The Bob: Each Celeb Has Her Own at One Point in Time

Cheryl asymmetry bob hair

Compared with Cheryl’s long wavy hair, this asymmetry bob hairreflects as much wild as sexy.


Short Straight Bob hair

Cute long wavy hair is a classic stylish street hair. The Bob is also a good choice for those with a good strong bone structure.


Whitney bob hair

In contrast with the short curls, this bob makes Whitneylook much younger and more vibrant.


Anne bob hair

In comparison to Anne’s long messy hair, her bob seems to be more noble and romantic.


short neat bob hair

It is said that a neat bobmakes you not only look smarter but also more an independent and strong woman.


long fashion bob hair

What do you think about the long bob? Does it look more fashionable and tasteful?


Avril short wavy bob

This short wavy bob makes Avril look much youngerand cuter than hermaturelooking longer locks.


Katy Perry Vintage bob

This Vintage bob makes Katy Perrylook like a classy 1920’s pin up girl. Which do you prefer?


Rihanna Decorous bob

We believe this ‘Decorous’ bob looks much better than Rihanna’s good girl gone wild short cut.

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