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What to Try Your First Lace Front Wig?


Are you still struggling about the hairstyles? Should you dye it, straighten it, perm it or whatever? Girls all love being beautiful and love different and gorgeous appearance. Instead of just damaging your natural hair, wigs are a good option for you! Want to start your first lace front wig? Let the youtube popular beauty gurus to tell you how the following ombre long synthetic wig feel.


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Q: How do you like the this Sweety Futura Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

A: I love it very much. Because it is lace front, it does give you a natural looking hairline and you can part it at multiple places. In the photos I post wearing it on intragram lots of people assume that I dye my hair blonde again and so it really does look incredible natural. It probably is one of the most natural wigs out of the old ones I own and I really like how they did the effect makes the hair look incredibly natural.

Q:What is a lace front wig?

A: Lace front means that the front inch or so of the wig are individual hairs glued onto lace. This means that it really resembles natural human hair growing out of skin. Lace front wigs are harder to make and thus cost a bit more. Lace front wigs not only look far more natural, but you can part them in multiple places, much like normal human hair. So if you're someone that wears wigs on a daily basis or if you want a super realistic cosplay, lace front is the way to go.

Q: Why You need a Wig?

A:I wear wigs because it's an instant and zero damage way to change how you look for cosplay or even just for every day. If I wanted my natural hair to be this length it would take roughly 5 years of growing, then I'd have to bleach it to match that blonde color, and then I'd have to straighten it. With a wig it's two minutes to brush it and put it on properly. That's it. Two minutes vs 5 years.


Uniwigs Halo/Flip In hair Extensions

Can you imagine applying hair extensions without any clips, glue or weave?

Can you imagine hair extensions that look and feel natural because they are undetectable?

The answer is Yes…You can. Flip in hair extensions are the best choice for you.

What is halo/flip in hair extension?


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Halo/flip in Hair is a brilliant hair extension piece which offers an innovative alternative to achieve longer, thicker hair in just one minute – without damaging your hair in any way.


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Comparing with the clip in extensions, keratin bonded hair extensions and tape hair extensions, the halo/flip in hair extensions are easy to apply. You can attach the hair around your head by a transparent miracle wire which is adjustable, durable and soft, also can be undetectable hidden under your own hair. The top layer of your own hair is lifted over the extension, giving a completely discreet, instant new look, enhancing your length and volume. Don’t worry that you will feel the wire cutting into the top of your scalp when wearing them for long time, as the wire is very soft and flexible, you even cannot feel the existing of the wire when wearing it on your own hair.

How to wear halo/flip in in hair extension?


Why Clip-in Hair Extensions Are So Popular?

In recent years, due to the influence of Hollywood big stars, such as Jessica Simpson, Megon Fox and Beyonce, clip-in hair extensions are becoming popular in the fashion world. Meanwhile, clip in hair extensions are the easiest and safest product to add length, color or volume to your real hair.

There are still some reasons for its popularity.


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Clip-in hair extensions provide the perfect alternative to permanent hair extensions.

Permanent heat fusion extensions are installed in salons and can be expensive. Besides, the permanent extensions for your hair can take a great deal of installation time. While temporary hair solutions like clip-in hair extensions are more affordable and easier to maintain. These accessories have gained popularity for they are not permanent and can be removed if need.


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Clip-in hair extensions work with most hair types and will not cause hair breakage.

At the same time, they are the perfect Do-It- Yourself system. Only need a little time can you mix them into your existing hair. With these hair extensions, you can get a salon result without spending money and time in a hair salon


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Clip in extensions are virtually undetectable.

They provide a natural look and feel for unlimited styling versatility. No more waiting for a long hair, with clip-in hair extensions, it is easy to have long and volume hair in few minutes. They are perfect if you want to turn your hair into beautiful flowing locks instantly. So clip-ins are good for a party, a special date or just whenever you want to look different for a few hours. They are much cheaper than salon-made permanent hair extensions


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To sum up, the advantages of clip in hair extension is that they are quick, easy and simple to remove. They are cheaper than salon-made permanent hair extensions. Meanwhile, it’s possible to change the color of the extensions to suit your personality. Clip-ins won’t damage your own hair in any way. (13)

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Baby Hair
Around the perimeter

Bleached Knots
Along the perimeter

Full Lace

Cap Construction
Full lace cap with stretch panel in the crown

Hair Texture

Hair Type
Indian Remy Human Hair

Single knots around the perimeter, double knots elsewhere.


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Sew In Install with Lace Closure

Hair closures are added to the top or sides of your hair or hair weave and can be parted to whatever side after putting them on your crown so that is why they always look great and natural. They cause minimum or no damage on your natural hair and hence are a risk free addition. Today uniwigs.com will introduce you a sew in install method for lace closure.

Materials needed:

8-24" 4"x5" Natural Straight Free Part/Middle Part/Three Part Brazilian Remy Human Hair Lace Closure


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How to Avoid Static From a Wig

Wigs, Hair extensions and hairpieces are made of mainly two types of materials sythentic and human hair. But the common problem to them all is static electricity, which is also very common to the natural hair. Uniwigs will offer you a much easy way to prevent and remove the static electricity problem.



1. Wash and dry your wig properly. Use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for wigs as they will keep the fibers clean and properly maintained. Rinse your wig thoroughly to remove all excess conditioner and shampoo before allowing it to air-dry on a wig stand. Using hair dryers on a wig can promote static buildup. Be sure to remove all tangles from your wig immediately after you take it off. Tangles can cause frizz and break the fibers of your wig.

2. Spritz cool water on your wig and pat it into place if there is static present before you put it on. You may also want to spray the inside of the cap to make sure there is no static in the fibers of the cap before you place it on your scalp.

3. Rub the wig gently with a fabric softener sheet. Fabric softener sheets help keep static out of your clothes and they will do the same for a wig.

4. Spray the wig with an antistatic spray if all else fails. You can use the type designed for use on clothing. Use as little as necessary to remove the static to prevent product buildup on your wig.


Roxanna Synthetic Mono Wig

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Zoe Saldana Wave Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

With her long, luminous locks, Zoe Saldana looked every inch the movie star at the LA premiere of her blockbuster hit "Avatar." Inspired by her superstar strands, Uniwigs has launched heavily the same style Zoe Saldana Wig.


Zoe Saldana shows her sophisticated side with her shiny dark hair styled into soft curls and parted on the side.

Styling Tip

Step 1: Avoiding the top six inches of dry hair, spritz one-inch sections with styling spray, then wrap it around a medium curling iron. Hold the section in place for a few seconds to set the curl, release and repeat, alternating the direction you are curling until all hair is done.
Step 2: Create a side part and run fingers lightly coated with shine serum through hair to break up the curl.


Zoe Saldana Wave Remy Human Hair Lace Wig CL0464

A medium length jet black wave hair style made with 100% Remy human hair. You can re-style the wig just like regular hair, part it anywhere you like, or perm it, dye it, etc.

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What are your favorite celebrity hairstyles? Share your thoughts below. (53)

UniWigs New Arrivals Just In- Human Hair Lace Wigs Inspired By Famous Celebrities


People loves beauty and fashion can find some new celebrity human hair wigs on UniWigs.com now and in the meantime customers can get a free color ring when buying these gorgeous human hair wigs.

UNIWIGS, one of the leading online store of real and synthetic hair wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces, offers a line of human hair lace wigs inspired by 6 famous celebrities. It’s the fashion trend and it also shows people what the latest celebrity hairstyles are.

For people who loves the famous star Rihanna, there are 4 different hairstyles to choose from: a style of yaki straight lace wig, two styles of ombre wave lace wigs and a hot ombre red lace wig. People can go to the product page to choose the color, length, cap size and cap construction that they want. Other than that, UniWigs gladly accepts 100% customization of personalized wig demands, and people can recommend their favorite celebrity hairstyles to UniWigs as well.

There are also 4 different Katy Perry inspired hairstyles, 4 styles of Zoe Saldana inspired human hair lace wigs, 4 different Jessica Alba inspired hairstyles, 3 styles of Mariah Carey inspired human hair lace wigs and 2 popular Ciara wave ombre human hair lace wigs. People like these great celebrities can easily find their desired lace wigs respectively here at UniWigs.com.

The activity of getting a free color ring when buying human hair wigs is still going on, so people can take advantage of this activity to get a free color ring when buying a great celebrity wig. A color ring is very important for people often buy wigs.

Try new and wear fashion, don’t hesitate to check out UniWigs New human hair lace wigs inspired by great celebrity hairstyles and weekly deal promotion!

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