How to Wear Hair Extensions for Thick Hair?

When choosing hair extensions, you have to consider the hair volume and grams. Different grams for different hair volumes you have. Usually, we define three types of hair volume we have: thin, medium, and thick. Today, we will talk about how to choose and wear hair extensions for people with thick hair.
Usually, the hair extensions glam between 180g and 220g will be enough. Just think, how to weigh it would be if you wear an extension above 250g. That’s why we don’t recommend that kind of hair extensions.

220g 5 Pieces Classic Clip-In Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions
220g 5 Pieces Classic Clip-In Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions

So what to do if it’s thin for me?

That depends on the tips on how you wear the hair extensions.
The key is to hide away some of your own hair! This will eliminate some of the bulkiness and help to blend your own hair with the extensions.

120g 7 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions
120g 7 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

How to wear it?

Normally if you put your extensions in according to the instructions, you would section the bottom half of your hair and then put in your extensions. If you already have thick hair that bottom layer is going to be pretty heavy and when you lift up your extensions you are going to see just this row of really short hair.

160G 20
160G 20″ Invisible Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

So what I’m going to show you is how you can get your extensions without that bottom layer.

First, you have to make a section at the back and braid the bottom hair. When you make the section, the position is very important: at the nape of the neck? Ear to ear? Or at the crown? That depends on how thick your hair, grasp the hair extension with one hand, and grasp your hair with another hand, compare the thickness of them, then estimate the extra hair volume of your hair compared with the hair extensions, section the extra hair with the right place.
Then make two braids for the extra hair.

Ruby 24
Ruby 24″ Ribbon Bow Synthetic Ponytail Extension

Then pin both braids together. That’s good for hiding the extra hair, and also works for clipping the hair extension.

After that, you will find that your hair is not so thick.
Then you can add hair extensions as usual. If you are a perfectionist you can always straighten your hair to match the texture. But don’t forget it’s going to be super noticeable to you and not so noticeable to people who have never seen you before. So we suggest doing some curls, which would be much undetectable than straight hair.

UniWigs Trendy New Arrivals



A center part vibrant copper-red hair wig with the texture of loose wavy and 30” length. Is that the color you always want to try but not sure if it really suits you? How about try it on and see! The lace front design could make your hairline looks super natural and it can either be worn for daily wear or dressing up as your fave cosplay character and more!



A center part pale lilac color wig, with the texture of natural wave and length 29”. It’s a perfect style that can frame and open up the face for you. The lace front design and natural black roots will make your looks more realistic. This soft color is perfect for both daily wear and party/cosplay looks, and you do not need to worry about color fading problems for this pretty.



A center part crimson red wig, with a straight texture and length 30”, this bright red color definitely goes well with a bold style. Lace front design is able to wear it with a natural hairline looking, which is also perfect for cosplaying mermaids, superheroes, and any mythical creatures of your choice. It is also good to use in parties, bars and clubs!



A center part colorful rainbow wig, with a straight texture and length 32”. A new style for the start of 2021. Contrast this one with brightly colored rainbow hair, this pretty definitely more wearable for daily wear if you like. It is perfect for creative looks and suits lots of different cosplay characters. This pretty if more suitable for people who seek individuality (it’s even more pretty in real-life!).

Amazing Fashion Waves For Winter Season

Best Hairstyles with Waves — If you need to resemble a goddess with a look that shocks everybody, point of fact, selecting wave hairstyles is the best choice.

Particularly when there are numerous mixes that you can do, whether or not you have long or short hair since it very well may be adjusted to a hair and hairstyle you have.

Wearing it in hairstyles for free hair or for hairstyles where it will look similarly beautiful and upgrade all your excellence.

Also, the best of everything is that wavy hair never becomes unfashionable, it is present consistently of the year since it tends to be utilized on warmer days like spring and summer in free hair or on colder days like autumn and winter.

That is the reason this article was made so you have groundbreaking thoughts of hairstyles, that have simple waves so you can make yourself at home in a basic and quick manner, looking awesome, exciting, and radiant.

Something significant that I need to explain before proceeding onward with this article is that in this style guide with waves, you will not discover how the waves are made on the hair in detail, it will only give you insight on lovely fashion hair waves that can be made to rock winter this season.

Just as various methods, from stunts without utilizing heat for your hair or utilizing irons, tongs, curling irons, to which is the best curling iron contingent upon the attributes of your hair.

Hairstyles with Waves for Long Hair

The good thing about wearing long hair is that you can do various hairstyles without an issue and the expectation to enhance to perceive what is best for the kind of face you have.

Having natural waves or that you make them through a loop, you can utilize it with an exemplary style of sentimental hairstyle that is typically beautiful for weddings, weddings, and significant gatherings that you need to wear.

For that, you can utilize a lot of waves from one perspective that will seem, by all accounts, to be natural and afterward make yourself a semi-pick with all the tufts from the top that are extra.

Make sure to eliminate the hair from the face to have the option to clear and take a gander at the makeup that you should wear naturally.

You can likewise utilize sconces or accessories to make divisions between the tufts with undulations.

If what you need is to have more volume on your hair to give the feeling of more hair, at that point the best choice will be to make a few waves that are bigger and isolated from one another.

Hairstyles with Waves for Short Hair

Considering the detail of stamping them well with the goal that the hair weight of every wick can extend the rush of the hair.

For a more informal detail, look at what you can do utilizing a semi-gathered where you can wear this hairstyle every day with waves for long hair.

Ordinarily, it is imagined that having short hair can not convey the waves in the hair and that is an off-base assertion.

Since I’m demonstrating how you can wear your wavy hair in short hair.

Since the beneficial thing about waves is that they have the upside of adjusting to a length and hair.

Regardless of on the off chance that it is thick or thin, or if you wear long-short, or medium hair.

What you have to consider is that on the off chance that you wear medium hair, the ideal thing is to wear soft waves, since on the off chance that they were too sharp it would shorten the length of the hair to an extreme.

Hairstyles For Short Hair

What’s more, if you take it short the thought is to show it with movement and that the undulations don’t shorten significantly more than we have the style on.

The pin-up style can likewise be considered as it was worn during the 50s since it is a decent method to look modern and gorgeous, even in today’s society.

Something that you have to consider isn’t to check as much between the curlers or undulations since you will have the option to give it a more noteworthy volume.

So leave the wave open and think that short hair will consistently take a very long time off and you will look a lot younger.

The rumpled impact is something that I prescribe if your thought is to give it a natural touch yet that thusly, your hair is fine, which will give you a ton of points of interest with regards to wearing it.

Make sure to be informal and natural, it doesn’t mean you are not fixed.

Hairstyles with Waves and Braids

The advantage of making braids with wavy hair is that you can utilize the volume produced in your hair by the locks with undulations and gather your hair with the braids such that will give you the vital style for your head.

You can make semi-gathered hairstyles or utilize the interlace as though it were a natural applique in your hair without utilizing suspenders, headbands, or some other outside component in your hair.

You can wear it both for summer, spring, where heat is present, and get it utilizing various braids, which can be an extraordinary choice.

Likewise for winter or autumn where the cold can be a disturbance and it will be better for the waves to prevail and make an extremely unobtrusive side twist in your style that you plan.


A good number of women love bangs. Bangs do not just make you younger, it accentuates the fashion-inclined part of you. So it is not out of place if you want to get one. Bangs are lovely especially when you want to go for a new look. You are at the salon or maybe at home browsing ideas to change your hairstyle and suddenly something strikes you, “should I get a bang?” If this scene is familiar, this piece is for you. We will help guide you through the things you should consider before you go for bangs.

Unlike some other hairstyles, bangs require a lot of commitment. It is not like a beautiful dress you can try on to check the fitting and drop back later if you are not satisfied. Therefore you must be sure of your choice and decision before going for bangs.

There are so many things you need to know and other things you must consider, questions you need to ask yourself before you touch that your hair. When you ask yourself these questions and your answers tilt towards the positive bearing then, yes, you should go get a bang; if otherwise, do well to find another pretty hairstyle.

Are bangs trendy in 2020?
We wouldn’t want to appear on any occasion looking like an antique. We all want to look fashionable and appealing. Now, you want to know if bangs are in line with the trending fashions in 2020. A celebrity and hair ambassador, Laura Polko explains that bangs are always in style. She also emphasized the need to also consider other factors before going for bangs. If being fashionable is your priority, you may want to rock bangs. Bangs tell so much about the person wearing them. Bangs also make you look classy.

What kind of activities do you do?
While bangs are beautiful, you will need to answer this question to decide whether bangs are for you. Bangs have a way of getting in the way while carrying out our daily activities. If your daily routine requires you to be physically active such as working out, cleaning, and lots more, you should consider if you can manage the discomfort that may come from the bangs. But if your routine is physical-activity free, bangs will give you no extra discomfort. Go for it.

Why do you need to change?
Answering this question can help you make a better choice. Even when you have adorned your bangs with different color and suitable bang swag, your outfit is almost incomplete. The best accessory to go with your bangs is your confidence. The onlookers don’t only see the beauty of the hairstyle but the attitude of the wearer. You can only have this confidence when you have crossed all your Ts and dotted all your Is but still maintain that bangs are the best fit for you. Do not go for bangs because you saw in on someone and you think it will sit well on you. Sincerely admit to yourself why you need a change. Examine if the bangs will align with the reason for the change. If yes, you should get your bangs.

Are you ready for the commitment?
Bangs are beautiful, yes. But you have a role to play to maintain that beauty. You need to get trims every two or three weeks to maintain the length. Also, you must dedicate extra time to the bangs to keep them in good condition before stepping out for the day. In other words, if you have 15 minutes to brush/comb your hair in the morning, you have to give at least 10 minutes to the bangs before going over to the rest of the hair. Furthermore, bangs are not the kind of hairstyle you can switch to another style within weeks. Depending on the length, it can take them six months to grow out. You will need to carry the hair for a long time to grow out the hair that will enable you to change your hairstyle. If you are ready for the commitment, go ahead with your choice of getting a bang.

You should have a special stylist.
Don’t try to cut the bangs yourself. Visit a professional to do so. Even when you need trims, you have to engage the services of a stylist. This is because bangs are in the front of the hair and even the slightest of mistakes can easily be spotted. If the cuts are uneven, anyone that sees you can easily notice the unevenness which doesn’t tell well about you. On the other hand, if you must experiment or you have no access to a hairstylist, ensure to use a pair of good styling shears. They make a neater cut compared to the regular kitchen scissors. You will also need to wait for the hair to dry before cutting them. Wet hair shrinks; you may not get their actual length if you cut them when wet.

You should know that bangs do not choose a hair type
Bangs works great on every hair type be it curly or fine hair. So many people with curly hair believe that bangs are for the ones with straight hair. That is deceitful. Curls make bang look different and delightful. Just make sure the bangs are longer since the curly tends to shrink. As for fine hair, cutting your hair to bangs does not reduce the volume of the hair in any way. Long bangs actually make the hair thicker.

Will bangs fit my face shape?
Yes and yes. Bangs are for every face shape. And of course, you know there are varieties of bang styles you can choose from to flatter your face shape. Most bangs complement an oval-shaped face. In other words, if your face is oval, you have many options to choose from. Other face shapes like square or oblong can do with long layers of A-shaped bangs. All bangs look good on the heart-shaped faces. Bangs are for everyone.

It can be fun trying out bangs; it takes a different form from other hairstyles. It gives you a picture of a new you. You may do a little warm-up with wigs before cutting your hair.

10 Hairstyles to try while social distancing

During quarantine can be such a boring period. You either have more time than usual or find out that you’re busier than you used to be. Thinking about your hair, you don’t have to cut your hair or dye your hair because of the quarantine period. We have rounded up a few moods lifting hairstyles that can be done during the social distancing period. The best part is that you don’t require a professional hairstylist to achieve some of these looks. They are simple, easy, and pretty hairstyles that you can try in the comfort of your home. They have the ability to spruce up the look you wear.

These 10 quick, stylish hairstyles can be all you would ever ask for or want to try-on while social distancing. They are:

1. Heatless hairstyles: If you are thinking of a better time for you to try out a heatless hairstyle; during social distancing or quarantine is the best time to try this out. You can stay at home safely and make your heatless curls while protecting your body from the worldwide pandemic. This hairstyle does not only look great, but it is also a way of reviving your hair from regular heat damage. For those who love curly hair and uses curler a lot, this hairstyle will restore your hair from regular heat damage. The heatless hairstyle isn’t just a good social distancing hairstyle, but it also helps our hair in various ways we do not know of.

2. French braids: French braid is a classic and widely loved braid. It is easier to make but still needs some practice. French braids look good and even better if you have long hair. While getting bored during the quarantine and wondering the hairstyle to try while social distancing, try practicing this hairstyle. With the help of online videos or step-by-step tutorial, you will become an expert in making a French braid. The French braid is lovely, easy, and helpful during this season.

3. Frizzy hair hairstyles: Are you fed up with the ever-present frizz in your hair? Why don’t you try changing it into a hairstyle? If frizz is your Achilles’s heel, then consider it a temporary hairstyle for the pandemic. Everyone is learning how to deal with their hair, and some are trying to be better in their hair journey. Embracing your natural frizzy hair when you can’t deal with the frizz, sounds easy and quick, right? Sure it is. These look will help you reduce the appearance of frizz and keep you looking super stylish while you’re social distancing.

4. Waterfall braid: Just like the French braid, you also need some practice to make your waterfall braid, but you don’t need to be a professional to be able to make this braid. The braid is also a quick and easy braid for social distancing. All you need to do take a chunk of hair right from the front and make a braid. Once you are done, make it like a headband at the side of your head and attach it with a clip. It is quite simple to achieve and can bring out your best look during this period of global social distancing.

5. Dutch braid: Staying home during quarantine and working on important home duties like cooking, washing, or other things. While doing any of these, your hair may not just stay put, and this can be so annoying. The Dutch braid can be the perfect hairstyle for you, especially if you are looking for a no-fuss, clean WFH hairstyle. Your natural instinct may be to put up your hair in a messy bun, but this fuss-free and clean Dutch braid is the next best thing to tryout. The Dutch braid is a no-nonsense way of braiding your hair while you are social distancing.

6. Tight curls: The hairstyle isn’t just good for the quarantine period but also cute, bouncy, and very much fun. If you are a curl lover and wishing your hair was naturally curly. Tight curl hairstyles are all you need. The sections are typically smaller for these types of tight ringlet curls. Tight curls may take you a long time to achieve, but the end result is usually worth it. Tight curls are suitable for almost all hair types, and you will enjoy doing it during this period.

7. Quick, elegant low bun: The name already betrays its quality. Suppose you love half-up, half-down style. A quick, elegant low bun can help perk your look so fast. It is pretty easy and quick to make. It is also a perfect go-to for casual. This look can work for long or medium hair length.

8. Topknot: A top knot is an ideal social distancing hairstyle for people with thick hair types to try out. It is one of the cute hairstyles to try out; it is pretty quick and easy to make, especially when you are running late. This hairstyle gives you a voluminous looking easy bun. All you need is elastic, pins, and a doughnut-shaped bun to form this amazing hairstyle in minutes. This hairstyle is also popular in old Chinese and Korean cultures and has been re-modified to fit modern beauty.

9. Low braids: A no brainer hairstyle that’s high in imparted is this messy low braid. It is best worn on long hair but doesn’t look bad on medium hair. It might look complicated, but it is pretty easy and quick to make. To achieve this alluring hairstyle; create a loose, diffuse, middle parting. You are not supposed to stress about this parting because it is easy to make and less complicated in reality. To do it, gather each hair below each ear and begin to lose. Make sure to leave a few tendrils at each temple to soften the entire look. Tug the area behind your crown to create a bit of life. Secure the end with a tie, and you are good to go. Low braids look complicated, but it’s easy when you get to know it.

10. Bubble pony: The bubble pony hairstyle is pretty easy to create. It is created from ponytails. It can take your look to the next level and can spice things up. To achieve this look, slick your ponytail into a high ponytail that sits at the top of your head. To achieve that bubble effect, simply cut your ponytail into segment downward with different elastics. This look should be your go-to easy look if you are a ponytail lover and want to explore other unique styles of making ponytails.

During social distancing or quarantine, your hair shouldn’t betray you, and you don’t need to look shabby and rough during this period. These 10 hairstyles can be the one-end-solution to your hair needs, and you will be equally equipped with a new hair skill.

How To Cut Layers At Home This Fall

Giving yourself the best of layer cut at home this fall is not an easy task. However, with the right equipment, it can be made easy. In this piece, professional stylists at Uniwigs have highlighted five guidelines that will make the process, even more, easier for you.

If you have zero ideas of what you are about to do, a simple trim that goes wrong can turn out to be awful, when it comes to cutting your hair. This is the main reason; it is not recommended for you to have your layer cut all by yourself at home. It only put you more in the place of getting it done the wrong way.

However, in this period, we have found ourselves, talking about the ongoing pandemic terrorizing the globe, so many individuals are doing their best to avoid going to salons. So they choose their hairstyles at home.

One thing that everyone should know is, we are in the post-lockdown state period so in this fall if you don’t want to risk having your hair cut yourself, you can visit professionals in the salon.

Notwithstanding, for trying sake and adventure purposes, if you are still set on doing this, you can always get it right only if you calm down and take it slow. Giving yourself a layer cut can be daunting, especially if you are trying it for the first time. On the other hand, stressing out will only get worse. So just a deep breath, relax your nerves before starting up.

Note that aside from trying to calm yourself, you need to have a little skill or knowledge of what you are about doing. These five tips will set you going, and in the end, you can drop your comment in the comment section. We would be excited to hear from you about your experience.

1. Dampen Your Hair And Hold On To Your Tool

Just as mentioned earlier, you need only the right set of tools to make this happen. It would be best if you had a good pair of shears to make this work because the hairstyle is more than a blunt work. This should be a hair cutting shears and not a scissors for sewing or one for your kitchen. Using the wrong hair shears will cause damage to your lovely hair if you don’t have the right tool. You can conveniently make an investment buying the tool, knowing that you are still going to need it some other time.

Having a handy comb is another tool to have. A tail comb is just the best for this work. Even at the salon, a comb is necessary when cutting layers. With the comb, you can easily distribute the hair for an even cut. You wouldn’t want to end up having chunks.

Back to the process, working on damp hair allows room for more precision. So don’t forget to spritz your hair strands with some water before you start. Or wash your hair and wait for it to dry off a bit.

2. Part Your Hair Into Sections

Now you have your tools ready, and hair dampens, part your hair into sections according to how it normally falls. Parting your hair into sections helps to determine how deep you will be cutting the hair. Part the hair and clip any piece that you don’t want to touch. This is very important.

The hair you are working on is right at the very front top of your head. This should form a triangular shape into your part. You can use this hair for your layers or bangs.

3. Now Cut Slowly

You have to control the speed at which you cut. Remember that you can always cut the hair off but cannot attach it back after cutting. This is the more reason you have to take it slow.

Hold the front triangle section of your hair (as already sectioned), then divide down at the middle, this is what you will use to form the layers. Take a section at a time, then cut diagonally towards the section part. Repeat the same process at the other section making sure that the length of both sides is equal.

The length of the hair is very important; however, your face can be used as the ultimate guide to getting this right. Make sure you go a little longer when cutting your hair and make use of your facial features to track your cuts. For instance, the longest pieces should be at your chin, while the shortest ones should fall around your nose.

Another tip to take note of is this, when forming your face-framing bits, try to elevate and cut upward into the hair slightly. This is known as point cutting. Point cutting is simply holding the hair scissors at the tip of your hair and cutting a little amount of hair at the tip to make it look soft. Also, this technique can be used to get cut off bulk hair without touching the length.

For starters, point cutting is very easy and simple to try. Some other methods may be too advanced to catch up with. Whatever methods you decide to use, try to do it slowly, only cut off a small amount of hair at a time to avoid making irreversible mistakes.

4. Ensure Both Sides Are Even

Once you can go past the front cutting process, then it means you are almost done. Layers cut is all about making sure that both sections are equal and match up. To know if you are right, comb the sections altogether. Comb downwards in front of your face to confirm if it’s equal. You are permitted to do some trimming once you notice that some parts of the hair length are longer. Just make sure you don’t take off much hair while trimming.

5. Style Up For Final Touching

Congratulations! This is the last thing to do but not necessary. Now, you can style your hair. The only fact about this is that it will make you notice what needs to be adjusted. Use a round brush to blow-dry the hair. Then fix your layers as you deem fit. Styling your hair will help you know if you have successfully given yourself a nice layer cut or if there is more work to do.


Now you know what to do to give yourself a befitting layer cut while at home this fall. If you are up for this task, follow the process as explained, and don’t forget to let us know about your experience in the comment section.

Hairstyles For This Summer

Avoid the heat with these cool hairstyles. If you are able to make a braid or a bow, you can do any of these that we propose at home. You don’t need any kind of tool or special skill to go perfect!

This hairstyle is much easier to do than it seems. You just have to make two braids that are not too tight on the ends closest to the scalp and then pick them up with bobby pins. Very simple!

Do not seek perfection, but a volume that brings elegance and style to the look.

It doesn’t matter if you have long or short, curly or straight hair. This gathering is done with a knot with the strands of hair and the result is always perfect.

Choose a short, colorful scarf to decorate your high bun. It is a way to add accessories and style to one of the most common hairstyles to avoid the heat in summer.

This is one of the most versatile hairstyles because it works for both going to work and for a date or even running errands.

Have you always wished you had a longer ponytail? Well, pay attention to this trick!

Aren’t you good at braids? So this is your look. You just have to twist two strands and add hair, the result will be similar to that of a braid, but much easier and faster to do.

Capital elegance is what this hairstyle conveys. It is a perfect collection for weddings and parties that you have to attend this summer.

Start The New look with New Hair

With the spread of the coronavirus globally, what will you do at home?
We bring two new human hair wigs that you can keep an eye when you play phone on sofa. These two wigs are totally different in hair styles and colors.

Zoe Mono Top Full Hand-tied Human hair wig

Zoe is a 100% human hair wig. The nearly 16” armpit length is popular by most of us. A fully hand tied cap is a luxury, if you can go for it, you can count on a completely natural look and movement as the hairs are hand tied into a monofilament top and soft stretchable net. The strands of hair look and move like it’s growing straight out of your scalp. You have the almost undetectable wigs that look and feels amazing.

This is a good choice for women experiencing high scalp sensitive when majority of hair loss has occurred. One of the benefit is styling versatility where you can part your hair anywhere.

As you might aware of the density 120% that marked on UniWigs website, you can feel enough hair volume by touching and wearing.

This long straight hair with bangs is a classic hair style. It’s a low-maintenance look. It will look flattering if you have a long or wide face.

The most impression long hair with bangs is Taylor swift’s. By keep the bangs between your eyebrow and eyes, you will get more attention to the centre of your face, particularly your nose and lips.

Harper-Remy human hair lace front wig

Harper is UniWigs Classic cap human hair wigs. The lace front has 5” high which allows 3-4” parting line, plus stretchable wefted back. There are 10R creamy ice(golden blonde) and 8-12 Toffee(lightest brown with dark blonde). If you are considering to have this blonde hair, you don’t have to invest your hair in salon. Just add it in cart, and it can change your hair color in minutes.

The wavy that we did is a beach wavy. It’s a soft waves with straight ends. This gorgeous wave that feel like it’s not hard to achieve. UniWigs offers 100% human hair that can be curved and styled.

The steps to achieve beach waves:
1. Use a large barrel curling iron to curl large chunks for your hair.
2. After finishing curling, loosen your curls.
3. Grad a section of your hair and start your straighter towards the root of your hair. Twist the straighter as you move down the section of your hair.
4. Complete your beach wave.


UniWigs launched a vote on MOST POPULAR PRODUCT on December, 2019. Through 3 weeks of voting, six UniWigs products including Trendy wigs and hair helpers have been selected as the Most Popular Products of 2019 by our dearest customers, which are Lavender Dawn, Calypso – Loose Curl Version, 6″x7″ Bella Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper, 8.5″x9″ Melanie Remy Human Hair Mono Topper, Charlotte – Remy Human Hair Lace Wig and Perfection- Remy Human Hair Lace Wig.

Most Popular Products of 2019
Most Popular Products of 2019

We thank all loyalty customers for voting our products. Five lucky customers who voted in the campaign are selected randomly and one of them will get a $200 coupon, two get $100 coupon, the other two get $50 coupon. Congratulations! Welcome to join our future campaigns!


Now, let’s figure out why these six products won the favor of a majority of customers.

1. Lavender Dawn
Lavender Dawn is inspired by the deep rich colors that peak right at dawn in Southern California. UniWigs brings you a glamorous twist of Lavender with hints of the sun, embodied in luscious long curls that make this the perfect choice for anyone. As with all of The Trendy Collection, we combine the natural look and feel of our heat-resistant synthetic hair, with our ultra-comfortable French lace cap.

Lavender Dawn
Lavender Dawn

See how customers comment on it. “Very full, beautiful color, decent lace, stays on your head comfortably, hair is very soft and no fake shine!” “Honestly I was in SHOCK at the quality and the softness of this wig and I get compliments ALL the time. It’s definitely my favorite and the color is so vibrant!!!”…So, if you want a gorgeous dating with your lover or dear sisters, the Lavender Dawn will be your solid choice!

2. Calypso – Loose Curl Version
Calypso is bright blue and will remind you of faraway mythical islands. Calypso has bright Marge Simpson Blue colored hair, which is eye-catching and will make you stand out! Calypso is absolutely perfect for cosplay, fancy dress costumes, and events, or even just if you want bright blue hair!


For such an attractive hair color and hairstyle, how the customers would comment? “THIS WIG IS AMAZING !!!! I love this unit so much! It is my first and it was so easy to manage. I love for my wigs so that was also a plus! I would recommend this to anyone who needs a nice curly unit.” “Love, love, love very in love with this wig very silky and soft and smooth very affordable love the length love the texture love the price love the cap, very comfortable very very impressed and satisfied!” Yeah, Calypso is like her name, has symbolic bright blue color, usually considered be popular around young fashion girls. Who hasn’t been young and had colorful hairs!?

3. 6’’x7’’ Bella Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper
The Bella human hair topper is a human hair top piece with a 6″x7″ large base. Designed to add gorgeous volume and coverage at the crown, this 100% Remy human hair top piece integrates with your own hair for a supremely natural look. You can create beautiful loose curls that cascade from your shoulders.

6’’x7’’ Bella Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper
6’’x7’’ Bella Remy Human Hair Silk Top Topper

It features a 100% hand-tied silk base which gives the appearance of your own natural scalp and the most natural look. Bella topper is available in various lengths and colors.

She also has received plentiful praise. It was *almost* too much fun. It’s a lightweight silk top piece that is completely hand-tied, giving me a ton of versatility. It’s similar to a traditional side braid but with a really deep hair part for a more dramatic effect.” Whether you are young or not, you can wear this topper with no worries!

4. 8.5″x9″ Melanie Remy Human Hair Mono Topper
The Melanie human hair topper is another hot-selling product. It is a human hair top piece with an 8.5”x9” super large base. Designed to add gorgeous volume and coverage at the crown, this 100% Remy human hair top piece integrates with your own hair for a supremely natural look. It features a mono top and wefted back. The mono top gives the most natural look and the wefts makes the large topper more breathable.

8.5"x9" Melanie Remy Human Hair Mono Topper
8.5″x9″ Melanie Remy Human Hair Mono Topper

Let’s see the comments on this perfect Melanie. “I absolutely adore this topper! It is so soft. The color is exactly as pictured. And the density is so believable…this is what my hair always SHOULD have looked like. This is now my go to topper!” “The Melanie is quite nice. I like how the front hairline merges with my own hair so nicely.”…Wearing this piece makes you scalp breath at ease.

5. Charlotte – Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
Charlotte is our new luxurious style from our UniWigs Celebrity Collection. With a carefully perfected blend of Ice Blonde and Beige Blonde and our most natural-looking dark roots, Charlotte oozes sophistication and elegance. Charlotte is made with Virgin Remy Human Hair which is the highest quality standard of hair, with long-lasting shine, silky softness and an extensive lifespan.


UniWigs human hair wigs are really worth investing. Customers say, “Real human hair, soft beautiful wig, love the colors, amazing blend, the front lace is very realistic looking, bright platinum ends… definitely worth every penny.” “The wig color is blended so well! It seems that there are at least 3 different hair colors and with a dark root. I only saw this kind of hair color in a salon. I love the color soooo much. It is just so natural! The hair quality is great apparently! Such a luxourious style!” Certainly, we are also proud of Charlotte!

6. Perfection- Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
Perfection is a firm favorite and a UniWigs classic. The rich brunette shade and Chocolate Brown balayage gives this silky straight lace wig irresistible color that never goes out of fashion.


Perfection is perfect for everyday wear. Wear Perfection casually or dress Perfection up for an event. The hair is made from entirely remy human hair that can be heat styled any way you like.

“What can I say about this AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL WIG!! It has the perfect name and the colors are just to die for. I was fortunate to receive this wig after I lost my hair to cancer, Im currently battling leukemia. This wig has not only boosted my confidence but has also given me the hair color I’ve always wanted! The highlights are so pretty and I honestly am so grateful for this gift! I highly recommend everyone to buy this if you’re looking for that HOT go to look!” A really high compliment, right?

These are all our TOP 6 most popular products in 2019. UniWigs will accompany you all and continue do our best to offer the high-quality products and professional service in 2020!


There are multiple ways that Lace front human hair wigs with baby hair can be worn: straight, curly, or wavy. If you can spend just a little time on flat-ironing and styling the wig to step away and see the slicked-down baby hairs curl up again in a flash, then this article is for you and I urge you to take a purposeful journey through it to see just how you can and embrace the baby hair styling inspiration.
Before we discuss about how to cut and style baby hairs on a lace front wig, let’s take a look at basic features about Lace Front Wigs With Baby Hair.

Human hair lace front wigs have a small sheer lace panel just along the front hairline attached to the front of the wig. The hair strands are sewn manually, by hand, into the holes of the lace. They are often made of the highest quality Indian, Peruvian or Brazilian Remy Hair. Human hair wigs lace frontal can be colored, permed, and styled just like our natural hair. Lace front human hair wigs come in a variety of textures, which allows you to find the the right texture that matches your natural hair, to give your hair that original look. Human hair wigs can last a year or more, even when worn daily, if care for properly.

baby hair
baby hair

Lace front human hair wigs are made with a few baby hair to help create the illusion of natural hair growth along the hairline. This illusion generally improves the natural appearance of the hair and enables the wearer to style the wig away from their face, concealing that they are wearing a wig. It’s very easy to wear lace front wig because they are stretchy and they cover the entire scalp area with a natural looking hairstyle.

How can you therefore style bay hair on a lace front wig?
To begin, here are the items that you need:
• Lace front human hair wig
• Scissors
• Comb
• Brush
• Hairspray
And now, the processes.

Step 1: Cut the Lace
The first step to take when styling baby hairs of a lace front wig is to trim the excess lace on lace front wigs that hangs over the forehead with your scissors. This will give it the most natural look. Cut off about a quarter-inch of the lace all around the front and sides of the wig. The best method is to cut away small portions of lace instead of all of it at once, because cutting off too many lace may damage the wig. You have to do the cutting with long, fluid scissor strokes to avoid jagged edges. This step is very delicate and therefore, requires a steady hand, a good pair of scissors, and a lot of patience.

Step 2: Define the Parting
Herein, clip the hair on either side of the center-marking. Clip backwards using the two large hair clips. Then, use a fine-toothed comb to create a parting on one side of your wig. Afterwards, blow dry your hair up and away as you comb to create fine definition in the parting. When your hair is dry, keep on combing, until the parting is becomes very neat and the separation is reinforced.

Step 3: Water the Baby Hairs
Baby hairs should be completely wet to style them. Use a spray bottle containing water to spray along your hairline. Or use your hand to sprinkle water onto your hairline, if you don’t have a spray bottle.

Step 4: Use a Blow Dryer to Hot Dry the Baby Hairs
After wetting the baby hairs, the next step is to blow dry with hand blow dryer. To achieve a fine result, start the process by holding a section of your damp baby hair between your index and middle finger, about 2 inch from your hairline. Thereafter, pull your hair out and blow dry for about 3 seconds. Then blast them with cool air for 3 more seconds. Baby hairs are very fragile, and that’s is why you have to alternate between hot and cool to help protect frail hairs from burning.

Step 5: Set the Baby Hairs with Hairspray
To set the baby hairs, first, spray the hairspray on a soft-bristled toothbrush and then gently brush the baby hairs horizontally against the hairline. You can also do this with a styling cream or edge control ge. Finally, spray a little of the hairspray on any of your fingertip and then, smooth it over your baby hairs.

Tips To Create Different Baby Hair Looks
When it comes to hair and wig styling, creativity is always in play, and creating art with your wig edges is one of favorite parts of the hair styling routine.The designs and patterns of the edges can impact our minds and overpower the look of a hairstyle. The appearance of your baby hairs greatly impacts the entire look of the hairstyle. The aesthetics means a lot. Therefore, knowing how to beautifully style your baby hairs is very important. Here are some tips that can you lay the edge of a lace front wig excellently and to create different unique baby hair looks.

Tip 1: Slick Short Baby Hairs Straight Down
If you want to create a short baby hairs along the front of the edge of a lace wig, you can do it by using a gel or hairspray and then slicking the baby hairs straight down. They’ will form bangs but will look beautiful.

Tip 2: Slick Short Baby Hairs Down into Waves
To create this style, start at the front of your hairline, using a comb to make a small part in your hair about 0.25 inch backwards to your temple. Separate the hair strands on the part and apply some hair gel on them. Then use your fingers or a fine-toothed comb to shape them into waves. This works better if the hairs around your hairline are short, but a long hair can still look good.

Tip 3: Create Baby Hairs into a Fuzzy Halo look
For this style, sprinkle a hair powder on the top of your hair, while gently lifting your hair up from the roots. Then move your wrist along your hairline in a circular motion. Your baby hair should frizz up. This style can soften your features and complement many hair styles.

Tip 4: Create Curly Afro Baby Hairs
For this style, work the baby hairs at the front of the wig edge, using a gel (just s small quantity). Then gently wrap the baby hairs around your fingers and gently let go to create the curls.
You can even use a small curling iron to create this style, but you have to be careful so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process. If you are using a curling iron, then you won’t need to apply gel. But ensure you don’t burn or damage the baby hairs, if you are using a curling iron to style, because of their very delicate nature.