How To Find Right Cosplay Wigs

If you find the right wig for your play that perfectly fits according to costume. A simple wig you can find anywhere, but a costume play wig becomes a tedious task for everyone even if you are an expert or styler. So, don’t worry, you are in the right place. So, here we will discuss all about cosplay wigs.

This guide gives you the answer of How can you find a perfect cosplay wig, or where to buy it?

What Are The Cosplay Wigs?

A cosplay wig helps to fall entirely in your favorite character. It also shows the beauty of different cultures in the world. Sometimes loyal fans struggle to get the character of your favorite hero of life. In that case, you have to determine many things that close you to a completely desirable look.

There are wide varieties of cosplay wigs available in the market. You may have seen different wigs styles that are close to any mimic, including manga, movies, comic book characters, etc. So, here you can find all cosplay wigs that look most beautiful, realistic, affordable, and flawless.

Both Short and Long cosplay wigs are most popular because they identify pop and Japanese cultures, such as Goku’s gravity-defying spikes, Princess Kaguya’s, and some more. Many popular brands introduced different styles of cosplay wigs and versatility in length, material, and colors.

A cosplay wig comes in various colors because the costume needs to attract style and colors that perfectly match your outfit. You can find wigs in different colors, like, pink, blue, orange, purple, white, silver, black and gray, and also has varieties of short hair cosplay wigs and long hair cosplay wigs.

In this guide, you will be able to select the best cosplay wigs that are easily found in any stores near your house, and you can also buy from online stores that will be 100 percent reliable products.

Top 6 Best Cosplay Wigs

Here are some best realistic cosplay wigs; you can easily find one of them which suits you best.

Curl Cosplay Wigs

You can easily find a curly hair cosplay wig because it’s familiar and trendy nowadays, and many characters have curly hair looks. It’s actually gorgeous and gives realistic looks in any ideal costume. These curl cosplay wigs are mainly used for fairy and mermaid looks. These are available in different colors, lengths, and styles you can choose according to your preference.

Red Cosplay Wig

This type of wig is mainly used to mimic characters of any movie, cartoon, etc. This also looks beautiful, attractive and it’s also suitable for both men and women. A dark red gives you a cool anime style for any costume party. It’s also an excellent option for those who like spunky wigs made of high-quality material and bear high temperatures if you carry a style. It’s also highly durable and reliable wigs and gives surety of comfortability. The cosplay wig is unlikely to become tangled and breathable.

Japanese Anime Wig

It has beautiful features of spiky cuts that are followed mainly by Japanese anime characters. This is made of synthetic material that can bear high temperatures and easily apply to head circumference. Thus, this wig is best suitable for newbies who can carry it easily in any costume party.

Voluminous Cosplay Wigs

Everybody wants a natural, flawless, and voluminous cosplay wig. That gives the heavy looks of hairstyle and cascading pigtails. It can help to create an exquisite cosplay look. It comes with high-quality material that allows you to use colors on the wigs and carry any style that suits your personality.

Moreover, It is also an eco-friendly option. It comes with an adjustable cap size that can help set any head circumference.

Multi-Color Wigs

Another option is multi-colored wigs nobody can ignore if they really want to create a funky look. It can bear high temperatures and allow to create any style and design a perfect dreamy effect. This wig is made of thermostable material. That helps in soothing and quick straightening hair just using 120-degree temperature. Plus, this multi-color wig enables you to blend pink, blue, and purple for a spellbinding effect.

Waves/ Cascade Cosplay Wig

This type of wig is mostly used for creating an action game or movie character look, such as may you have seen a Game of Thrones character. This wig comes with a waves cascade style that looks real and fluffy. This wig is a full cascade 32 inches long, and you can create any style effortlessly. This fantastic wig comes with bobby pins that help to hide loose hairs and tight the wig on the head perfectly.

How to Wear a Cosplay Wig

Whether you have a short cosplay wig or long cosplay wigs, you just have to know how to wear a cosplay wig. Below are some points you should follow step by step to wear a wig ideally.

  • First, choose a perfect wig that fits your head circumference perfectly. A right size wig gives you confidence and comfort. Before buying a wig, measure the head with a tap and choose according to the head size.
  • After this, choose a perfect wig cap. There are two kinds of wig caps available in the market, first is made of fishnet-like material. They are tighter, and hair may come out from them. The type of cap is pantyhose that are not together and perfectly covers all your natural hair under the cap.
  • Next with a perfect cap or wig covers your real hair and makes a fine ponytail that covers all strands smoothly.
  • Then, flip that ponytail and put it on points toward or across your forehead. If you have short hair, then cover with pins underneath the cap.
  • Now Pull the wig cap on the head; it does not have a specific front and back. Start pulling it. Back of head and slight pull on the front side. Before applying a wig, make sure all your hair has been covered under the cap.
  • Now fix the cap with snap pins; you need approx 10-12 pins for the perfect setting.
  • Take a wig and slide it over your head. Hold it with both hands and slide it slowly over the cap.
  • Place the wig’s scalp line against your forehead. Place it just above your eyebrows. And slide to the back of the head until the wig goes down over your wig cap. It can stretch easily.
  • Now keep the wig on the cap and take bobby pins to secure your wig. Bobby pins are then hairpins and keep the wigs firmly without losing them.
  • You must use at least ten bobby pins to secure the wig.
  • Now test your wig by jumping down and moving in circulation, and touch your toes. If you feel the cap or wig loosen, just apply more pins and set it again until it is not movable and firmly fits the head.
  • When you apply your wig now, you can create any style that suits you. You can even use blow-dry, straightener, and hairspray for hair styling.

Where to Buy Perfect Cosplay wigs?

Everyone needs to know where you buy a cosplay wig, so here we suggest some of the most widespread and trusted online stores where you can find a huge range of cosplay wigs online, including short cosplay wigs and long cosplay wigs colored, curly, wavy, straight and many other styles.

There are plenty of stores that sell different materials, lengths, and style wigs. Here are the top places that are easy to find and well known all over the world.

What color is Beetlejuice’s hair?

Beetlejuice is a black humorous comedy full of imagination and rich charm. This film does not use exaggerated special effects, a dazzling cast, or even outstanding plot tension to attract the audience into the theater. The content of the script looks very ordinary from a modern perspective, but the imaginative plot presented in the whole film, even the current director sometimes observes and draws materials. It is also worth mentioning that although many years have passed, the Beetlejuice Costumes has been deeply in people’s hearts.

Beetlejuice also has his fair share of hair color changes, according to an interview done by Variety, with Alex Brightman. Beetlejuice’s hair changes along with his emotions, like a mood ring, from green to purple, to red, to a darker green, and to more electric green.

You knew pretty much from the start that green was Beej’s primary hair color. And honestly, you loved it from the first moment. Green hair would look so weird on anybody else but on him? It somehow seemed perfect for him. It almost seemed like a part of his personality.

Poison Ivy wig is a bright green wig that will make you turn heads. Have fun with Poison Ivy by rocking it for Beetlejuice now, let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose!!

UniWigs Trendy Exclusive Ombre Wig – Bambi Wig

Do you remember our Bambi wig, which is one of the most unique of UniWigs exclusive design.
Many wig stores use a huge range of terminology and it’s a little bit confusing, isn’t it? I will introduce our new arrival with the most accessible words so that you can get the points easily.

Understandably, one of the very first things a customer often asks is “how much it will cost me?”. The most honest answer is “you get what you paid for”. The price you are offered depends on the length, thickness, hair color and customer service. As you all know, UniWigs don’t sell cheap wigs, which, we think, is not a long plan for the future. We attract our customers with the top quality products and services. Get used to it. It’s the trend of wig or any other product market, and you will get more than you imagine.

We are confident about our reasonable price because we are so sure that our products are unique and you will not regret having one! Have any doubt? Let me tell you the story of our new Bambi Wig.

1.Heat resistant fiber -It can be styled with heat. But remember: when you use flat iron, keep the temperature from 100 degrees and up to 300 degrees otherwise you will damage the wig.

2.Creating a handmade wig – that’s a wig with a bespoke, made to measure lace foundation with all of the hair hand knotted, or “ventilated” for all of you– is not cheap, but if you would like to spend a little more, you will receive something amazing.

3.Double knotted backs and edges – Certain sections of a wig can take the brunt of styling over time so we make sure these sections are knotted into the lace twice. This minimises shedding and keeps the wig looking fuller for longer.

4.Single knotted fronts and hairlines – This means the area where the lace meets the skin on the forehead is knotted one hair at a time, every hole, creating a flawless and natural finish.

5.Specifically designed to optimize styling versatility – This means we add carefully knotted sections to the wig where possible, to enable you to vary the way the wig can be styled. So if you fancy switching the parting a little or dressing the hair up for a change the result remains natural & flawless.

6.More possibilities to style – One of our talented designer has made an amazing braid hairstyle with this wig, which is so cute! In a very short time it becomes everyone’s “deer-est” friend with this great looking.

7.This wig is called Bambi. As you may know, we appreciate any advice from our customers so we give customers the chance to name our EVERY new arrival. We asked for name of our new babe too and got plenty of wonderful ideas on Facebook(@UniWigs Trendy) and Instagram(@UniWigs). Finally we picked out Bambi as the name of our new product.

“@the_lamas_wench: Bambi–Because the colors exactly the same as little bambi and it just shows then innocence and daintiness of the piece. It ‘s beautiful . ”

Are all of these reasons enough for you to make a decision? If not, go to our website(UniWigs) and Instagram(@UniWigs) to get more!

Why I don’t suggest you to cut all the lace on synthetic wigs?

If you ask what’s the most important suggestion I will offer for synthetic wig beginners, that must be “don’t cutt off all the lace”. There’s no rule that people can’t cut off all the lace. But I want to show you why I say don’t cut off all the lace.


It looks too wiggy if you cut all the lace and it’s hard for me to adjust the wig because there’s no lace. When you put your hair behind your ear, the edges will be lifted up. You know why it’s lifted up? Because you have no lace to help support you right there. If you didn’t cut off the lace, you would have lace right there that goes over your sideburn.

front lace cap
front lace cap

If you want to create a little bit edge so it can look like a frontal, you need to own one of wig brushes. Use a comb and take a little bit of hair and make sure it’s behind your ear. Take your got 2b ultra glue and hold the hair down. When you do that, you need to manipulate hairs over the ears. Take your ratatat tail comb and bring the hair down a little bit. It will look more natural. Cut of any unnecessary hair.

lace cap
lace cap

If you do cut off all the lace and you want to lay it down, it’s gonna be hard. I cut off all the lace of one of my wigs and I applied the glue underneath the wig, lay it downand tried my best. The next day I woke up bumps all on my head. It was disgustig. Why did I break out and bumps when I didn’t have any lace? When I usually have lace, I never break out of bumps. That’s probably another reason why I tell you to leave a little bit lace on. The wig itself is on your forehead glued down and it’s not safe for your skin. The lace is like a protective and protect your head from breaking out. I’ve never broken out from the glue ever except for that time I tried to put glue under a wig that I could have all the wig on.

grey hair
grey hair

Follow the steps I mentioned above you can’t even see the lace because the lace is brown and it blends in with my skin. I don’t leave a whole bunch of lace. But I leave it enough where I can adjust the wig. I can add some subsides.

gray wigs
gray wigs

Hopefully you can learn something from this video.

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