10 Hairstyles to try while social distancing

During quarantine can be such a boring period. You either have more time than usual or find out that you’re busier than you used to be. Thinking about your hair, you don’t have to cut your hair or dye your hair because of the quarantine period. We have rounded up a few moods lifting hairstyles that can be done during the social distancing period. The best part is that you don’t require a professional hairstylist to achieve some of these looks. They are simple, easy, and pretty hairstyles that you can try in the comfort of your home. They have the ability to spruce up the look you wear.

These 10 quick, stylish hairstyles can be all you would ever ask for or want to try-on while social distancing. They are:

1. Heatless hairstyles: If you are thinking of a better time for you to try out a heatless hairstyle; during social distancing or quarantine is the best time to try this out. You can stay at home safely and make your heatless curls while protecting your body from the worldwide pandemic. This hairstyle does not only look great, but it is also a way of reviving your hair from regular heat damage. For those who love curly hair and uses curler a lot, this hairstyle will restore your hair from regular heat damage. The heatless hairstyle isn’t just a good social distancing hairstyle, but it also helps our hair in various ways we do not know of.

2. French braids: French braid is a classic and widely loved braid. It is easier to make but still needs some practice. French braids look good and even better if you have long hair. While getting bored during the quarantine and wondering the hairstyle to try while social distancing, try practicing this hairstyle. With the help of online videos or step-by-step tutorial, you will become an expert in making a French braid. The French braid is lovely, easy, and helpful during this season.

3. Frizzy hair hairstyles: Are you fed up with the ever-present frizz in your hair? Why don’t you try changing it into a hairstyle? If frizz is your Achilles’s heel, then consider it a temporary hairstyle for the pandemic. Everyone is learning how to deal with their hair, and some are trying to be better in their hair journey. Embracing your natural frizzy hair when you can’t deal with the frizz, sounds easy and quick, right? Sure it is. These look will help you reduce the appearance of frizz and keep you looking super stylish while you’re social distancing.

4. Waterfall braid: Just like the French braid, you also need some practice to make your waterfall braid, but you don’t need to be a professional to be able to make this braid. The braid is also a quick and easy braid for social distancing. All you need to do take a chunk of hair right from the front and make a braid. Once you are done, make it like a headband at the side of your head and attach it with a clip. It is quite simple to achieve and can bring out your best look during this period of global social distancing.

5. Dutch braid: Staying home during quarantine and working on important home duties like cooking, washing, or other things. While doing any of these, your hair may not just stay put, and this can be so annoying. The Dutch braid can be the perfect hairstyle for you, especially if you are looking for a no-fuss, clean WFH hairstyle. Your natural instinct may be to put up your hair in a messy bun, but this fuss-free and clean Dutch braid is the next best thing to tryout. The Dutch braid is a no-nonsense way of braiding your hair while you are social distancing.

6. Tight curls: The hairstyle isn’t just good for the quarantine period but also cute, bouncy, and very much fun. If you are a curl lover and wishing your hair was naturally curly. Tight curl hairstyles are all you need. The sections are typically smaller for these types of tight ringlet curls. Tight curls may take you a long time to achieve, but the end result is usually worth it. Tight curls are suitable for almost all hair types, and you will enjoy doing it during this period.

7. Quick, elegant low bun: The name already betrays its quality. Suppose you love half-up, half-down style. A quick, elegant low bun can help perk your look so fast. It is pretty easy and quick to make. It is also a perfect go-to for casual. This look can work for long or medium hair length.

8. Topknot: A top knot is an ideal social distancing hairstyle for people with thick hair types to try out. It is one of the cute hairstyles to try out; it is pretty quick and easy to make, especially when you are running late. This hairstyle gives you a voluminous looking easy bun. All you need is elastic, pins, and a doughnut-shaped bun to form this amazing hairstyle in minutes. This hairstyle is also popular in old Chinese and Korean cultures and has been re-modified to fit modern beauty.

9. Low braids: A no brainer hairstyle that’s high in imparted is this messy low braid. It is best worn on long hair but doesn’t look bad on medium hair. It might look complicated, but it is pretty easy and quick to make. To achieve this alluring hairstyle; create a loose, diffuse, middle parting. You are not supposed to stress about this parting because it is easy to make and less complicated in reality. To do it, gather each hair below each ear and begin to lose. Make sure to leave a few tendrils at each temple to soften the entire look. Tug the area behind your crown to create a bit of life. Secure the end with a tie, and you are good to go. Low braids look complicated, but it’s easy when you get to know it.

10. Bubble pony: The bubble pony hairstyle is pretty easy to create. It is created from ponytails. It can take your look to the next level and can spice things up. To achieve this look, slick your ponytail into a high ponytail that sits at the top of your head. To achieve that bubble effect, simply cut your ponytail into segment downward with different elastics. This look should be your go-to easy look if you are a ponytail lover and want to explore other unique styles of making ponytails.

During social distancing or quarantine, your hair shouldn’t betray you, and you don’t need to look shabby and rough during this period. These 10 hairstyles can be the one-end-solution to your hair needs, and you will be equally equipped with a new hair skill.