Ways to Identify Human and Synthetic Hair

Nowadays, hair products are becoming more and more popular among ladies, but some suppliers are using synthetic hair to replace human hair or mixing the two to create a blend of human and synthetic hair. Of course there is only one reason for this, in order to reduce the price. This article is designed to enable you the ability in detecting the differences, “How to identify human hair from synthetic hair”, here are two ways.


Firstly, using the microscope. If the hair is synthetic, it is made from a form of plastic that will appear clear when lit and magnified under a microscope. Natural hair that has never been dyed will have a solid core and clear outer layer, while dyed natural hair will have solid color throughout. However, since most of us do not own a microscope or have one readily available this is probably not a suitable option, unless of course you’re a wig wearing Forensic Scientist.


A better and easier way of testing include the use of fire, taking a simple match or lighter to one strand (using tweezers) of the hair and simply burning this one strand for less than a second and pulling the flame away will clearly show you the difference.


Pay attention to the smell and the way the hair burns. Human hair has a distinctive sulfuric odor. When it is lit, the flame will flicker out quickly unless you continue burning it and the ash will be powdery. The tips will also curl and/or look broken.


Watch how synthetic hairs burn. Synthetic fibers will continue to burn up quickly after you’ve taken the flame away. Polyester hair burns and melts at the same time; it has a slightly sweet smell and leaves sticky beads on your fingers. Nylon hair smells like cooked vegetables and will burn up quickly with a sparkling flame, leaving hard beads behind.


We hope to have taught you well in order to stop you being over-priced for a lower quality wig than what your paying for.

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