Hair is a Hobby

Hair is a Hobby

There is an abundance of hair installation techniques today! All hair types differ causing the evolution of techniques and because of this it is possible for almost anyone to have hair extensions. Lucky us! Hair extensions are exactly what it sounds like, an artificial growth appearance to a person’s natural hair. The addition of length, volume, texture, or even color to a person’s natural hair has become so popular and creative that natural hair growth is no longer always necessary, some pieces have been created to look so realistic someone can be completely bald underneath and no one would ever know!


To begin, there is the very popular clip-in or clip-on method. Clip extensions typically come in a set of multiple hair pieces or one long piece with a few tiny clip-combs attached that snap on and off making this a very temporary, yet easy technique. This method is not too damaging on the natural hair, but the catch is the wearer is required to have at least some natural hair to cover the clips.










Another very popular method that is also longer lasting is the sewing or weaving of hair bundles into a person’s natural hair. The natural hair gets braided very tightly so it is secure for about 1-3 months! However this style can sometimes limit versatility, for instance some braiding/weaving techniques do not always allow for high ponytails or buns.




976151c1a03182f6701c141e1218a1f7Next, tape-in or glue-in extensions are on the rise for their longevity. Small strands of hair are attached to a person’s head using glue or tape adhesive and last around 2-6 months. These extensions are also great for styling the hair with ease when trying to achieve up-dos, unfortunately if applied incorrectly the technique can be extremely damaging to the natural hair and has had some what of a bad reputation for the damage.







micro_link_1B_model_2 Moving along to the micro-link or bead method, small strands of hair are instead attached with beads in order to avoid any damage to the purchased extensions nor to the human’s hair the duration period of this style is between 3-8 months and can be done on mostly all hair types.

All hair extensions methods are fun and beautiful, find what is right for you by educating yourself to the different techniques to avoid frustration or damage! 😉

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