Correct Your Hair Washing Ways

How to wash hair? Of course you know the ways. But do you really know how to wash your hawash hair correctlyir correctly to keep it healthy, smooth and shiny, without tangles or mats?


Check out the following 5 steps to see whether your hair washing ways are helpful to your hair health or not.


1. Use shampoo or conditioner directly on the hair


NO!! Just like using facial cleanser, you should knead the shampoo in your palms until it comes out rich foam and then put the foam on your hair with gentle massage. This will help to remove the dirt and dissolve the oil, which will better clean your hair.

BTW, reduce the frequency to co-wash at the barber’s. You know how it harms your hair.


2. Save the step of using hair conditioner occasionally

Still NO! Why do we use hair conditioner? To help protect the hair. How? By helping close the patulous cuticles during the washing procedure thus help resist tangling. So when you wash your hair, remember to use corresponding hair conditioner.


3. Use hair conditioner when the hair is still dripping water

Wrong!! It won’t work if you smear hair conditioner to the hair with dripping water. Experience proves that the best way to effectively use conditioner is: dry your hair with a hair-drying towel after shampooing, and then smear the conditioner when no water dripping from the hair, in this way, the essence of the conditioner will be absorbed to the maximum extent. Tips: the better the conditioner is, the drier the hair must be.


4. Wash your hair with the water of the same water temperature

Wrong again. Do you know that the water temperature will particularly affect the sequent styling results? Therefore, it’s very important to adjust the temperature of the water when washing the hair and make sure the temperature of the water of the last time is lower than the previous times. You will have shinier and smoother hair with fewer tangles if you try to do so.



5. Dry the ends of the hair first when blow drying the hair

Still wrong! Many people tend to dry the ends of the hair after washing the hair, thinking that the scalp is sensitive and fragile to use hair dryer. Are you one of them? If so, then it’s time to make a change.


As a matter of fact, the hair will soon be dry spontaneously after you dry your scalp. And because of the reduction of time on drying your scalp, the damage of hot wind from the dryer will be lessened too. So the best way to dry your hair faster with less damage is to dry the roots of the hair (your scalp) by shaking your hair dryer with quicker movement.



How much do you learn today? Have a try now!