Hair is a Hobby

There is an abundance of hair installation techniques today! All hair types differ causing the evolution of techniques and because of this it is possible for almost anyone to have hair extensions. Lucky us! Hair extensions are exactly what it sounds like, an artificial growth appearance to a person’s natural hair. The addition of length, volume, texture, or even color to a person’s natural hair has become so popular and creative that natural hair growth is no longer always necessary, some pieces have been created to look so realistic someone can be completely bald underneath and no one would ever know!


To begin, there is the very popular clip-in or clip-on method. Clip extensions typically come in a set of multiple hair pieces or one long piece with a few tiny clip-combs attached that snap on and off making this a very temporary, yet easy technique. This method is not too damaging on the natural hair, but the catch is the wearer is required to have at least some natural hair to cover the clips.










Another very popular method that is also longer lasting is the sewing or weaving of hair bundles into a person’s natural hair. The natural hair gets braided very tightly so it is secure for about 1-3 months! However this style can sometimes limit versatility, for instance some braiding/weaving techniques do not always allow for high ponytails or buns.




976151c1a03182f6701c141e1218a1f7Next, tape-in or glue-in extensions are on the rise for their longevity. Small strands of hair are attached to a person’s head using glue or tape adhesive and last around 2-6 months. These extensions are also great for styling the hair with ease when trying to achieve up-dos, unfortunately if applied incorrectly the technique can be extremely damaging to the natural hair and has had some what of a bad reputation for the damage.







micro_link_1B_model_2 Moving along to the micro-link or bead method, small strands of hair are instead attached with beads in order to avoid any damage to the purchased extensions nor to the human’s hair the duration period of this style is between 3-8 months and can be done on mostly all hair types.

All hair extensions methods are fun and beautiful, find what is right for you by educating yourself to the different techniques to avoid frustration or damage! 😉

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Hair History

All hail hair! Ever wondered how hair extensions and wigs became so incredibly popular? The use of hair pieces is now a world wide practice!

According to “The History of Hair Extensions” hair extensions first began with, “Egyptians in 3400 BC. They wore wigs, sewn-on hair pieces and braids that were made of human hair…” the article goes on to explain, “they used resin and beeswax to attach the extensions. Bright blue, red, gold were popular, in addition to the conventional black” proving hair has always been in style (


There is an enormous amount of ways to add hair to a person’s natural head, from weave in styles, to tape, glue, beads, wigs, half wigs, frontals, closures, toppers, and that does not even begin to cover it! Depending on hair type every style differs as working best therefore one way is not necessarily better than another. Author Imaan Imran of “What is the History of Hair Weaves?” informs, “…much of modern hair weaving is in influence of African American culture. Since the 16fh century, women brought as slaves had elaborate and intricate hairdos complete with twists and braids” giving a hint of insight on how the creative braid work has been adopted (Imran).

AFRICA HAIR TRANDITION braiding-in-africa










Some believed wigs and hair extensions originated from America’s first President George Washington notorious for a voluminous, fluffy, full head of hair. Many portraits have surfaced of President Washington with long, luscious, locks, and it has actually been proven the hair was all his! Kudos Mr. President! So how did said myth arise? It is argued Washington’s hair was adored and future wigs/hair pieces were then created to resemble the President’s hair with the assumption the wig would offer a professional look, complimenting President Washington.









The funny aspect is the same concept happens all the time today. Many fashionistas like us here see a beautiful hair style and set out to have it replicated with a wig or hair piece. One of the best inventions ever right?! How soothing yet exciting is it to know there is always the option of having a short, edgy, bob cut for a day and the security of being able to return to a long, sexy, style the next.


London Fashion Week 2017

The famous London Fashion Week is finally approaching! Beginning February 17th through February 21st, 2017 fashion, styles, and beauty trends, from around the world will be showcased in the UK.


London Fashion week is so exclusive the city prepares Designer Showrooms! On the official LFW website, the About section describes, “Taking part in London Fashion Week’s Designer Showrooms gives brands the exposure they need to make new connections with buyers and press, service existing clients and reconnect with those who you have worked with in the past” the showrooms are one of the unique differences between London Fashion Week and any other a fashion show (


The very first London Fashion Week began in 1984 featuring only a few designers vs. LWF of 2015 where the posh schedule displayed over 83 designers and showrooms to match, in a 5-day time span. Some attendants of the 1984 event organized originally by the British Fashion Council for the London Development Agency included: Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, and Princess Diana of Wales and even showcased designers John Galliano! borris (2)


UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson claimed, “I am delighted to support British fashion, which continues to be at the forefront of innovation. From how our designers are working and presenting their collections, to the fast-paced dynamism of the retail sector, fashion is utilizing the latest technologies to ensure this important industry continues to generate billions for our economy. London is developing a reputation as one of the tech capitals of the world, but it is already a global leader for fashion” showing immense love and support of the huge population that is the fashion industry (Johnson).


Best-Design-of-London-Fashion-Sketches-Dresses-2013-and-Trend-Fashion-Photo-1024x876 (2)


Back in 2010 London’s Fashion Week became the first ever fashion week to present the event online, every catwalk since has graced the web with a full broadcast. London’s Fashion Week has become so recognized that it now ranks amongst New York, Milan, and Paris making its name as one of the “Big 4” in fashion weeks.

snow lfw

Unfortunately, London’s Fashion Week is invite only. Boo! However, it has been reported that there is possibility for future ticketed shows, as for now there are over 60 screens outside the event that display the entire show and also a full live-stream on the London Fashion Week website.

Trump and Women behind Him

Today is the day Donald J. Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States in Washington. Trump maintained the typical image on the Inauguration Ceremony as usual—black suit, miserable look and the eye-catching flowing sparse “beautiful hair”.

Trump and Women behind Him 01
Trump and Women behind Him 01

Referring to Donald Trump, I believe the name of another person would occur to you immediately. That’s King Henry VIII of England. In addition to a few similarities in their family background and political career, their characters are surprisingly similar. Henry enjoyed the attention of beautiful women. “He engaged in serial marriage, but in contrast to Trump, his divorces were hard won, so much so that beheading became another option for ridding himself of a troublesome wife. Like Trump, Henry enjoyed the adulation of the crowd; he liked nothing better than to appear at a joust or royal parade,” says Virginia Mason Vaughan, professor emerita and research professor in the Department of English at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.

Of course, both had multiple wives. Henry VIII married 6 women. One died, one survived, two divorced and two beheaded. Lucky of the wive’s of Trump. At least none of them lost their heads over divorce. However, all of them had something in common—wearing glossy long hair. Henry VIII’s six wives all wore red-golden hair or dark brown hair; for Donald Trump’s three wives, except the current wife with a dark brown hair, the other two are both blonde hair. This King of England seemingly preferred dark-hair ladies. Ivana Trump was Donald Trump’s first wife. The couple married in 1977. Bangs were Ivana’s standard hairstyle, either wearing a bun or handing down. Ivana always kept her straight or slanting bangs.

Donald Trump’s second wife was Marla Maples, who undoubtedly liked three-to-seven layered hair whose length was to shoulder. This hairstyle made her full of well-educated beauty. It should be noted that Donald Trump married Marla Maples in December 1993, the result of an extra-marital affair.

His current wife, Melania Knauss, wears charming dark brown hair. She was originally a model. The good look and sexy figure finally attracted Trump. Nevertheless, someone pointed out Melania’s academic background was fabricated and her speech script during the general election was a copy of Michelle Obama’s.

Well, except these, another highlight of Donald Trump is his henhouse-like hairstyle. Na matter where he goes, it must be the focus of the crowd. Trump’s life in meme picture! Maybe that’s why he always favored women with BIG hair!

Trump and Women behind Him 11
Trump and Women behind Him 11
Trump and Women behind Him 12
Trump and Women behind Him 12