Frontal Functions

Frontals and Closures are all the rage! The purpose of Frontals and Closures is to minimize the damage done to leave out. Leave out being the small portion of a person’s natural that is left out when getting weaved/sew in extensions.


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A Closure is a small, measurable to palm size, hair piece and a Frontal is a larger piece, closer to 2.5 palm sizes.

Brazilian 13x4 Straight Lace Frontal Closure With Baby Hair                    4"*4" Straight Lace Closure

Before Frontals and Closures the left out natural hair was still exposed to damage unlike the rest of the hair that is braided up for growth. Thanks to the hair pieces all leave out can be protected!

There are different types of Frontals and Closures. The most popular is the Lace based. The base of the hair piece is Lace and transparent in order to conceal natural hair and give off a realistic appearance. However some wearers have complained that this base is too “obvious” and gives off a Wig-like look. A simple trick to assist in hiding the lace is to use a bit of concealer make up or dark eye shadow to dab along the fabric showing, or another type would be the Silk base, the hair is attached to a Silk base which appears extremely realistic and scalp-like.




Frontals and Closures are very temporary! Typically lasting around 2-4 weeks. The reason being that a person’s natural hair is experiencing growth (a good thing!) and therefore the hair piece will begin to life and loosen. This is the purpose of a correctly applied Frontal or Closure so it is a good effect.


Closures and Frontals can be expensive. It is best to invest in a good one, a consumer wants to be sure they purchase a manageable hair piece because these Hair pieces are attached at the top of the head and are very noticeable. This piece is also what brings the entire hair style together so it should match the extensions as well.

8-20" 5"x5" Natural Straight Free Part/Middle Part/Three Part Brazilian Remy Human Hair Lace Closure