How to maintain a hair patch?

The problem of hair loss is widespread right now, and several causes exist. It feels hopeless to discover that your hair volume has diminished and is beginning to be bald. A hair patch in the affected area is ideal for everybody with some degree of partial baldness. Using a full-size hair wig while partially bald is not a smart move.

There are many different kinds of hair wigs and hair patches available to transform somebody without any bother or discomfort instantly. But is this method the best one for you? Artificial hair patches or hair extensions are not the answer if you’re looking for a long-term cure for hair loss. The patch adheres to the scalp, where the bald is visible during the hair patching procedure. The scalp is first shaved, and then the patch is applied to the scalp using bio-adhesive glue.

Handle your hair patch professionally!

Everyone wants to retain bonding in humidity, heat, and sunlight while also safeguarding their hair systems. Summer days that are hot and sunny can be quite tricky for preserving the hairpiece; therefore, you might need to take extra precautions. Summer months can bring forth a variety of problems for hair systems, including drying, breakage, and tangling.

However, any type of hair accessory can be handled properly in a professional setting. Hair accessories must be applied, removed, and maintained thoroughly and professionally. Properly planned measures are required for maintenance and upkeep. Don’t screw with the maintenance schedule if you plan to wear a hair patch for an extended period of time. Your approach to it will determine whether you break or make a hair patch. Don’t hesitate any longer and keep reading if you’re wondering how to care for and maintain your hair patch.

Here’s what you can do!

The performance of your hair patch might be negatively impacted by extreme heat, humidity, rain, chlorinated pools, and the ocean; therefore, it’s crucial to take the necessary precautions to protect it. Depending on the quality, a hair patch has a lifespan of 6 to 12 months before needing to be replaced.

Efforts keep a reflection!

You must manage your hair patch in terms of style and upkeep if you want it to seem authentic and natural. One way to keep your hair patch looking trendy is to untangle the knots. It’s essential to regularly brush any long hair patches with a soft bristle brush. You may also use a wide-tooth comb on a small section of your hair to remove knots.

Using oils and gels will help keep the individual hairs in your hair system apart from one another. Since hair cannot regrow after it falls out, taking proper care of hair knots is essential to maintaining the volume of your hair patch. To prevent further damage, you must consistently use a knot sealer.

Invest in quality products!

Your magnificent, shining hair is your strength. To give your hair patch the care it need, use high-quality conditioners. Because your hair patch cannot produce natural oils on its own, consistent conditioning is necessary. After every wash, apply a mild conditioner and give your hair a thorough rinse in lukewarm water. Because the harsh chemicals in regular conditioners could damage a piece of your hair, they should be avoided. Use conditioners designed specifically for hair systems.

Avoid direct contact with chemicals!

The chlorine in swimming pools and seawater at the beach will undoubtedly harm your hair system, whether it is natural hair, wigs, or hair patches. If you spend the entire day submerged, it may even suffer irreparable damage. Too much exposure to chlorinated and salted water might bleach your hair systems.

Put on a swimming cap if you can. Before diving, you can also coat your hair patches with conditioners and protective sprays to lessen the quantity of chlorinated and salted water absorbed into the roots and hair strands.

Protect your hair patch from harsh weather!

Humidity and hot weather could seriously threaten your patches of hair. The condition of your hair patch can be ruined by too much sunlight or dampness. Your summer hair care regimen should include taking proper care of your hair patches the same way you would take good care of your skin. Put on a loose-fitting hat or cap to shield your scalp from the sun’s damaging rays. You can further prevent your hair from severe damage by using sunscreen lotions and protective sealers made for hair wigs or patches.


There you have it, users of permanent hair patches! You don’t need to worry anymore because we have revealed how you can maintain the hair patch on your own. Now that you are aware of how to care for it, you can begin using the regimen both while it is still on and after removal. Your hair patch will become more resilient and natural with this maintenance regimen.

Add color to your hair with rainbow wigs this summer!

Summer is a best season to do a hair color switch – up. Most of people lean towards going colorful brighter colors as their first choices, and rainbow hairstyles has became to a new trend in recent years. However, here’s a dilemma that people who’s wanting for a rainbow hair may confront with, and it always result in hindering people to do so – going for a brighter hair color means we have to bleach our own hair and bleaching is a damaging but necessary process if we want to get our hair tinted well.

rainbow wigs
rainbow wigs

Wearing a wig can be considered as a perfect way to protect your natural hair. You can create tons of beautiful shades and achieve your dreamy hair effects on a good quality human hair wig instead of damaging your own hair!

Here, we’ve laid out the latest summertime hair color options to make colorful rainbow style a breeze. Whether you’re a soft pastel neon type of person, or a bold bright vivid rainbow one, we’ve got your inspo sorted.

rainbow human hair wigs
rainbow human hair wigs

1. Trippy Rainbow- Created by @kayla_boyer using Chloe – Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

“I love this because it’s so bold and different.. before I started coloring this wig I had so many different ideas but I wanted it to be a bold statement. It looks so cool when it’s because held in different ways”.

Blue Ombre wigs
Blue Ombre wigs

2. White Platinum Blonde. Pastel Unicorn. Lake Blue Dip. Blue Ombre.

@janna_niki create 4 different beautiful shades on the same one Chloe- Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

Watch full version to learn how she did this incredible job!

3. Lavender Ombre

Tutorial Time:
Get the same lavender Ombre wig step by step with @victorialoopz by using Chloe- Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

Comment down below let us know what your favorite rainbow color is and which hair color above is your favorite.

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blue wigs

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