Heat friendly hair extensions or human hair extensions

There have been a lot of debate lately concerning which of these hair extensions is considered the best. Prior to the invention of these two extensions. All we ever cared for was good hair. Is it durable enough? Is it soft enough? Is it convincing enough? And with the inception of various types of extensions, we gradually saw people deviating to what they considered best at the time. Now we have a lot of people with their individual preferences who would kill to have a heat friendly hair extension over a human hair extension and vice versa.

It wasn’t always that difficult to choose. Synthetic hair extensions weren’t doing much good. It was just supposed to be worn for a certain period and it was always sure to shed and wear out very easily, it was only natural to choose the human hair counterpart. However in recent times and with technological advancements, heat friendly hair extensions have been created and we are back to debating which one is the a better alternative

Heat friendly hair extensions
Forget all you know about the synthetic hair extensions, the heat friendly hair extension definitely came with a lot of improvements. Synthetic hair was initially created for a more pocket friendly budget and was at a major disadvantage; highly inflammable, cannot be styled with hot tools and shed easily.

The new invention of synthetic hair extensions saw to it that they are heat friendly, are an excellent alternative to human hair, can be styled, more durable (4 – 6 months) allows for a plethora of colors, are natural looking as human hair, very easy to wear, can definitely be a part of your wardrobe when you choose to glam up and you cannot believe this are still budget friendly. The heat friendly hair extensions has somehow found its way into our hearts and sometimes are even considered a better alternative to the human hair extension

Human hair extension
The human hair extension on the other hand is more expensive and fits seamlessly into your hair. It gives room for versatility in that it can be styled using hot tools similar to how you’d style your hair and definitely lasts longer. It is more durable, can be colored and is definitely a must have.

Having a human hair extension and caring for it is likened to caring for your own hair hence the ease of use and its not so friendly budget.

Now that we have seen the major disparities between these two hair extensions and we understand the difficulty in choosing one over the other, what is the best alternative to go for, human hair extension or heat friendly hair extension?

There are various factors to consider when making a decision
1. How Long do they last
In getting a hair extension this question always comes to mind. Irrespective of the improvement that has been done to heat friendly synthetic hair extensions and no matter how original they may seem, they can only last for a period (4 to 6 months) and this must be well taken care of to ensure that they last this long. The human hair extension on the other hand can last for up to 3 years depending on how well they are looked after

2. Are they easy to maintain
Synthetic hair is known to be pre-set right from the box. Therefore it is very easy to maintain and would not fall easily in rain or humidity as opposed to the human hair extension. Human hair extensions are likened to natural hair and what happens when you style a human hair and walk under the rain? It falls. When it comes to easy maintenance, synthetic hair takes the shine

3. Can they be color treated?
The human hair stands out when it comes to color treatment, however, keep in mind that a human hair is already chemically treated and coloring may damage the hair. This means that you can still color the human hair but not as often as you’d wish. Heat friendly hair on the other hand, does not do well with coloring as coloring can cause permanent damage

4. Do they look natural?
Synthetic hairs are already beginning to blend in effortlessly. It is getting harder by the day to tell a synthetic hair (the heat friendly ones) from a human hair extension in that the both of them blend seamlessly into your hair, you’d be unable to distinguish your hair from the hair extension. The human hair extension on the other hand has a more natural look and is the preferred choice when trying to go for a completely natural look.

5. Budget
How much money are you willing to spare to get your hair extension? It is no news that the human hair extension is more expensive than the heat friendly hair extension and this budget is justified. Most human hairs are 100% gotten from humans whereas the heat friendly hair extensions are manufactured. When it comes to being affordable, the heat friendly hair extension is definitely the go to choice.

When it comes to making a choice generally, it is very difficult to say. A lot of people would go for heat friendly hair extensions because they are easier to maintain, pocket friendly and can now even be styled using hot tools, thanks to technology while others would simply go for human hair extensions because they are more natural and gives the perfect illusion of natural hair.

Making a decision therefore is solely based on your lifestyle or what kind of hair you are going for at that moment and most importantly, your budget at the time of purchase. In conclusion, both of them are excellent choices and can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe. Understand however, that the both of them come with their advantage and disadvantages.

How to Make Your Extensions Look Natural

Hair extensions are one of the secret ingredients that make a woman’s hair look gorgeous and attractive, and most women will want it to remain a secret. No one likes a situation whereby you are walking on the road and someone looks at you and be like “wow she’s using an extension”. It can be really embarrassing hence, hair extensions should be placed in such a way that it will look natural and except you tell someone, no one would figure you used an extension.
Hair extensions shouldn’t be as obvious as your eyelashes or artificial nails that are always very pronounced, it should remain a secret except you decide to let anyone in on your hair secrets. However, it takes only a few tips and tricks to make your extension look as natural as your hair itself. Read further to find out simple ways to make your extension natural.

• Your extension should be the same shade as your hair

The most important tip you should know is that the color of your hair and the extension should be of the same shade. If they are of different shades, then you are letting the world know that you used extensions which isn’t nice at all. If your hair is of two shades, try getting the extension that matches the color of the tip of your hair so that it can blend properly. If you can’t find the exact color of your hair, then you should consider dyeing your hair so it corresponds with your extension. Better still, it’s possible to get a shade of the extension that is a little bit lighter than your hair and it will blend properly with your hair.

• Get the right thickness

Asides from the shades of both the hair and extensions, there are also the different texture of hair. Some people have very thick hair, while some have light hair, hence, before buying your hair extension, you should know the texture of your hair. You need to find the right balance between your extension and your natural hair. If you have thick hair then get thick extensions that will match the thickness of your hair. The same goes for people with light or thin hair. So, you need to pick the right extension that will fit the texture of your hair. If you are confused about this, then you can ask a professional for help.

• Get human hair extensions The type of extensions you get also determines how it will look on your hair. Human hair extensions are simply the best and they fit perfectly into your hair, with the human hair extension fixed in your hair, you can style your hair together with your extension in any way you can and it will look good. Human hair works well with heat, so you can use a thonging machine or hair straightener to style your hair and the extension will not be affected in any way. But if your extensions are synthetic, then you have another thing coming because it will be quite difficult to style. Synthetic hair extensions get damaged when it comes in contact with heat. So human hair extensions are the best.

• Style

What do you have in mind when styling your hair with extensions? Just like your hair wig, you need to wear it first before styling. Same goes with your extension, fix in your extension before styling your hair and that way it looks more natural. Since you are using human hair extensions, you can use a thonging machine while styling. And if you have short hair, you can twist the tip of your extension together with your hair and pack it in the form of buns and no one will ever suspect you used extensions.

• Use the right length of the extension

Another important thing you need to consider is the length of both your hair and the extension. One big blunder you can make is getting a very long extension to be fixed to short hair, no matter how great you style your hair, the extensions will still be glaring and letting people know you actually used extensions. If you have short hair, use hair extensions that are short also so it blends well with your hair.

• Application and fitting If you want your hair extension to look natural, then how you fix it is paramount. Since you have succeeded in getting the perfect shade and length for your hair, then how to apply it properly should be next on your mind. In order not to do a bad job while applying it, it is best to visit a professional who can do a perfect job. A professional will help fix your extensions in a way that no one will be able to tell if you used extensions or not. A professional will place the extensions carefully and step by step if there is any need to trim the extension to for your hair, then the stylist will trim it properly and ensure it is fitting. And if you want to apply your extension yourself, then you should know the steps to take in fitting it into your hair so you don’t make a mess of your hair.

• Hair shampoos and hair spray
If you decide to fix your hair extensions yourself then you can use a shampoo or hair spray to make it hold in firmly. It would be very embarrassing for your extensions to pull off when you don’t fix it properly, so to avoid such embarrassment, use your shampoo and spray to make the extension stay firm on your hair.

Looking to change your look a little bit? Try switching up your hairstyle and see how perfect it will look on you. There are lots of things you can do to change your hairstyle which includes changing your hair color or using a wig to change the style of your hair. Wigs have been trending but they tend to cause a lot of heat and becomes itchy, so what is best is using an extension to change your hairstyle. With extensions, you become very comfortable and they are easier to maintain. However, your extensions need to look and feel natural, hence, using the above-mentioned steps will help you achieve that natural look.


We’ve all watched our favorite celebrities show up on red carpets and awards looking glam for the paparazzi. From their hair to their clothes, everything looks good. Whether it is Ariana’s sleek ponytail or Selena’s glossy locks, we envy their full hair and wonder what products they use to maintain it correctly. They use something alright, and it’s called hair extensions.

hair extensions
hair extensions

Hair extensions are the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Models, actresses and everyone in between have all relied on these magical savers to enhance their hair for events, and they aren’t ashamed to let us know.

Recently, Selena Gomez let her fans know that the slightly fuller hair she sported at a recent award was all courtesy of hair extensions. Thankfully we’ve all moved on from the time when using hair extensions was frowned upon and women who used it were branded with the scarlet letter.

Today, hair extensions have gained so much popularity and acceptance that pretty much everyone wants in on that action. However, no matter how much popularity hair extensions have gained, making hair extensions look natural will always be a burden.

Because of this need, there are human hair extensions and several ways of fixing them to ensure that the effect is as natural as possible while the attachment looks seamless.


Can Hair Extensions really be invisible?

Even with all of these new models of fixing hair extensions, the burning question remains, can hair extensions really be invisible?

Is it possible to have fuller hair by cheating with extensions and nobody would be able to tell? There is good news. Yes, you can have hair extensions that are invisible to other people, and you can finally enjoy all the great hair compliments.

The invisibility of hair extensions depends on a few things.

  1. Type of Hair Extension
  2. Method of Fixing Hair Extension
  3. Colour Match


The type of hair extension you use is a significant factor when it comes to having invisible hair extensions. There are two different types of hair extensions available.

  1. 100% Human Hair Extension

100% human hair extensions cost a pretty penny or two, but in the long run, they are worth every single cent. It’s better to get the human hair extensions for several reasons:

  • Human extensions don’t tangle as much as the synthetic ones
  • Human Hair fits better and more perfectly with your natural hair.

Matching the client’s hair tone is possible with human hair. The methods of fixing the human hair extensions allow for multi-toned attachments to match the client’s hair tone better.

  1. Synthetic Hair Extension

Synthetic Hair extensions are very shiny and look soft when you first fix them. However, they can easily tangle over time, leaving them messy and unaligned with your natural hair. Synthetic hair is a no-no for you if you have plans of fixing extensions that will last anywhere from a few weeks to a month.

That said if you have no other choice but to use synthetic hair, go with Remy. They make the best synthetic hair that lasts for long and retains its great look. The disadvantages of synthetic hair that make it the wrong choice if you want invisible hair extensions include

They are too shiny

If your natural hair doesn’t have that luster that everyone searches for in a bottle, synthetic Hair extensions will give the game away. Your natural hair would be unable to match their shine.

They cannot be styled with heat

Getting hair extensions that can’t be teased into curls or styled into sleek straight hair isn’t worth if you want invisible hair extensions.

  • The methods used to fix synthetic hair are different from those used to fix human hair. These methods don’t create provision for matching the right toned extension with the client’s hair tone.

Method of Fixing Hair Extension

The method of fixing the hair extension is another factor that determines how invisible your hair extensions would look. Note that the method of Fixing hinges on the type of attachment point that comes with the hair extensions.

Certain hair extension types and their corresponding fixing methods encourage the whole invisible look while others don’t. Here are hair extension types and fixing methods that make your extensions invisible.

  • Glue bond / Keratin / Polyurethane Method
  • Cold Fusion Method
  • Tape-In Method

The Invisible Tape-In Hair Extension

Tape-In Hair extensions have been around for a long time now, but they have done more harm than good for people’s natural hair. Two years after it came out, Vixen and Blush, one of the best hair extension salons in the UK came up with their version of the Tape-In Hair extension.

Theirs is dubbed the invisible Tape-In Hair extension because of how seamless, and perfectly natural the hair looks after fixing. Using their special Tape-In weft, they make the best invisible extensions around.

Colour Match

The first step to having invisible hair extensions is a perfect color toned match. Whenever you see a person with a bad hair extension, you’d notice because the extensions don’t fit their natural hair colors. Perhaps they just don’t blend perfectly.

Colour Match is very important. And that’s why you need to have a proper consultation with your hairstylist to decide which extension will perfectly match your natural hair. My advice is to go to credible stores like Vixen and Blush so you can be sure you’re getting quality. , if you can afford it go for human hair extensions because they are easier to color code to your natural hair.

The hair is an important part of a person’s appearance, and we should take care of them the way we take care of our clothes and shoes.

Get hair extensions that look invisible and wouldn’t damage your hair. You must seek consultation before deciding what type of hair extension to use. A consultation takes care of color matching and gives you a better chance to have a thoroughly invisible hair extension.




EC1808 Joanna Single Piece Tape-In Remy Human Hair Extension

Single tape-in is a pre-taped and ready-to-apply piece. The easy application of single Tape-in could be either a Color Swatch for an exact color match, or it could be a perfect way to add even more volume or colors to your existing UniWigs Hair.


Tape-in hair extensions usually regard as “Salon products”. You may go to a salon and you get them installed because this difficult process typically takes an hour to hour and a half to be done. (Of course you can do them by yourself if you educated by some tutorials). The meaning with those is at home care at least, it’s not much. You can wash them like your own hair. Once you get them put on guys, they are set on your hair and they do not come out until you’re ready to take them out or have them taken out. So you can go shower with them, you go to gym with them, all that stuff you can do with those on your head within four to eight weeks. When your actual hair starts growing out, that is the time when you get them taken out and you can have them put right back in. You do not have to buy brand new tape in extensions, and you can use the exact same ones that you have unless you’ve colored your hair differently but you can re-use those extensions which is awesome. All you have to do is go purchase a new extensions tape. The tape is on them is actually a double-sided tape. One side goes in the extension; one side is to be pressed up against your hair. You can only put the new tape on, that way you are not going to buy other units of hair extensions and just your maintenance of every four to six weeks putting them in.

The current colors we have on Joanna: G4(4B),1B,L(T4/14)+(4), G-2(4A),1B, 613, 8-12,14-24,Y-686,6-8, and natural black. Each is 14” and the weight is 3 gram.

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