Spring is Upon Us!

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, usually spring means more rain fall and moisture. This is great for plants and the environment, but this means changes for personal routines as well. It also means a change in style, most of us have heard the age old saying “spring cleaning” translating into; out with the old and in with the new! So what are some small changes spring influences?

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With warm temperatures approaching, yet still experiencing moisture in the air human hair and skin can be greatly affected. Hair can tend to become more dry from the rising temperatures but can also wave or curl up more due to the moisture, what this really means is more frizz ?

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Personally my favorite way to treat frizz is an easy DO IT YOURSELF mixture. One of my favorite conditioners is from Pantene labeled “Damage Detox” it has a great smell and is extremely hydrating. Using an empty plastic spray bottle which can be purchased at a Dollar store, fill half with water and half with conditioner. Shake the contents until blended and then spritz over hair and especially on the ends. This approach will help tame frizz while also hydrating and moisturizing hair without causing product build up ??

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The worst part about product build up is having to constantly rewash the hair. If you are using this technique on a human hair wig or bundles, it will make it much easier to avoid having to wash the hair as often. Mousse and hair spray are useful products, however too much can cause hair to become “crunchy”  and again back to the washing board. Haha!







Just like skin human hair needs moisturizing nourishment which we sometimes have to take into our own hands depending on the weather conditions we reside in. Another useful product that carries a little more intense hydration would be organic coconut oil. Organic coconut oil does amazing things for natural hair, including promoting hair growth, but because wigs and extensions cannot grow anymore, this product is not recommended for hair pieces, only naturally grown hair on the scalp. Image result for organic coconut oil


Wig Worship

You do not have to be bald or balding to wear a wig! Wigs and hair pieces can sometimes carry a negative reputation because it can be a sign of “disability”; not being able to grow enough/any natural hair. However Wigs and Hair pieces should be praised for the amazing help and confidence the products have brought to consumers, bald or not!

Khloe Kardashian Silky Straight Remy Human Hair Ombre Color Lace Wig

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Talk show host and author of article “Let’s Talk Wigs”, Wendy Williams dictates, “Women wear wigs because they’re fun, they let you avoid frying your own hair, and they look great. I’m doing my best to change people’s minds, but it’s still a daily struggle to educate them about the benefits of this little-recognized fashion item” (nytimes.com). Williams often wears wigs on her hit talk show although she has much of her own natural hair.





Tonya Synthetic Lace Front Wig

  The number one reason to wear wigs and other hair pieces should always be to protect the natural hair/scalp, but another reason is just for pure fun! Trying out trendy new styles and colors without the fear of permanent damage or dislike is so easy! Especially with the ever-changing world of fashion, it can be costly and time consuming to repeatedly keep natural hair up. Wigs typically allow for years of usage, a HUGE money saver.

Wigs have the versatility to be able to change daily or weekly! How else are celebrities able to maintain gorgeous and healthy natural hair while constantly changing color, length, and cut? With the help of hair pieces, wigs, and extensions celebs can easily have hot pink, long, locks one day and a short, subtle, blonde bob the next day.

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Some of the most popular celebrities are wig fanatics! For example Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna are fashion icons setting trends daily and rather than spending hours in the hair salon weekly they can switch up styles in seconds, we have all been in that moment where we wanted to do something drastic to our image, it is just as easily possible for anyone to achieve awesome texture and style minus the damage and expenses. It is easy to be unique while still being you at Uniwigs!



Frontal Functions

Frontals and Closures are all the rage! The purpose of Frontals and Closures is to minimize the damage done to leave out. Leave out being the small portion of a person’s natural that is left out when getting weaved/sew in extensions.


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A Closure is a small, measurable to palm size, hair piece and a Frontal is a larger piece, closer to 2.5 palm sizes.

Brazilian 13x4 Straight Lace Frontal Closure With Baby Hair                    4"*4" Straight Lace Closure

Before Frontals and Closures the left out natural hair was still exposed to damage unlike the rest of the hair that is braided up for growth. Thanks to the hair pieces all leave out can be protected!

There are different types of Frontals and Closures. The most popular is the Lace based. The base of the hair piece is Lace and transparent in order to conceal natural hair and give off a realistic appearance. However some wearers have complained that this base is too “obvious” and gives off a Wig-like look. A simple trick to assist in hiding the lace is to use a bit of concealer make up or dark eye shadow to dab along the fabric showing, or another type would be the Silk base, the hair is attached to a Silk base which appears extremely realistic and scalp-like.




Frontals and Closures are very temporary! Typically lasting around 2-4 weeks. The reason being that a person’s natural hair is experiencing growth (a good thing!) and therefore the hair piece will begin to life and loosen. This is the purpose of a correctly applied Frontal or Closure so it is a good effect.


Closures and Frontals can be expensive. It is best to invest in a good one, a consumer wants to be sure they purchase a manageable hair piece because these Hair pieces are attached at the top of the head and are very noticeable. This piece is also what brings the entire hair style together so it should match the extensions as well.

8-20" 5"x5" Natural Straight Free Part/Middle Part/Three Part Brazilian Remy Human Hair Lace Closure

Types and Textures

Hair shopping can be so confusing! There are so many different types and textures it is incredible. Most are aware of some of the types such as; Brazilian or Indian hair, however there is so much more to it than just the origin!

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Different hair types consist of where the hair has originated from such as Peruvian, Malaysian, and so on. The importance of understanding the hair origin is to successfully match a person’s natural hair type to the extensions. If a person’s natural hair type is coarse and thick, the person would want to avoid fine and silky hair or else it may appear obvious defeating the purpose.

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Texture is different than type. Texture varies upon personal preference. If a person has naturally curly hair they may want to choose curly extensions to match their own, but if a person has naturally wavy or in between straight and loose wave, they may want to choose something that has the ability to be straightened or curled.


Reverting back to types, Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Cambodian, Chinese, Malaysian, Italian, are just a few of the popular hair origins. Every type is known for having different qualities.

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  • Indian hair is best described as light weight, finer, yet voluminous and coarse. It is of extremely high quality and if it is real typically holds a higher price than some of the other types.
  • Brazilian hair is also very popular, it is known for fantastic versatility and softness. The hair is usually durable and allows for easy styling.
  • Peruvian hair comes somewhat finer than most other types, the hair is great for those who have naturally thinner hair. Most of the Peruvian hair is shiny and sleek making it highly attractive.
  • Malaysian hair gives a coarser and fuller feel. The strands are usually not shiny and tend to create more frizz, however, the hair is also known for incredible thickness and density.

*This is just a tiny fraction of all the numerous hair types.

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All hair types and textures are beautiful, the best way to find what hair is best for yourself is to identify the qualities of your own hair. What do you want to enhance? (Volume, fullness, sheen) What type of hair will best match your own?