hassle-free and time-saving aspect to the final result.

The absence of any styling post-air-drying highlights the effectiveness of the care routine. The topper retains its original style, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with your natural hair. This result speaks to the success of the comprehensive washing guide in not only cleansing the topper but also in preserving its unique qualities. The final result is not just a clean hairpiece but a rejuvenated topper ready to enhance your style with minimal effort.


Every step in this process, starting from the initial brush to the final air-drying, plays a pivotal role in keeping your topper refreshed and maintaining its natural look. Approach the care of your topper with diligence, and it will consistently reciprocate with a revitalized appearance.

Human Hair wigs V.S. Synthetic Wigs

Human hair wigs or Synthetic wigs, that is a question.

Just tapping “wig” on Amazon, Temu or any E-commerce platforms, a chunk of items of different brands and materials may swarm into your eyes. For consumers choosing their first wig, it might be quiet confusing to select the best one for them.

In fact, most of wigs can be divided into 2 types: Human hair wigs andSynthetic wigs. From their name we can tell their differences. But which one is the most appropriate one for you remains a question. In this blog I will tell more about these two kinds of wigs, their definition, their advantages and disadvantages and the methods to differentiate them. Hope this blog can help you.

What Are Human Hair Wigs?

Human hair wigs are made from human hair that are collected from salons or donations. One of the largest edges of human hair wigs is natural. Because they are made from human hair, wearing a human hair wigs is more like having a new head of hair.

Advantages of Human Hair Wigs

  1. Natural looking and texture: As we mentioned before, human hair wigs are more natural than other types of wigs. If you don’t want to expose the secret on your hair style easily, human hair wigs might be a good choice.

  1. Styling: Human hair can be permed, colored, bleached and straightened. As we all know, most of hairstyles can put stress on your hair that can make it more like to fall
    out. Wigs can be the solution for those who want to change their outlooks but are
    afraid of damaging their hair. But some are worrying about the style of a wig is fixed, which can not be changed. Human hair wigs can avoid this problem.
  2. Longevity: Human hair wigs with required quality can be used for a long time, if you
    care it properly. That means just getting one human hair wig can bestow a years long
    freedom to your hair.

Disadvantages of Human Hair Wigs

  1. Cost: picking the shortcomings of human hair wigs, their prices stand at the brunt of the criticisms. Human hair wigs cost much more than the other type of wigs. For consumers whose budgets are limited and who are not willing to take a costing try, human hair wigs are not the priority.
  2. Hard to care: If you don’t want to make your hundred donor cost wig a one-off or short-lived commodity, there are so many tips you should follow. Preserving a human hair wig is quiet a grinding process for people with few patience.
  3. Sensible to the environment: Human hair wigs are susceptible to environmental factors. The color of a human hair wig can be faded because of the exposure to sunlight. Merely a sight wind or rain can destroy the hair style of your wig, which you might spend a hour on before leaving home in the morning.

What Are Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic Wigs are a kind of artificial wigs that are designed to mimic the texture and appearance of natural hair. They are made from special fibers such as polyester and acrylic.

The Pros of Synthetic Wigs

  1. Price: The affordability of synthetic wigs is one of their largest edges against human hair wigs. The synthetic one costs less than the later. It can help you change your outlook without putting so much pressure on your bank account.
  2. Resistance to environmental factors: Unlike those of human hair, synthetic Wigs can maintain its color and style against environmental effects. You can wearing your synthetic wig outside without worrying its color will be faded by sunlight and its curves will be flattened by rains.
  3. Easy to care: Synthetic wigs are much easier to care. Few tips need to be followed. And since its low cost, losing or screwing up isn’t gonna to cause a heartbreak moment to you.

The Cons of Synthetic Wigs

  1. Texture: no matter looking and feeling, synthetic wigs are less natural than the ones made from human hair. Those low quality, even looks fake at the first glimpse of them. Therefore, sometimes, it might back fire on you when you are perusing unconventionality but wearing a low quality wig.
  2. Can’t change its style: Synthetic wigs can’t sustain any redesign such as bleaching, perming and straightening. So Synthetic Wigs can not meet your DIY demands.

How to Differentiate Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Wigs

As the advancement of techniques, some high quality synthetic wigs can have their textures and looks close to human hair wigs infinitely, which handicaps people’s efforts to identify them. Here are some methods to differentiate them.

  1. Weight: synthetic wigs are lighter than human hair wigs.
  2. Burn them: when all ways including comparing their weights, looking and texture all end up to futile, burn a little pinch respectively maybe the last straw. Human hair wigs are made from human hairs containing proteins. The smell of burning it is alike burny proteins.

Everyone has rights to beauty. To wear wig is a way to enrich our daily outlooks, offering us at least a fragments of reliefs to our mundane life.

Synthetic wigs or Human hair wigs, this question can be answered according to your budget, your preferences and your demands.