Hair TOPPERS has been regarded as the most incredible method for hiding going bald or losing hair on the front part of your scalp or on the top part of the scalp. Regardless of whether you are going bald because of female issues example sparseness or have diminishing hair, these clinchers like toppers will quickly cover those hair loss spots and mix with your natural normal hair, adding volume while giving more thickness and thickness accordingly.

With regards to balding many individuals will decide to treat the distinctive hair loss with the use of hair rebuilding medicines or ways of hair transplant surgery the going bald for a while. There are so many beauty hospitals that offer hair transplant surgeries recently and with a little research these surgeries are really expensive and cost a lot of money so today, we’re investigating and extracting information about our hair toppers from Uniwigs, all about our toppers with their details on what they are and how they work and what they are made of.

Our hair toppers:

A topper used for your hair has a long story of its origin. A hair topper was once in a while known as a half hairpiece or top piece, it is a hairpiece that typically just covers the top part of the head. A topper can change in size contingent upon the inclusion you want. Toppers are just like a hairpiece, simply more modest and utilized to camouflage balding and they are reasonable for all kinds of people.

How can our hair toppers work for you:

Our topper works by offering the inclusion that is needed for the hair loss region, in turn causing the ideal answer for individuals who have slow balding or diminishing hair conditions. Even though hair toppers seem to be an easy and simple solution for hair loss but they are definitely impossible for those that are going on having to deal with complete going bald as a topper needs to match the shading and surface of your hair for it to seem normal just as your hair and if you are experiencing a whole head area hair loss then a wig is probably better than a hair topper. Toppers are not as expensive as a hair transplant and for that reason, they are the most easiest and available solution to your hair loss.


5.5″X5.5″ CLAIRE | MONO TOP REMY HUMAN HAIR TOPPER | LACE FRONT:  Claire is one of the human hair toppers from UNIWIGS that has a supremely natural hairpiece. The topper offers a lace front that creates a natural-looking hairline and allows for off-the-face styling. The claire hair topper has a monofilament top on it that creates the appearance of natural hair growth.

To ensure that the topper will be safe and in position the topper has four strategically placed, pressure-sensitive clips that help provide a secure, comfortable fit. Its made from 100% fine human hair allows you to seamlessly blend the piece with your hair.

The hair is extremely special and can help you get any style out of it even if it is just out of the box with a long, sweeping front or cut in bangs. This hairpiece is extra special!


1.Lace Front that is ready to wear and virtually invisible, creating a natural-looking hairline that gives you amazing off-the-face styling versatility and contours to the shape of your head.
2.Monofilament Top creates the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted.
3.100% Human Hair is the finest quality and gives you the option to style the hair with heat tools and treat it just like your own hair.


The lace front is a delicate material and should be handled with care.
How to Wear:
Style your hair
Place the topper on the area you want to add more hair volume.
Fix the front part with a comb
Blend your hair with the top form and style it.
Your look is complete.

INSTANT CLIP IN HUMAN HAIR CURTAIN BANG | NO TRACK COVER-UP HAIR PATCH | HAIR VOLUMIZER | HAIR ROOT LIFTER | TWO PIECES: UniWigs has yet created another Invisible Cover-up Patch which is an Instant Clip-in volumizer that is a great option if you want to add some volume on a specific area of your head. This is one of our hair topper UNIWIGS collections that is perfect to change your look into a stunning look in minutes.

How to use it?

Curtain Bangs- Add a slight layer and clip in the area near the parting to achieve a curtain bang looking;
Cover-up Patch is for people who would like to cover up the small bald spots on their heads.
Hair Root Lifter. You could easily clip in on the top of your head under your hair, so it will give you the instant root lifting look.

7″X8″ COURTNEY | MONO PART | MIDDLE PART REMY HUMAN HAIR TOPPER: Its an ideal type of hair topper from UNIWIGS for those in the progressive and advanced stages of hair loss, Courtney has a 7″*8″ large base which can provide you with enough volume and coverage. It is rather different from other hair toppers on the website, Courtney features a mono part and weft back. The area of the hand-tied mono part is 1.5″(width)*4″(length), allowing a very natural middle part. Meanwhile, the reduction of the hand-tied part means a reduction of the cost.

If you are seeking hairpieces for women with a large base and of good quality, Courtney is an absolute choice. It is made from completely hand-tied human hair, the topper can be restyled with heating tools into any hairstyles you desire. Various lengths and colors will be available on Courtney’s hair topper.

The toppers can be connected to your hair with the clips and can likewise be clung to the scalp with paste or tape, this accomplishes require more work, in any case, it is a more of a long-lasting arrangement if you need it to be. It is essential to recollect that utilizing more affordable clasps can harm the hair that you have, and it’s vital to guarantee that your topper is applied accurately to limit any harm to your hair.

The magical hairband

1 Better your facial proportion
We all know that the more coordinated the golden ratio, the more “perfect” the person will grow. The hairband, as an accessory, plays a good role in making our facial proportion look better. If your forehead is too long, tie your hairband around your forehead, which can help you cover part of your forehead, making it appear that your forehead is not that long. If your forehead is too short, you can raise the hairband a little bit higher, which can help you visually extend the length of your forehead, making it appear that your forehead is not so short. In addition to hair bands, hairstyles, sunglasses, and hats can also help us modify the shape of our faces. We will talk more about it later.
2 Absorb sweat and wick away sweat
In the summer, our face sweats badly. Tying a hairband on the forehead can effectively wick away and absorb sweat. The reason why that some people like to wear hair bands is probably that their eardrums are perforated, which is prone to inflammation, so they need to wear hairbands to absorb sweat to avoid ear inflammation. Remember to wash the soaked hairband often, or your forehead will become smelly.
3 Tidy up your appearance
Boys with bangs usually need hairbands in summer and sports. The bang soaked in sweat not only affects the appearance but also affects the performance on the court. No one wants to let the soaking bang ruin their image when they are on the court with high spirits. Without the interference of bang in front of you, you will be the most handsome person on the sports field.
4 For fashion
Many celebrities love to tie headbands! And the hairband has been played with a lot of tricks by them.

Here are 5 wearing suggestions for you to match your hairband:
Hair band+ t-shirt. T-shirt gives people a feeling of youth and vitality. Lightweight fabric and neat tailoring let people get a touch of refreshment in the scorching sun. With a hairband, you can present an image of vibrant boys and girls.

A woman with a headband
Picture from freepik

Headband+ vest. The vest is a collarless, sleeveless short top. The function is to keep the front and rear chest area warm and also facilitate hands movement. With a hairband, you can balance the exposure of your skin in the arm and neck, adding more dimensions to your whole look.

Men's hairband
Picture from AmaPerfect

Hair band+ polo shirt. Polo shirts are very suitable for commercial entertainment occasions. For office workers, wearing polo shirts often has a superior feeling to wearing T-shirt. The look is neat, giving people a good impression. With a hairband to add more naughty and cute elements, it will come to a perfect complexion.

hairband and Polo shirt
Picture from head curve

Hair band+ jacket. The jacket has a sense of fashion, and the zipper designing is very delicate, making the jacket look casual and casual as a whole. The metal fittings of the jacket are fashionable. Because of these small details, the jacket is both business and casual. A hairband can neutralize the hardness of the jacket, and bright colored hairband can neutralize the dullness of the jacket to make your overall look balanced.Hair band-sweaterHair band+ sweater. The sweater is soft and thick, and the loose sweater can keep people warm without restricting our movement. The space of our thick sweaters will make us visually fatter than our actual weight, and a hairband can help us solve this problem. We can wear a headband of the same color as the sweater to extend the visual height.

dressing style
Picture from Dale of Norway

Don’t forget to pick yourself one hairband on our website to match your dressing style.
Our website: UniWigs.com. Don’t waste your time, have a try first!

Men’s Frontal Hairpiece for Covering Receding Hairline

Hair loss is a major cause of distress in many men who experience it. With baldness at an early age becoming a common problem among men, the use of stylish human hair toupee has become quite popular these days.
Among the men who suffer from hair loss, 40-50% of people belong to the beginning stage, and there is thin hair or no hair only at the front hairline area. Men’s frontal hairpiece is the best choice for this hair loss stage.

With this product, people have no need to shave their heads to wear this piece; the only requirement is to bond this piece at the front hairline.
Note: Zeus has two hair direction options for you to choose from. One has the hair direction growing forward, while the other is directing backward. So, if you plan to expose your hairline and have a slicked-back hairstyle, then choose the “Backward Hair Direction” option. If you plan to wear the hair forward like a fringe, please choose the “Forward Hair Direction” option. When Zeus is purchased and applied, the hair direction, whether it is forward or backward, is fixed and cannot be changed. So, when you purchase Zeus, consider the hairstyle you want to achieve with it and select the right hair direction option.

Thin Skin V-looped Hair Replacement System for Men
Thin Skin V-looped Hair Replacement System for Men

So the following photos and video show the detailed appearance of two hair directions:

UniWigs Zeus Men’s Frontal Hairpiece is an affordable and comfortable one compare to the entire toupee or hair system. That’s the best choice for Men’s hair loss beginners. Now there is only 1B off black color available, more and more color options will be ready in the near future!!

Amazing Fashion Waves For Winter Season

Best Hairstyles with Waves — If you need to resemble a goddess with a look that shocks everybody, point of fact, selecting wave hairstyles is the best choice.

Particularly when there are numerous mixes that you can do, whether or not you have long or short hair since it very well may be adjusted to a hair and hairstyle you have.

Wearing it in hairstyles for free hair or for hairstyles where it will look similarly beautiful and upgrade all your excellence.

Also, the best of everything is that wavy hair never becomes unfashionable, it is present consistently of the year since it tends to be utilized on warmer days like spring and summer in free hair or on colder days like autumn and winter.

That is the reason this article was made so you have groundbreaking thoughts of hairstyles, that have simple waves so you can make yourself at home in a basic and quick manner, looking awesome, exciting, and radiant.

Something significant that I need to explain before proceeding onward with this article is that in this style guide with waves, you will not discover how the waves are made on the hair in detail, it will only give you insight on lovely fashion hair waves that can be made to rock winter this season.

Just as various methods, from stunts without utilizing heat for your hair or utilizing irons, tongs, curling irons, to which is the best curling iron contingent upon the attributes of your hair.

Hairstyles with Waves for Long Hair

The good thing about wearing long hair is that you can do various hairstyles without an issue and the expectation to enhance to perceive what is best for the kind of face you have.

Having natural waves or that you make them through a loop, you can utilize it with an exemplary style of sentimental hairstyle that is typically beautiful for weddings, weddings, and significant gatherings that you need to wear.

For that, you can utilize a lot of waves from one perspective that will seem, by all accounts, to be natural and afterward make yourself a semi-pick with all the tufts from the top that are extra.

Make sure to eliminate the hair from the face to have the option to clear and take a gander at the makeup that you should wear naturally.

You can likewise utilize sconces or accessories to make divisions between the tufts with undulations.

If what you need is to have more volume on your hair to give the feeling of more hair, at that point the best choice will be to make a few waves that are bigger and isolated from one another.

Hairstyles with Waves for Short Hair

Considering the detail of stamping them well with the goal that the hair weight of every wick can extend the rush of the hair.

For a more informal detail, look at what you can do utilizing a semi-gathered where you can wear this hairstyle every day with waves for long hair.

Ordinarily, it is imagined that having short hair can not convey the waves in the hair and that is an off-base assertion.

Since I’m demonstrating how you can wear your wavy hair in short hair.

Since the beneficial thing about waves is that they have the upside of adjusting to a length and hair.

Regardless of on the off chance that it is thick or thin, or if you wear long-short, or medium hair.

What you have to consider is that on the off chance that you wear medium hair, the ideal thing is to wear soft waves, since on the off chance that they were too sharp it would shorten the length of the hair to an extreme.

Hairstyles For Short Hair

What’s more, if you take it short the thought is to show it with movement and that the undulations don’t shorten significantly more than we have the style on.

The pin-up style can likewise be considered as it was worn during the 50s since it is a decent method to look modern and gorgeous, even in today’s society.

Something that you have to consider isn’t to check as much between the curlers or undulations since you will have the option to give it a more noteworthy volume.

So leave the wave open and think that short hair will consistently take a very long time off and you will look a lot younger.

The rumpled impact is something that I prescribe if your thought is to give it a natural touch yet that thusly, your hair is fine, which will give you a ton of points of interest with regards to wearing it.

Make sure to be informal and natural, it doesn’t mean you are not fixed.

Hairstyles with Waves and Braids

The advantage of making braids with wavy hair is that you can utilize the volume produced in your hair by the locks with undulations and gather your hair with the braids such that will give you the vital style for your head.

You can make semi-gathered hairstyles or utilize the interlace as though it were a natural applique in your hair without utilizing suspenders, headbands, or some other outside component in your hair.

You can wear it both for summer, spring, where heat is present, and get it utilizing various braids, which can be an extraordinary choice.

Likewise for winter or autumn where the cold can be a disturbance and it will be better for the waves to prevail and make an extremely unobtrusive side twist in your style that you plan.

21 Wedding Hairstyles Ideas with 4 Synthetic Wigs

What’s a wedding if not romantic? And what’s a more fitting finishing touch than one of favorite romantic wedding hairstyles?
I’ll show you some wedding hairstyles with our synthetic lace front wigs. Hoep you can get some inspiration!

Star Lace Front Wig

Infinity Braid Updo
Infinity Braid Updo

1. Infinity Braid Updo

Bohemian style
Bohemian style

2. Bohemian style

Two bundles of bushel braids
Two bundles of bushel braids

3. Two bundles of bushel braids

Best braids hairstyle
Best braids hairstyle

4. Best braids hairstyle

Wedding flower
Wedding flower

5. Wedding flower

Boho braids
Boho braids

6. Boho braids

Magical Mermaid Lace Front Wig

Braided bow
Braided bow

1. Braided bow

Braids & glitter
Braids & glitter

2. Braids & glitter. Such a good combo for wedding season

Kriss Kross
Kriss Kross

3. Kriss Kross will make you jump jump.

FISHTAIL seashell updo
FISHTAIL seashell updo

4. FISHTAIL seashell updo

Boho vibes
Boho vibes

5. Boho vibes

Dusty Rose Lace Front Wig

Bouquet of flowers for wedding day
Bouquet of flowers for wedding day

1. Bouquet of flowers for wedding day

Boho braids hair
Boho braids hair

2. Boho braids

Pink Diamond
Pink Diamond

3. Perfect style for a Pink Diamond wedding!

Garden Trellis Updo
Garden Trellis Updo

4. Garden Trellis Updo

Pink haired girl
Pink haired girl

5. Pink haired girl

Basic 3 strand braids
Basic 3 strand braids

6. Basic 3 strand braids & fishtails

Coco Lace Front Wig

colorful wigs
colorful wigs

1. Colorful wigs with pink, purple and sliver


2. Pop some baby’s breath in it, and make it bridal.

New bridal hair trends
New bridal hair trends

3. New bridal hair trends for 2019.

Mermaid hair
Mermaid hair

4. Mermaid hair don’t care!

Go check our 2019 Wedding Season event and share your beautiful wedding hair with us: https://www.uniwigs.com/wedding-season-event

How to restyle a grey wig?

Today we want to talk about how to restyle a grey wig. As fashion changed, grey wigs is not so hot than before, but there are still many girls who want a grey hair color. Grey hair color can give you a much unique look even without restyle.

All of these pictures are all from UniWigs Customer Show. There are two wigs among them: Thunder cloud and Star Synthetic Lace Front Wig.

How to make a custom order at UniWigs?

More and more customers would like to have a topper which is specially made for them, especially in terms of color. Custom orders are made because she has a perfectly designed apartment to match the color according to the customer’s request, and UniWigs has successfully custom-made thousands of custom products like toppers, wigs and extensions.

How to make custom orders

1, please check the website for the item you would like to purchase which has the perfect base size, or construction you like. if you cannot find any, please save some pics for reference .

2, send your requests for color, length, density, base size or item SKU. cap construction. and your pic if you need to make a custom color. to support@uniwigs.com , and they will provide a quote for you.

3, if your color is very complicated, they will ask you for a hair sample, which sounds weird, but it is a very good way to match the color.

4, if they will customize the color according to your pic, they will send you a pic of the hair before production to confirm that it is indeed the correct color, just in case there will is a mistake.

5, At most, the production time for the custom topper is 4 weeks, and 6 weeks for the human hair wig .

6, their custom-made products can’t be returned, so please follow all of the steps above very carefully.

7, the custom-made products are not eliglible for discounts on their website. This is the most important thing to know.

8, if you are worried that the customizing will cause high risk, you can also buy their NATURAL BLACK product to bleach and dye yourself.

9, the good news is that they have a plan to open a store in US, which will be more convenient for trying on or confirming the color .

Let’s look forward to it .

UniWigs 2017 Summer Wedding Season Collection

Summer is coming! It’s wedding season now! What do you decide first: wedding theme, wedding place, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, wedding shoes, hairstyles or makeup? As a wig website, what we can do for you is offer beautiful and chic hairstyles ideas or wigs you may want for your special theme wedding.

2017 wedding hairstyles
2017 wedding hairstyles

If you want a high quality celebrity wigs, you can find here, if you want trendy wigs, you can find them too, or if you want human hair bundles and toppers, you can find them by click the picture too.

No matter we are just a wig websites, we do want to do all our best to thinking for every women, offer what they needs considers and dreaming for, solve all the question about wigs and hair if they get confused. So if you are try to know how to get a perfect wedding hairstyle from a wig, you come to the right place, UniWigs will be always here waiting for you!

5 Best Eye-Catching Hairstyles for Black Women

Beautiful hair is a dream of every woman. Here are 5 daily stunning hairstyles. Recommend which hairstyles suit you the most. Creat your amazing look!

Long Chaotic Waves
Long Chaotic Waves

Long Chaotic Waves
Keke Palmer’s radiant look impresses us with the fresh and lovely beach waves. Enjoy the sunshine by the sea with this long chaotic waves.

Straight and Sleek long hair
Straight and Sleek long hair

Straight and Sleek long hair
This evening look of Jessica White is the embodiment of wild sexuality and playfulness. Long sleek hairstyle makes you a stunning club girl.

Beach Waves with Side Part
Beach Waves with Side Part

Loose Waves with Side Bangs
Interesting way to style your sewins is to create beach waves. Use already wavy hair bundles to make your hair look more natural and sexier.

High Half-Ponytail weave
High Half-Ponytail weave

High Half-Ponytail weave
Natural hair blend with extensions is the key to successful long weave natural hairstyle.Create fairy tale hairstyle.

Minnie Mouse Buns
Minnie Mouse Buns

Minnie Mouse Buns
Looking for a cute and fluffy style for weekend? Take 5 minutes at most to creat the Bouble buns. Also a good choice for the date.

Just click the look you like to find a wig to get the look.

Trump and Women behind Him

Today is the day Donald J. Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States in Washington. Trump maintained the typical image on the Inauguration Ceremony as usual—black suit, miserable look and the eye-catching flowing sparse “beautiful hair”.

Trump and Women behind Him 01
Trump and Women behind Him 01

Referring to Donald Trump, I believe the name of another person would occur to you immediately. That’s King Henry VIII of England. In addition to a few similarities in their family background and political career, their characters are surprisingly similar. Henry enjoyed the attention of beautiful women. “He engaged in serial marriage, but in contrast to Trump, his divorces were hard won, so much so that beheading became another option for ridding himself of a troublesome wife. Like Trump, Henry enjoyed the adulation of the crowd; he liked nothing better than to appear at a joust or royal parade,” says Virginia Mason Vaughan, professor emerita and research professor in the Department of English at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.

Of course, both had multiple wives. Henry VIII married 6 women. One died, one survived, two divorced and two beheaded. Lucky of the wive’s of Trump. At least none of them lost their heads over divorce. However, all of them had something in common—wearing glossy long hair. Henry VIII’s six wives all wore red-golden hair or dark brown hair; for Donald Trump’s three wives, except the current wife with a dark brown hair, the other two are both blonde hair. This King of England seemingly preferred dark-hair ladies. Ivana Trump was Donald Trump’s first wife. The couple married in 1977. Bangs were Ivana’s standard hairstyle, either wearing a bun or handing down. Ivana always kept her straight or slanting bangs.

Donald Trump’s second wife was Marla Maples, who undoubtedly liked three-to-seven layered hair whose length was to shoulder. This hairstyle made her full of well-educated beauty. It should be noted that Donald Trump married Marla Maples in December 1993, the result of an extra-marital affair.

His current wife, Melania Knauss, wears charming dark brown hair. She was originally a model. The good look and sexy figure finally attracted Trump. Nevertheless, someone pointed out Melania’s academic background was fabricated and her speech script during the general election was a copy of Michelle Obama’s.

Well, except these, another highlight of Donald Trump is his henhouse-like hairstyle. Na matter where he goes, it must be the focus of the crowd. Trump’s life in meme picture! Maybe that’s why he always favored women with BIG hair!

Trump and Women behind Him 11
Trump and Women behind Him 11
Trump and Women behind Him 12
Trump and Women behind Him 12