The Differences between French Lace and Swiss Lace

For now, there are numerous different kinds of lace material to make the base of the wig. The most popular is French and Swiss laces. We are here to see the differences between the two.

Starting with the French Lace, this lace is thicker than the Swiss lace and therefore a little more durable. It’s best choice is among the new lace wig wearers. The French lace lasts much longer than the Swiss lace and is virtually tear resistant during the application process, which is important when using strong glues and bonds.

The Swiss lace is slightly thinner and a little less detectable, however it is not as durable as the French lace and rips occur more often in comparison. If the lace does rip or tear then this will make your lace wig system unusable. The Swiss lace is the most undetectable of the laces, but also the most fragile. The Swiss Lace is thin, delicate and natural looking. The Swiss lace cap choice is best for experienced lace wig users that don’t care about the longevity of the wig and not recommended for first time users.

Overall, both French and Swiss lace look extremely natural as the lace seems to disappear into your scalp when applied with our special surgical bonds and lace tape. Your lace wigs will come with extra lace extending from the hairline, which you can trim off to custom fit your hairline. Then bond can then be attached with your choice of adhesive. You can make your choice according to the different kinds of needs. We here believe that both are good in order to make the lace wig base.

Ways to Identify Human and Synthetic Hair

Nowadays, hair products are becoming more and more popular among ladies, but some suppliers are using synthetic hair to replace human hair or mixing the two to create a blend of human and synthetic hair. Of course there is only one reason for this, in order to reduce the price. This article is designed to enable you the ability in detecting the differences, “How to identify human hair from synthetic hair”, here are two ways.


Firstly, using the microscope. If the hair is synthetic, it is made from a form of plastic that will appear clear when lit and magnified under a microscope. Natural hair that has never been dyed will have a solid core and clear outer layer, while dyed natural hair will have solid color throughout. However, since most of us do not own a microscope or have one readily available this is probably not a suitable option, unless of course you’re a wig wearing Forensic Scientist.

2012’s TOP Wedding Hairstyles

The latest hairstyle trend has hit the wedding scene! There are lots of elegant hairstyle options for brides these days! You can see a range of different styles from updo’s, long loose curls, and hair half up, hair with a variety of braids. Even stunningly prepared styles with dramatic accessories. Here we take a look at some of the top wedding hairstyles of 2012 to inspire you. What do you think of these wedding hairstyles?


Simple yet Modern Ponytail wedding hairstyle

Simple yet Modern Ponytail

long braid wedding hairstyle

Long Braids

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Welcome to check out 2013 NEW LACE WIG COLLECTIONS

Uniwigs has released 2013 new lace wig collections. These are made with top quality Remy human hair which is long lasting and more durable. 100% handtied lace cap construction has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is separated, and imitates most successfully the natural movement of real hair. Get the hairs you want with no fuss, no damage, and in no time at all.

Fresh Choices – Human Hair and Synthetic Blend Wigs


Considering the high costs of real human hair wigs, human hair and synthetic blend wigs are becoming more and more popular nowadays.Wearing a wig is a great way to instantly change your hairstyle. Human hair blend wigs not only make you look fashionable but you also reap the benefits of minimal care and maximum styling options.


Wigs come in a variety of styles with different options in terms of hair material, color, texture, length and cap construction, among which,the material of the hair is one of the main factors that alters the price.


As we know, human hair wigs are natural, durable and flexible. They act just like normal human hair would. You can style them as you wish and incorporate the use of either a curling or straightening iron. However, just like your real hair, human hair wigs don’t hold these styles for very long. In addition, they are far more expensive than synthetic wigs, which are not affordable by the general public.

Human hair Wigs - Uniwigs H8001


Refresh Your Hairstyle – The Two-Tone Color

Tired of having just one hair color? Ready to test the hottest hair dyeing trends? Then why not refresh your look and start with the two-tone color style? Whether you are interested in an everyday hairdo or just want to get an outrageous fashion look, the two-tone hair color can be a super trendy way to change your look.

Hairstyle - Two Tone Color

Traditionally one overall hair color would complete the dyeing process. The two-tone color

Braid Your Hair in Different Styles this Spring 2013

Braided hairstyles are not only cute but also pretty and feminine. From side braids all the way to the classic French braid.

There are several braid hairstyles that not only look awesome but are easy to do by yourself. There are rope braids, UK braids and herringbone braids. Here (below) we show you types of popular braid hairstyles. Learn how to get your style in time for Spring 2013.


braid hair - side braids

How to Care for Hair Extension Cuticles

Using hair extensions is a great way to give yourself a new look. It’s like getting a new lease of life as hair extensions can not only lengthen but also thicken all types of hair. The best type of hair used in hair extensions is actual human hair with cuticle intact. The cuticle hair extension is very rare and expensive; therefore we have written this article to teach you how to extend the life of your cuticle hair extensions.

Cuticle Hair

Here are some tips on how to care for cuticle hair extensions: