2018 Spring Break Sale

Have you noticed that we have a big sale the for Spring Break? This the first time we have this discount online in the past 5 years, UniWigs is trying to be the best, we want to know more about you guys, we want to celebrate all the vocation and holiday with all of our customers, so if you have any good ideas or reasons for more coupons, you can tell us by email or just call to us. If your ideas are good and reasonable, maybe we will offer the first code for you like this time.

uniwigs spring break sale
uniwigs spring break sale

This sale will end on the end of March and you can get 25% OFF for all of the wigs and extensions hair with code “SPRINGBREAK“.  Have good reason for more discount? Email to us by support@uniwigs.com or just call 626-810-2938 ( Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:30pm PST ), 909-895-6421 ( Mon-Fri 9:00pm – 5:00am EST ).

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How to wash hair toppers by June Penny

More and More women want to know tips about how to wear, how to care and how to wash a topper in the daily time. Today we want to share a video from June Penny about how to wash hair topper:

All of these toppers are all from UniWigs.com, as a hair loss women, June is really  a professional topper wearer for care and restyle it.  If you want to find more tips or want to know more about June, check her YouTube channel named: @june penny

Why hair topper beginners have so many complaints

We’ve received some complaints from hair topper beginners recently, and it seems that many people don’t know how to apply, wear and care for a topper. Before we discuss this, it’s important to become familiar with all the tips about hair toppers. Let’s see a complaint about UniWigs Toppers:

“First of all, it took me a lot of thinking before ordering this hair topper. This is the first time I buy \’something\’ to hide my thinning hair. Needless to say that I had great hope with this topper and really wanted it to work for me as a last resort. I ordered the silk base Claire topper in 14 inches colour 1B. I really wanted to get a nice topper for my first entry into this \’world\’. The hair itself is very sleek, straight, dense and shiny. However, after several attempts to have it properly positioned on my head, it does not look natural and comfortable (rigid). In the base (hidden part), thick bunches of hair are sticking out straight, which make the hair on top not sitting flat on my head with a weird \’hat\’ effect or \’pointy skull\’ effect. Maybe the curve of the cap also does that. I also find the free parting difficult to achieve with this piece. This is definitely not an entry piece. Beginners should perhaps start with cheaper pieces. Maybe it takes a lot of tweezing and cutting to arrange it to your liking but then it becomes ineligible for return. I was amazed by the great results achieved by the other women in their reviews and I am so disappointed to remain without a solution while losing money on top of that (shipping costs to Europe around 30$ + return costs + 15% restocking fees!).”

UniWigs Amber with bangs
UniWigs Amber with bangs

What a pity. Actually, there is no problem about the topper. The quality is good. The only problem here is that she doesn’t know how to apply a topper. We recommend this:

1.If you are new to hair toppers, you should look through the tips and videos about how to apply a topper. Learn how to wash and how to care for one. The more knowledge you have, the better. In UniWigs.com, you can find these tips here: https://www.uniwigs.com/content/9-how-to-videos or you can find more videos on our YouTube channel, @uniwigs. Also, if you can’t find the tips you need, our customer service can help you. The email is: support@uniwigs.com or just click the button“Live Chat”.
2.If you have any friends who also suffer from hair loss and she is a hair topper wearer, go ahead and ask her for some tips. She may give you some good advice that you can’t find online.
3.Finally, browse some real reviews from others about the topper. Reviews from other customers may help a lot. Because different toppers require different care and have different restyling tips, finding one that is perfect for your hair color and hair loss needs online is really not so easy.

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4 things you should know about UniWigs in 2018?

1.We changed the first order code:
You may know that we special offer 10% OFF for the first order on mobile or computer with different code M10 and REG10. In order to thanks for all of the new love online, we made this discount as 15% OFF with code M15 and REG15.

2.We changed the package:
We received many complaints about why there is no brushes any more in the package just like this:
“I bought UniWigs toppers many times and so far so good. However this time it had let me down. UniWgs never send me anymore brushes after my second purchase. i don’t know why. Sorry UniWigs i really want to give u good remark but this is my honest review.”

Please check your emails dear, we informed this to all of customers before. And don’t worry, you can get a brush with your loyalty point.

3.In order to provide a better and more friendly shopping experience, UniWigs has just renewed our loyalty point policy below:

What is loyalty point?
Loyalty point equals to store credit. It can be applied as cash at Uniwigs.com and be combined with any discount that is active on the website.
100 Points=1 USD.
How to obtain loyalty points ?
A. Every dollar spent at UniWigs.com will generate One point. For example, If your order payment is $99.89, you will obtain 99 loyalty points for this order.
B.You can also get loyalty points by posting your product review. A valid, positive product review in forms of photo plus at least 50 words comment will add 1,000 loyalty points; 500 points for photo reviews , and 200 points for those with comments only .
C. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, in 10 days, as long as the product is still in its original conditions, we offer loyalty points Refund in full amount.(Customers are responsible for shipping cost.)
How to apply loyalty points?
Loyalty points can be easily applied as the model picture below:

How to apply loyalty points
How to apply loyalty points

All of the loyalty points will be cleaned up by PST 11:59pm December 31st of each year , please pay attention to the expiration date and apply all your loyalty points in time .

4.We launched the Gift Shop:
UniWigs Gift Shop is a place for our dear customers to exchange hair care products and hair accessories with their loyalty points. All the items in Gift Shop can only be purchased with loyalty points. Shop together with other hair products are strongly recommended, or else there will be a $8.95 shipping fee ($29.89 for international shipping ).

Happy Women’s Day 2018

It’s Women’s DayUniWigs offer 2 days sale for all of our wigs, extensions and hairpieces, 25% OFF for all of them with code WOMEN25, custom-made and clearance products excluded as usual.

women's day sale 2018
women’s day sale 2018

For the amazing trendy wigs, you really have many choices to restyle them and take beautiful pictures:


Or you want a long time wear human hair wigs like this:

human hair lace wigs
human hair lace wigs

Or want hair loss pieces, like these human hair toppers:

hair toppers
hair toppers

Rewards yourself with our beautiful and useful wigs with this big sale on Women’s Day! Don’t miss them!

UniWigs Hair Extensions is Back in 2018

If you have know UniWigs for years, you may know that our hair extensions are hot in 2 years ago, and then the trendy wigs collection are much hotter than the others, maybe few people know we special offer hair extensions now, that’s a pity. But don’t worry, UniWigs hair extensions is back now in 2018!

uniwigs hair extensions
uniwigs hair extensions

In order to celebrate the back of our hair extensions, we special offer 35% OFF with code SYA35 now through 6th, March. So what’s new for UniWigs hair extensions? We have new arrival human hair extensions, high quality synthetic extensions too, also flip in and clip in hair extensions in different colors. Go check them all!