Difference between Human hair and Remy hair!

It’s not easy to find an adequate hair extension that looks natural and lovely these days. There is so much technology that it has resulted in a wide range of products. However, this makes it difficult for purchasers to decide which option is best for them. We’re sure you’re undecided about whether to get human hair extensions or remy hair extensions. It may be tougher to discern between Remy and normal human hair wigs because they are both composed of actual hair. We’re here to address any queries you might have. So let’s continue by identifying how these extensions come into being and all of the distinctions between the two.

Where do these hairs come from?

Hairbrushes and hair that has fallen on the floor are generally used to collect 100 percent human hair. It is more plentiful and thus less expensive than Remy Hair. This is not the same as how Remy hair extensions are made. Remy hair is obtained from a donor who is compensated for their natural hair, and it is typically cut from a ponytail to keep the cuticles in the proper position. The cuticles are the main distinction between human and remy hair. Because the cuticles are kept undamaged, unlike most other non-remy hair extensions, remy hair is regarded as the highest quality of human hair. Non-Remy hair makes up the most of 100 human hair sold today. The cuticle of each hair strand appears to be in all different directions due to the collection procedure.

Converting the raw material to the final product!

Wigs can go through treatment once the hair is gathered before being sold to clients. Because human hair is freely harvested, the cuticles are all facing different directions. Human hair is placed in an acid bath to combat this issue. This has the consequence of eliminating the hair’s entire cuticle. It is then chemically treated by being dipped in silicone. Remy hair, on the other hand, is processed minimally to retain its original texture and beauty. Because of how they were acquired, all of the cuticles remain intact. Natural hair does not require any acid baths or harsh processes; it is perfectly fine as is!

Do they stay for a long time?

Your human hair grows drab and brittle after a few washing. This is regrettable because your additions will not be a long-term fix. Remy hair extensions, on the other hand, will last for a long time if properly cared for. They can last for up to a year! So, when it comes to the distinctions between human hair and Remy hair, we can see that the extensions you choose are really important. Remy hair extensions have to be the clear victor; they may be more expensive to purchase, but they are excellent quality and luscious, as well as having a longer life span when appropriately cared for.

The budget difference between the two!

Also, human hair extensions are less expensive since they are easier to obtain. Human hair is available in practically any place at a reasonable price. However, because of the Remy hair technique, they are in high demand. This implies you’ll have to pay a higher price for them. The other point is that Remy hair must be sourced responsibly. This ensures that the hair parting suppliers or sellers are not mistreated and are fairly compensated. If you find actual human hair at a ridiculously low price, it’s either not real human hair or it wasn’t sourced ethically.

Which one should you prefer?

Remy hair always excels when it comes to quality. Human hair has been treated and soaked in silicone, which makes the hair smooth and lustrous at first but quickly loses its silkiness. You’ll notice a considerable difference between how your human hair looked and felt when you purchased it and how it appears and feels after it’s been washed. This silicon layer readily fades away, and the hair becomes lifeless and dull in a short amount of time. Furthermore, the hair easily mattes and tangles.

Remy hair extensions, on the other hand, are free of these issues. The hair is less prone to tangling and becoming matted since it receives little treatment and hairs flow in the natural way they grew. The hair follicles stay uninterrupted since the hair cuticles all point in the same direction, making the hair far more robust. The hair cuticles are preserved and aligned in a unilateral direction to exactly mimic natural hair development, giving you all the flow and swish style of genuine locks. If the hair isn’t created in the Remy method, the cuticles are likely to face multiple directions, making it prone to tangling and challenging to keep smooth, particularly when wet. Remy hair is also smooth and lustrous, with a stroke-worthy softness, thanks to the production method. Furthermore, the hair has not been treated with silicone, making it organically smooth and silky. Simply told, Remy hair not only looks lovely, but it also stays that way, unlike human hair. Your Remy hair extensions will last even longer with adequate care and cleaning.


Hair extensions aren’t just for aesthetics; they also make you seem completely unique. Hair is a significant part of your personality and affects how you look and feel about yourself. Hair extensions are usually a popular subject, and our clients’ opinions are generally split. For some, hair extensions are extravagant and wasteful – a sloppy way to get a glamorous look by utilizing hair that isn’t your own, obtained from someone else without consideration for sourcing or cost. For some, though, extensions can be life-changing. Why not go the opposite way and obtain longer or thicker hair in a couple of hours, just like cutting your hair into a new style? Extensions allow some of us to overcome our genetic limits and get the beauty we’ve always desired. So, whatever your purpose for wearing an extension is, you now have an in-depth idea about both the types of wigs and you can consider this information while making a selection for your purchase!