Hair Pieces or Hair Transplant? Making the Right Choice for Receding Hairline

Losing one’s hair can be upsetting, particularly for males. A thinning hairstyle can have an impact on someone’s self-esteem and confidence. But thanks to developments in science and technology, there are now numerous ways to deal with this problem. To assist you in making an educated choice, we’ll compare two common choices in this article: hair pieces and hair transplants.

Hair Pieces

Synthetic or natural hairpieces that can be clipped, taped, or adhered to the head are referred to as hair systems or hair parts. They can be made to suit the size and form of your cranium and are available in a variety of designs, hues, and densities.


For those on a limited budget, hair pieces are an affordable choice.

They provide instant effects and don’t require any recovery time.

They are simple to sanitize and remove.

You can style and mold hair pieces to your preferred length and form.


Wearing hair pieces can be uncomfortable, particularly in warm conditions.

They need routine upkeep and replacement because they could fade, intertwine, or fall out.

The adhesives or tapes used to secure the hair component may cause skin irritation in some individuals or allergy responses in others.

Hair Transplants:

Hair follicles are removed from a donor region, typically the back of the head, and surgically transferred to balding parts of the scalp during a hair transplant. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction are the two kinds of hair replacement treatments. (FUE).


A hair graft offers a natural and long-lasting remedy for hair loss.

After the healing phase, little upkeep is needed.

The outcomes are durable, and the hair that was transferred grows in just like normal hair.

It can be altered to match the color, structure, and style of your hair.


An costly operation, a hair transplant may not be covered by insurance.

It needs a lot of rest to recuperate, and this can take several weeks.

The treatment could result in some discomfort, bruising, and discoloration.

Although uncommon, there is a chance of illness or problems.

Selecting the Best Option:

The decision between hair transplant and hair pieces ultimately comes down to a number of variables, including your income, hair variety, degree of baldness, and personal tastes. Hair pieces might be a good choice if you’re searching for a fast and inexpensive solution. Despite the higher expense and extended recovery time, a hair transplant may be a superior option if you’re searching for a long-lasting and all-natural solution.

In order to find the best solution for your particular requirements, it is crucial to speak with a licensed hair restoration expert. They can give you more details and assist you in making a choice that will boost your confidence and give you the desired appearance.

Medical Wigs vs. Regular Wigs: What’s the Difference?

What distinguishes standard wigs from medicinal wigs?

People have used wigs to improve their look or hide hair loss from the past to now, but not all wigs are made as same. Differ from typical wigs, which are designed for fashion, medical wigs have a specific purpose in the medical industry. In this article, we’ll examine the key differences between medical wigs and regular wigs, as well as what makes medical wigs unique.

How Do Medical Wigs Function?

Medical wigs are wigs designed for people whose hair has lost due to diseases or medical treatments including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, alopecia, or other hair loss issues. These wigs offer comfort in addition to a natural appearance that closely mimics the patient’s original hair and are manufactured specifically to suit the wearer’s scalp.

Medical wigs are frequently produced from premium materials like synthetic or actual human hair. They are made to be light and pleasant to wear, and frequently have a lining that is hypoallergenic to prevent rashes on skin that is already sensitive.

How Do Regular Wigs Work?

Contrarily, typical wigs are created for fashion and worn to change one’s haircut or to improve one’s appearance. They come in a wide range of styles and colors and are composed of a variety of materials, from synthetic to natural hair.

Regular wigs are not as precisely made to fit the wearer’s scalp as medical wigs are. They are normally produced with a standard size cap, and fitting may need to be adjusted.

Important Distinctions Between Medical and Regular Wigs

Unlike conventional wigs, which are made for fashion, medical wigs are primarily intended to address hair loss brought on by medical illnesses or treatments.

Design: Unlike conventional wigs, which come in a range of sizes and designs and are not specifically developed for hair loss, medical wigs are composed of high-quality materials and are tailored to suit the wearer’s scalp perfectly.

Comfort: Unlike conventional wigs, medical wigs are designed to be pleasant to wear for extended periods of time. They frequently have a hypoallergenic liner to reduce skin irritation.

Cost: Because they are made of superior materials and have unique designs, medical wigs are often more expensive than conventional wigs.


Wigs for medical use differ from conventional wigs in function and design. Regular wigs are made for fashion, whereas medical wigs are made to address hair loss brought on by medical problems or treatments. Regular wigs come in a variety of sizes and styles and may need alterations to fit comfortably, whereas medical wigs are made of high-quality materials, perfectly fit to the scalp, and are designed for comfort. The decision between a standard wig and a medical wig ultimately comes down to personal preferences and necessities.

The Inspiring Hair Loss Story from our Customer

Growing up with trichotillomania, I had no idea so many women were unhappy with their hair. Call it naïveté or maybe even jealousy, but I couldn’t imagine that women who didn’t suffer from trich or alopecia had anything to complain about.Hair loss before and afte

Dorin was wearing UniWigs Chrissy Lace Front Human Hair Wig – SKU: LS1813

Now I know better. As a hairstylist, I hear men and women of all ages describe how unhappy they are with their thinning hair. It doesn’t matter how much hair they actually have – one person’s bald is another person’s Chewbacca.

When it came to my own insecurities about my hair loss, I would cope by making myself the victim and developing a bitterness towards women with a full head of hair.

In reality, this mindset did more harm than good.

Comparing my hair loss to those without trich or alopecia around me didn’t stop me from pulling and didn’t make my hair grow back any faster. Instead, it left me in a negative mind space where my trichotillomania was the center of everything that was wrong in my world.

At my worst, my bitterness and resentment spread to my own people.

I didn’t know anyone else with trichotillomania growing up. When my hair stylist in high school suggested that I go to a trich support group to meet other people with the disorder, I dismissed the idea after she told me that the majority of people at the meetings only pulled out their eyelashes and eyebrows.

The road of comparing hair loss is a lonely one. It divides those who are suffering from finding fellowship and support in a common struggle.

If you need to put someone else’s hair loss (or lack thereof) down to feel better about yourself, you will never be able to respect them and their experiences. Moreover, you will never to able to appreciate yourself and your own hair, because your sense of self will always be through the lens of someone else.

Every time we find ourself comparing hair loss, refocus your mind and energy on your own goal of learning to love your hair, your trichotillomania, and most importantly, yourself.

Tips for the newbies to choose the perfect hair toppers!

Hair loss always hurts! What kind of wigs should I buy? What is a topper exactly? If you are new to the wig world, having no ideas about hair toppers, halos, and other wig stuffs Then I guess you’re lucky to be here, I’m here to share some useful tips and answers of the most asked questions.

Firstly let’s make the what a hair topper is clear! What is a hair topper? Literally it’s a hairpiece, we can call it half wig which placed on the top of our heads to cover hair loss areas. Clips are usually used to place them. Also, toppers or hairpieces can usually work semi-permanently, they’re smaller pieces of alternative hair then a wig is. They can specifically work for the area of thin hair by adding volume. A great hair topper will definitely transform your look instantly!

Tip#1 Choose the right type&lace

Please note: Synthetic hair usually can’t be customized to your own hair color&most shiny.
The laces of the toppers can differ from one by one. Let me introduce several most common types. First comes heat defiant hair or you can call it heat-friendly hair. It can be styled with heat like curling irons. The type literally looks very natural! Then synthetic hair fiber is also quite common along the wig users. It is heat defiant too but it is not heat resistant, which means you can roll it on rollers or use a low heat hot air brusher. Human hair lace is the most natural type of all! It can be treated like your own hair. But the cons can be lacking breath ability compared to synthetic type. Also, it costs more than the synthetic hair fiber. The last type I’m gonna tell is human & synthetic blend hair. Please be quite careful with this option since applying heat may cause the synthetic to freeze. Most importantly, make sure you have read the guide book before you have done anything to your topper!

Tip#2 Choose a light density

Density of the topper is measured based on the base of topper and the grams of hair that it has. If you are the new to it, I will advise to try the light density firstly. It will make your look more natural and yourself will also feel more comfortable wearing it.

Tip#3 Measure the right size

Please prepare a tape measure first, then we can measure the area that you want to cover. Doing it from left to right and front to back on the top of your head. Keep this in mind that allow for an extra inch for attaching the clips to your natural hair.

Tip#4 Color decision

What color of toppers should I buy? Please pick the closest color to your bio hair. You can’t go wrong with this principle!

How to Wear Hair Extensions for Thick Hair?

When choosing hair extensions, you have to consider the hair volume and grams. Different grams for different hair volumes you have. Usually, we define three types of hair volume we have: thin, medium, and thick. Today, we will talk about how to choose and wear hair extensions for people with thick hair.
Usually, the hair extensions glam between 180g and 220g will be enough. Just think, how to weigh it would be if you wear an extension above 250g. That’s why we don’t recommend that kind of hair extensions.

220g 5 Pieces Classic Clip-In Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions
220g 5 Pieces Classic Clip-In Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions

So what to do if it’s thin for me?

That depends on the tips on how you wear the hair extensions.
The key is to hide away some of your own hair! This will eliminate some of the bulkiness and help to blend your own hair with the extensions.

120g 7 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions
120g 7 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

How to wear it?

Normally if you put your extensions in according to the instructions, you would section the bottom half of your hair and then put in your extensions. If you already have thick hair that bottom layer is going to be pretty heavy and when you lift up your extensions you are going to see just this row of really short hair.

160G 20
160G 20″ Invisible Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

So what I’m going to show you is how you can get your extensions without that bottom layer.

First, you have to make a section at the back and braid the bottom hair. When you make the section, the position is very important: at the nape of the neck? Ear to ear? Or at the crown? That depends on how thick your hair, grasp the hair extension with one hand, and grasp your hair with another hand, compare the thickness of them, then estimate the extra hair volume of your hair compared with the hair extensions, section the extra hair with the right place.
Then make two braids for the extra hair.

Ruby 24
Ruby 24″ Ribbon Bow Synthetic Ponytail Extension

Then pin both braids together. That’s good for hiding the extra hair, and also works for clipping the hair extension.

After that, you will find that your hair is not so thick.
Then you can add hair extensions as usual. If you are a perfectionist you can always straighten your hair to match the texture. But don’t forget it’s going to be super noticeable to you and not so noticeable to people who have never seen you before. So we suggest doing some curls, which would be much undetectable than straight hair.

How to Take Care of Your Hairline

Hairlines can be very fragile and should be well cared for. Many women suffer from thinning hairline while others have naturally thin hairlines. Since the hairline is considerably fragile, maximum attention should be given to ensure that it grows healthy and strong without breakage or other related hair damages. A damaged hairline is every woman’s nightmare, and sadly many women suffer this without men being left out. You don’t know the importance of your hairline until you’ve lost a significant amount of it. Aside from the shame and embarrassment, you may face, you may also face other important reasons you need to take care of your hairline.

However, there are several ways you can keep your hairline healthy, ranging from diets to lifestyle or even your styling technique.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways you can care for hairline to ensure a healthy hairline and attractive hairline.

1. Cut down the amount of heat you expose your hair to Excessive use of hot styling tools like the hairdryer, curling wand, and strengtheners can pose threats to the health and quality of your hairline. If you must care for your hairline, you have to cut down the use of these hot styling tools, especially if you use them every day. This is because when your hair, especially the hairline, is being exposed to too much heat, the hairline will be prone to breakage, and this may even weaken your hair, which will lead to hair loss. Too much heat is detrimental to the hair and its lines.

2. Handle your hairline gently when combing or brushing: Regular hair brushing is important, but the way you brush or comb it is even more important. The hairline’s hair is shorter and fragile and will likely pull if you are rough when brushing or combing them. If you don’t do gentle combing, the brush bristles may get caught in your hair, causing it to snap. To avoid this damage, you have to ensure that you comb your hair gentler or apply hair oil to make the hair softer for combing. Combing shouldn’t be done roughly and anyhow.

3. Avoid hair products loaded with strong chemicals: Hair products that are often filled with toxic chemicals will undoubtedly make your hairline prone to damages. Since the front of the hair is fragile, avoid strong chemicals that may do more harm than good to it. Some of these chemicals may literally burn the root of your hairline and may have the tendency to kill your hair’s natural integrity. Depending on whichever brand you choose, there are other effective ingredients to look out for when getting a hair product. These ingredients are proteins, vitamins, trace minerals, and essential oil. However, these ingredients will not cause irritation, dryness, or breakage of hair or hairline and help you achieve a beautiful and healthy hairline. So whenever you decide to get a hair product, ensure the chemical contents are less or milder. Go more organic and avoid the chemicals.

4. Regularly massage your hairline: Massaging your scalp and hairline every day will enhance blood circulation and can even strengthen your hair follicles. This shouldn’t be done vigorously but gently, as it will also help improve your hair and hairline’s general health. You can also massage with natural oils that will help stimulate growth and even strengthen it. It is important to do this as frequently as possible as your overall scalp and hair health may depend on it. Your hair loves stimulation, so makes out a minute and apply some oil to your scalp to foster your hairline growth.

5. Reduce adding tension to your hair and scalp: Avoid tight braids and hairstyles that could add too much pressure to your hair or scalp, because this can likely pull at your hairline and pull out the weaker hairs at the front hair. It is not advisable to keep to braids for too long and make sure your ponytails and braids are loosely made to avoid them pulling at your hair. There is a misconception that tightly made braids appear neater, but this is not worth losing your hair. One of the best things you can do for your hair is to let it rest and carry less weight. You don’t have to do one hairstyle after the other; instead, you should let your hair rest after each hairstyle. You can even wear your own hair in-between hairstyles. Thicker braids are even a safer option, and undo braids carefully because pulling and tugging will only worsen the situation, and you may even end up losing some hairs at your hairline in the process.

6. Maintain an adequate diet: Healthy diet is a contributing factor to having stronger hair. According to experts, inadequate feeding habits are also a leading cause of an unhealthy hairline. Many people out there do not know that the type of food they consume affects their hairline and hair generally. Eating healthy diets like foods rich in antioxidants can help your hair look fuller and healthier; the antioxidant in these adequate diets helps you fight oxidative stress that can damage your hair quickly. Many people still don’t realize the impact of what they consume make to our hair. The benefits start from nourishing it to ensuring that we grow healthy and strong hair. If you were eating healthy and all of a sudden, you suddenly begin feeding poorly; you will notice drastic changes in your hair texture, color, strength, and growth. Improve your diet today to ensure a healthier hairline.

7. Use lesser products on your hairline: Anything done in excessive is always never good. Excessive use of these hair products can also cause tiny bumps on your hairline. If you notice tiny bumps on your hairline, consider using lesser products along your hairline, and don’t forget to wash off properly the residue from hair care products. Too much use of hair products can cause breakouts anywhere, especially on your hairline. If you must use hair products, make sure they are friendly to your hair and do not apply too much. If possible, always follow instructions by the producers, apply gently, and make sure to wash off properly the ones that are meant to be washed off.

Hairline typically shows the integrity of the whole hair. Following these suggestions and adapting to necessary changes will ensure a healthy, fine-looking, and attractive hairline. Don’t use any hair products you see just because you see others using it. Some of these chemical-ridden products may attack your hair texture.

Highlights- The New Balayage Hair Topper

If you have brown hair, a fabulous set of warm blonde hightlights is just what you need to bring it to life. There are several brown color hair toppers hightlighted with blondes at UniWigs. Different color tones has different look. Today , we are going to introduce the new one: T-414 Rooted Mocha.

T-414 is just the name code for UniWigs producing. The color named Rooted Mocha will be visualized by a fine-quality mocha coffee. It’s Medium Brown and Light Brown Blend with Blonde highlights and Medium Brown Roots.

The length of roots is about 4-5 inches. Why we need this long roots? Usually we prefer 1-2 inches dark roots on hair toppers. Lots of people have 1-2” shadow root with their own hair. If you go to hair salon, the roots will be longer. We imagine when people wear UniWigs hair topper, not only they wear a hair topper, but also feel like dying a new hair from hair salon. We wish we could offer a fresh positive mood for our customers.

From UniWigs’ Claire Collection, “Upgrade Claire Plus” is the biggest base size. 6.5”x6.5” will cover your hair loss are 4 x4 inches. You can select the hair length 12”, 14” and 16”. It’s for people at the stage of advanced hair loss. Of couse, you can purchase it if you just have thinning hair. The lace front big mono base hair topper is perfect for people with thinning hairline. You can use halo-wire to lay the front lace flat or you can glue it down. Unlike the synthetic hair topper, you can make some curl patterns so you can change your hair style in different hair texture.

Can I get a hair sample if I have concersn about this color? Sure, you can leave message on UniWigs livechat or email us to get a free hair sample.

UniWigs Human Hair Toppers for Short Hair

There are million reasons to love short hairstyles. They are super easy to style and simple to care for etc. For women who have short but also thinning hair, hair toppers will be the perfect choice!

short hair
short hair

Check out these hair toppers for short hair:

#1. 5.5″x5.5″ Claire Remy Human Hair Topper

As the most popular hair toppers at UniWigs, there are 15 color selections of Claire topper. 12’’ length of one of the options, people with short hair and thinning part and top can totally order it. Give it some trim off to match with your own hair.

#2. 5.5″×5.5″ Claire Silk Top Remy Human Hair Topper

Same base dimension with the last topper, the only difference is the base materials. This is the silk top version and will offer you the most natural look on the top, just like the hair grows from your own scalp.

#3. 5.5″x6″ Vickie Wavy Remy Human Hair Mono Topper

This Vickie topper has five color selections, from 1C soft black to 210 Truffle brown.

hair topper
hair topper

#4. 8.5″x9″ Melanie Remy Human Hair Mono Topper

Melanie is also the Best Sellers at, it has 8.5’’X9’’ base dimension and can easily cover your thinning top and crown.

#5. 5″x6″ Emily Remy Human Hair Mono Topper

This Emily hair topper is a human hair top piece with a 5″x6″ soft and ventilated Monofilament base.

#6. 6.5″x6.5″ Upgrade Claire Plus Remy Human Hair Mono Topper

“Upgrade Claire Plus” is similar to the Claire Upgrade topper, but “Upgrade Claire Plus” has fresh features. It has 100% quality human hair with a mono top and lace front, with a base size of 6.5” X 6.5” for ample coverage.

#7. 6″x6″ Amber Silk Top Human Hair Topper with Bangs

The 6″x6” Amber topper with bangs is a clip in hair topper that adds seamless volume and coverage on the top of the head and along the parting. It has bangs, which help you to avoid the concern of an unnatural hair line. It also features a silk top which makes the knots 100% invisible and gives the illusion that the hair is actually growing out from your scalp.

#8. 6″x7″ Bella Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper

This Bella topper is also one of the Best Sellers. It’s similar with Amber silk topper, and just in a bigger base dimension. This Bella human hair topper can give a bigger coverage of the crown.

#9. 5″x5″ Natural Straight Brazilian Remy Human Hair Lace Hair Topper

The lace closure is easy to install and allows for free parting. It is super light and breathable, which will be the best selection for summer.

#10. 6″x6″ Charleigh Curly Remy Human Hair Lace Hair Topper

The Charleigh Wavy Topper is a gorgeous topper with a wavy hair texture. The base is made of lace and the size is 6”x6” for ample coverage.

UniWigs Hair Toppers With Bangs

You may ever asked yourself, “Should I have a bang?” And you’ll hear a resounding “no” in your head. So hair pieces/ hair toppers might be the best solution to try the bang hairstyle, but without cutting your own hair! Today, we are going to list several hair pieces and hair toppers at

1. Instant Clip-in Bangs
This is an easy-to-attach fringe hairpiece. You can have a cute fringe in a minute with it.

Let’s see some customer real reviews:
“I have been wanted to have a bang for really long time. And I was recommended by one of my friend, so excited to order to product. WHen I receive it, it comes really soft and healthy hair. It just make me feel much younger.”

Instant Clip-in Bangs
Instant Clip-in Bangs

2. 6″X6″ Amber silk top human hair topper with Bangs
Amber topper is absolutely one of the Best Sellers of UniWigs Hair Toppers. True skin top like our own scalp and a cute front bang.

Let’s see some real customer reviews:
“I have been struggling with hair loss and thinning hair most of my adult life. My hair is super thin at the crown with bald patches and receding hairline. I’ve tried many ‘affordable wigs’ lace front, old school and can only afford synthetic. Also everything I have tried in my price range looks like a wig and needs a lot of finessing only to have them irritate, itch, and just be really uncomfortable for everyday wear. So I saved up for this human hair piece.
Amber topper is comfortable to wear and blended in pretty well. The Hair density is medium, not too thick and not too thin. Curls and straightens pretty well. Minimal shedding and tangling. I like this hair topper very much, best one I have tried so far. I will be purchasing back ups.”

6’’X6’’ Amber silk top human hair topper with Bangs
6’’X6’’ Amber silk top human hair topper with Bangs

3. 5″x2.75″ Amelia Remy Human Hair Topper with bangs
5″X2.75″ mono base, three color selections which is Medium brown, Natural Black and Powdered Peach.

Let’s see some real customer reviews:
“i Just bought this lovely uniwigs topper with bangs in colour Y22. this is a very comfortable topper to wear, super light-weight! I love it !”

3. 5"x2.75" Amelia Remy Human Hair Topper with bangs
3. 5″x2.75″ Amelia Remy Human Hair Topper with bangs

Are Hair Transplants Worth It?

Growing hair occurs almost effortlessly for some while others have to go through so much stress which includes hundreds of hair appointments, dozens of hair products and of course dealing with hair aestheticians who all claim to have the holy grail of hair growth serums. Hence, if you’re dissatisfied with your hair texture, volume or length, and looking for a remedy, you’re likely to spend a fortune on products whose effectiveness is somewhat relative. It may seem unfair but rather than sulk, you can now explore other options that don’t include over-the-counter products. However, despite common hair conditions like breakage, thinning or balding which could span from lifestyle choices, the inability to grow hair could be as a result of a health condition. This is evident in the case of alopecia, congenital aplasia, and even cancer.

Hence, with cases like these, there’s little effect any hair growth serum, product or treatment could have. With that being said, it may be time to fish for other solutions like hair transplants. This may sound extreme to some, but if you’re gravely unhappy with the appearance or nature of your hair, you might want to consider this as a restorative solution. Luckily, we’re going to analyze this particular solution concerning certain factors to determine its worth.

Just to be clear, hair transplants are restorative procedures that involve the surgical reattachment of hair follicles retrieved from one part of the patient’s body (donor site) and implanted on the recipient area or balding spot. Certain techniques are used to harvest the donor hair which we’ll also be getting into in a minute. But, before consenting to this life-changing procedure, there are factors worth considering. These factors include the risks, cost, effectiveness, side effects, and of course the procedure’s working principle. Let’s begin with the ‘Hows’ of the trade.

How it’s done

Simply put, a hair transplant is the transfer and installation of hair from one body part to another. Typically, the donor site is mostly the back of one’s head, unless your doctor thinks otherwise. As expected, before this procedure your doctor must have sterilized and numbed both areas with a local anesthetic or even a sedative if you’re up for that. Next, your surgeon will commence the procedure by using either the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The difference between both methods is the extraction method. While one involves the removal and reimplantation of a piece of scalp, the other has to do with hair extraction and follicle implantation.

Does it work?

While hair products have a somewhat volatile effect on hair growth, hair transplants are known to be highly effective. The procedure works better than any over-the-counter product could ever. But, before celebrating your victory here’s what you should know. Experts claim that once implanted, about 10-80% of the transplanted hair will grow back in no less than 3-4 months, so it may take a little while before results are visible. Also, the transplanted hair was extracted from you, it’s your existing hair and it’s still likely thin over time, depending on how you care for it. Lastly, this procedure may not work as well for everyone. This is because it is a selective restorative one that can only be used to increase hair volume due to balding, thinning or hair loss stemming from injury. Therefore, if your balding or thinning is widespread, if your hair loss is due to chemotherapy or if your scalp scar is thick owing to injury, this procedure may not be as effective for you.

How much it costs

It’s important to note that hair transplants are classified under ‘cosmetic’ procedures hence your health insurance package will most definitely not cover it. Now, the price of this procedure varies depending on your location’s availability of surgeons, the adapted surgical technique, surgeon’s experience, recovery medications and of course the extent of your condition. Adding these figures together, this procedure could range from $4,000 to $15,000. Seems like a lot of money to grow hair, but can you really put a price on the accrued confidence of having full, voluminous hair? No.


Either of the FUT or FUE procedures could take some hours or days to complete. It just depends on the commitment of your surgeon. However, once the procedure is complete, the bandages will be removed and you may notice swelling and feel pain. To help with the swelling, pain, soreness, and redness you may be prescribed analgesics like ibuprofen as well as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, as well as hair stimulating medications. Regardless of this, you may not be able to brush your hair for another three weeks but you should feel good enough to function normally in three days.

Possible Side effects

Every procedure has risks and potential side effects and for hair transplants, one thing you should definitely expect is scarring. It is somewhat inevitable for any surgical procedure. However, on the flip side, other side effects include bleeding, numbness around affected areas, scalp pain, itching, infection, swelling, hair loss if the patient is still balding. This is just a handful of the side effects from the actual procedure, others could be prior to the medication. Nevertheless, these side effects could be minimal for some patients and they could be gruesome for others. Hence, it’s important to seek your physician’s opinion before embarking on this procedure just to ensure your health can take it.


The human hair is a critical part of the body. When damaged, deteriorating or balding it can create severe damage to the bearer’s psychological health as in the case of low self-esteem or it could even nullify one’s confidence thus affecting how such an individual carries out his/her daily activities. Now, a lasting solution in the form of hair transplantation can turn things around for such individuals, but with the price, side effects, and overall fear of the procedure a lot might be discouraged. Nevertheless, this doesn’t take away the fact that hair transplantation is singly the most effective hair restorative procedures available today and it is definitely worth the try.