Happy 2013 Halloween!

When will you start to become excited at the coming Halloween? For me, Halloween means excitement at various costume parties. If the last Halloween is mixed with indulgence before the so-called Doomsday, then this year is gonna be a new beginning. Anyway, Happy Halloween, ladies and buddies!


Although Halloween is not an official holiday, we can still have fun and give ourselves a short break and then embrace the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas. Any good ideas for the 2013 Halloween?


Red Synthetic WigYellow Synthetic Wig

Making a change by wearing a halloween wig with a totally different color from your own hair will gain most attention. But this may need the matching make-up and costumes.


















Another popular try may be wearing Halloween Costumes including cross-dresses, animal shaped and plant shaped dresses and other fancy dresses. You know the excitement to see the surprising looks of the people seeing your costumes, right?



How many of you would like to frighten people by hiding in the dark? I bet this costume and make-up will be a great success. Will you try this out?


Scary Family Photos

Woh-hoh!! What about taking scary family photos? This must be written into a family tradition! (Just kidding.)

Kinda look forward to the coming Halloween party now…

Hairstyle Tutorial– Waterfall Braid

Always curious about how others achieve their hairstyles when seeing new hairstyles? Don’t let the complicated look stop your DIY ability! You can do it, too. Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial of waterfall braid for you.

You are beautiful and you will be more beautiful with a different hairstyle, what are you afraid of? Hurry to have a try now!



Step 1: Make a usual French braid on your right side

Step 2: Pull the left strand into the middle and take some hair from the top and pull it into the middle

Step 3: Drop down a strand from the right side

Step 4: Place the section that is just behind the strand you have just dropped into the middle part of the braid and continue using this technique until you reach the left side

Step 5: Once you reach it drop the strand of hair on the right as usual

Step 6: Now all you have to do is to wrap the left strand over the middle piece and secure the braid with a bobby pin.


See? It’s never hard to try! With just 6 steps you can achieve a nice hairstyle that you never think you would make it. Well, it may take some practice to make it perfectly looking. It’s really true that the more you try, the happier you will get from the experience of doing it yourself. Oh, never forget to share it with your friends!

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Hairstyles of Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries

I bet you must have watched The Vampire Diaries; it’s so popular among American teenagers, with all kinds of theme music, posters, videos, along with gossips filled with the web everywhere when you search anything related to the TV series. Yes, this drama has completely affected the ideas globally.

The Vampire Diaries first look photos

The Vampire Diaries first look photos     (Photo Courtesy:  Unknown)


There is a lot to talk about it, say hairstyles of the chief actress, Nina Dobrev.

Of course, as the heroine of the whole story, she has to have a beautiful face as well as long and luxurious hair not only to catch the two handsome men’s eyes but to attract millions of audiences’ attention. Are you also attracted by her hairstyles?

Nina Dobrev


How about trying hair extensions to style your own hair like hers? But remember, there will always be tips to choose and apply hair extensions.


When you choose hair extensions, factors like hair color, hair curvature and hair length should all be taken into account. Now most online websites dealing with hair extensions have their own color charts for you to choose from, which is really convenient to customers.


Ways to apply hair extensions may differ with different types. Of all the types of hair extensions so far we have seen, the type of flip in hair extensions may be the easiest to apply, which only needs a tail comb for help. And you can apply it to your own hair in minutes.


The Vampire Diaries-Season 5


At last, you may want to know the ways to care for your hair extensions. Strongly recommend you to read the instructions here.

Correct Your Hair Washing Ways

How to wash hair? Of course you know the ways. But do you really know how to wash your hawash hair correctlyir correctly to keep it healthy, smooth and shiny, without tangles or mats?


Check out the following 5 steps to see whether your hair washing ways are helpful to your hair health or not.


1. Use shampoo or conditioner directly on the hair


NO!! Just like using facial cleanser, you should knead the shampoo in your palms until it comes out rich foam and then put the foam on your hair with gentle massage. This will help to remove the dirt and dissolve the oil, which will better clean your hair.

BTW, reduce the frequency to co-wash at the barber’s. You know how it harms your hair.


2. Save the step of using hair conditioner occasionally

Still NO! Why do we use hair conditioner? To help protect the hair. How? By helping close the patulous cuticles during the washing procedure thus help resist tangling. So when you wash your hair, remember to use corresponding hair conditioner.


3. Use hair conditioner when the hair is still dripping water

Wrong!! It won’t work if you smear hair conditioner to the hair with dripping water. Experience proves that the best way to effectively use conditioner is: dry your hair with a hair-drying towel after shampooing, and then smear the conditioner when no water dripping from the hair, in this way, the essence of the conditioner will be absorbed to the maximum extent. Tips: the better the conditioner is, the drier the hair must be.


4. Wash your hair with the water of the same water temperature

Wrong again. Do you know that the water temperature will particularly affect the sequent styling results? Therefore, it’s very important to adjust the temperature of the water when washing the hair and make sure the temperature of the water of the last time is lower than the previous times. You will have shinier and smoother hair with fewer tangles if you try to do so.



5. Dry the ends of the hair first when blow drying the hair

Still wrong! Many people tend to dry the ends of the hair after washing the hair, thinking that the scalp is sensitive and fragile to use hair dryer. Are you one of them? If so, then it’s time to make a change.


As a matter of fact, the hair will soon be dry spontaneously after you dry your scalp. And because of the reduction of time on drying your scalp, the damage of hot wind from the dryer will be lessened too. So the best way to dry your hair faster with less damage is to dry the roots of the hair (your scalp) by shaking your hair dryer with quicker movement.



How much do you learn today? Have a try now!

Effective Ways to prevent Mats and Tangles of Your Wigs


Get Smooth HairTo buy a wig or hair extensions is easy, but to maintain it, especially to prevent mats and tangles of it wouldn’t save troubles. Anyway, you should do something to prolong its application life.


Here are some ways we can easily use to maintain our wigs and hair extensions in our daily life to help prevent those annoying mats and tangles. Let’s take a quick look.


1. Brush out your wig or extensions gently before washing. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any tangles.


2. Shampoo your extensions. Sweat and dirt cause tangles, so you should wash your hair regularly. Slowly wet your hair while taking a shower. Use a mild shampoo and lather your hair in a downward motion.


3. Wash your wig with a hair cleanser or mild detergent. Gently place your wig in a tub filled with cool water and allow the wig to soak for five to ten minutes.

Rinse the wig with cool water when finished. Allow your wig to air dry by placing on a mannequin head so it will dry in its natural shape. Do not brush your wig when it is wet.


4. Brush your extensions or wig gently after washing. Using a soft-bristled brush or a wide-tooth comb, brush your hair two to three times a day to prevent tangles.


Stay Away from Painful Tangles


  5. Spray the hair with a leave-in conditioner daily to help prevent tangles. You can also use a de-tangling product or silicon spray to help your hair extensions and wigs stay tangle-free.


  6. Tie your hair extension up when sleeping or exercising to prevent tangles. Wear a swimming cap when swimming. If you have a wig, you should remove it when sleeping, exercising or swimming when possible.


7. Avoid heat, such as curling irons or hair dryers. Do not blow dry your wig and use heat sparingly on hair extensions.

Breast Cancer Awareness – Hair Tips

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As cancer has been a globally spread deadly disease, it’s very important to pay attention to those factors that would cause cancer and reduce the chance of the disease.


Breast Cancer Awearness


Apart from other reasons that you may have noticed from newspapers or internet, we want to talk about the potential element- hair.

As a young girl, loving beauty is her nature. Some girls like to buy various clothes and shoes, while some others like making different styles of their own hair, like coloring their hair to a totally different color or doing a completely different curvature, just to chive a beautiful and attractive hairstyle.

But do you know?

These hair styling methods are harmful to your hair and your health to different extent. Nowadays, hair dyes contain many detrimental chemicals, which may damage cells in your body and disrupt endocrine to females, and then cause cancer including breast cancer.


Here are some hair tips for you to reduce your risk of cancer.

1. Wash your hair in the right ways. Go to the hair solon for co-washing as little time as possible because this causes nothing but damage to your hair due to the processes of washing, rinsing and drying.

wash your hair properly


2. Try to reduce styling your hair like coloring, ironing, straightening or curling. If you really want a different style, you can go to your hairdresser to get a one-time haircut or you can wear wigs or hair extensions with a different style and try a new look.

UniWigs wigs and hair extensions


3. Keep a healthy and regular diet. There are many foods containing nutrition and trace elements will benefit your hair as well as your health such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fish. Eat them properly and stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and smoked or barbequed meat.

Keep a Healthy Diet

Hair Tricks for Halloween – Colored Clip In Extensions

Using hair extensions, especially colored clip in extensions to achieve an outstanding effect on Halloween becomes more and more popular all over the world. With Halloween fast approaching, colored clip in hair extensions are the best choice for your Halloween tricky hairstyles.

You will definitely like your hairstyles by using hair extensions to enhance the length, color and volume in a just few minutes and to create a perfect Halloween hairstyle on that extremely exciting day. Now let’s appreciate some wonderful designs with different colored clip in extensions for the coming Halloween.


Halloween Hair Extensions



Celebrity Hair Extensions

This style can be easily done with some colorful clip in hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions for Halloween parties are going crazily popular among teenagers girls after Avril wearing her colored hair extensions.



Hair Extensions for Halloween

Ombre hair extensions are one of the most popular hairstyles recenly, which is worthwhile to try on Halloween to highlight your look out of the party.


Clored Hair Extensions

Try out this colored clip in extensions and instantly add the glamour to your own locks, making you feel extra special and in the spirit when you go out on Halloween.