Types and Textures

Hair shopping can be so confusing! There are so many different types and textures it is incredible. Most are aware of some of the types such as; Brazilian or Indian hair, however there is so much more to it than just the origin!

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Different hair types consist of where the hair has originated from such as Peruvian, Malaysian, and so on. The importance of understanding the hair origin is to successfully match a person’s natural hair type to the extensions. If a person’s natural hair type is coarse and thick, the person would want to avoid fine and silky hair or else it may appear obvious defeating the purpose.

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Texture is different than type. Texture varies upon personal preference. If a person has naturally curly hair they may want to choose curly extensions to match their own, but if a person has naturally wavy or in between straight and loose wave, they may want to choose something that has the ability to be straightened or curled.


Reverting back to types, Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Cambodian, Chinese, Malaysian, Italian, are just a few of the popular hair origins. Every type is known for having different qualities.

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  • Indian hair is best described as light weight, finer, yet voluminous and coarse. It is of extremely high quality and if it is real typically holds a higher price than some of the other types.
  • Brazilian hair is also very popular, it is known for fantastic versatility and softness. The hair is usually durable and allows for easy styling.
  • Peruvian hair comes somewhat finer than most other types, the hair is great for those who have naturally thinner hair. Most of the Peruvian hair is shiny and sleek making it highly attractive.
  • Malaysian hair gives a coarser and fuller feel. The strands are usually not shiny and tend to create more frizz, however, the hair is also known for incredible thickness and density.

*This is just a tiny fraction of all the numerous hair types.

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All hair types and textures are beautiful, the best way to find what hair is best for yourself is to identify the qualities of your own hair. What do you want to enhance? (Volume, fullness, sheen) What type of hair will best match your own?