Short Hairstyle Make Woman Amazing

Short hairstyles are brilliant for all kinds of different reasons. They make an unforgettable beauty statement, they take hardly any time to wash, dry and generally care for, and they don’t get tangled as easily as longer cuts! The most important thing is short hairstyle make a chic feeling, giving woman a stark new outlook. […]

How to buy a good wig at online

If you want to purchase a good quality human hair wig at a reasonable price, the following are some tips for buy a good wig at online. 1. If you are a patient for needing a wig to cover head, such as a result of chemotherapy or alopecia, you might find some funds from outside […]

A Cute Festival Hairstyle

In this article I will show you a hairstyle that not only looks good but also is perfect for withstanding warm weather and a lot of dancing. To make braiding easier, I strongly recommend that you first wash your curls, but not add any styling products to it. This way your curls are going to […]

What is Yaki/Silk?

It depends on a person’s personality while choosing between Yaki and Silky Hair styles. Both hair styles have their own unique texture to it and both brings out different feelings towards the person who is using the style. So here are some insights on Yaki and Silky Hair.Yaki hair is a hair style that resembles African-American people. Yaki hair […]

How to Take the Frizz Out of a Synthetic Curly Wig

Synthetic wigs come in handy in a number of instances. An essential reason many people choose to use synthetic wigs is that they are much more affordable than natural fiber wigs. Unfortunately, synthetic material tends to tangle and frizz up much more easily than real hair does, which means a bit more care and attention […]

How to Straighten a Synthetic Wig

When you need to straighten a synthetic wig for a big event, you can’t rely on a flat-iron to do the job. Instead, use one of these two quick methods that will safely transform your wig into a sleek, fashionable look without melting the fibers. Method 1 of 3: Prepare the Wig 1.Pin your wig to a wig head around the elastic (at the temples, top of the wig and nape of the neck) to secure it. 2. Put the wig head atop a secure stand so the fibers can hang loosely. A camera tripod will allow you to turn the head 360 degrees. 3.Detangle your wig with a flat brush to soften the curls. Don’t pull or you may stretch out the cap Method 2 of 3: Steam Method for Gentle Straightening 1.Put the wig stand in a bathroom. 2.Run hot water in the bathtub or shower until the room is steamy. 3. Begin brushing the wig gently with a wide toothed flat comb to loosen the curls. 4. Don’t stay too long-when condensation begins to build remove the wig from the room. Method 3 of 3: Hairdryer Method for Extreme Straightening 1. After brushing the wig, gather all the hair except the bottom section, which lies directly over your neck, and pin up. 2.Spray the wig section with water to keep the fibers from overheating. 3.Pick up a piece of the wig section with a flat brush to separate the fibers. 4.Set the heat setting on the hairdryer to warm. 5.Move the brush and hairdryer downwards at the same time.Repeat, working upwards by section. 6.Repeat, working upwards by section.