How To Cut Layers At Home This Fall

Giving yourself the best of layer cut at home this fall is not an easy task. However, with the right equipment, it can be made easy. In this piece, professional stylists at Uniwigs have highlighted five guidelines that will make the process, even more, easier for you.

If you have zero ideas of what you are about to do, a simple trim that goes wrong can turn out to be awful, when it comes to cutting your hair. This is the main reason; it is not recommended for you to have your layer cut all by yourself at home. It only put you more in the place of getting it done the wrong way.

However, in this period, we have found ourselves, talking about the ongoing pandemic terrorizing the globe, so many individuals are doing their best to avoid going to salons. So they choose their hairstyles at home.

One thing that everyone should know is, we are in the post-lockdown state period so in this fall if you don’t want to risk having your hair cut yourself, you can visit professionals in the salon.

Notwithstanding, for trying sake and adventure purposes, if you are still set on doing this, you can always get it right only if you calm down and take it slow. Giving yourself a layer cut can be daunting, especially if you are trying it for the first time. On the other hand, stressing out will only get worse. So just a deep breath, relax your nerves before starting up.

Note that aside from trying to calm yourself, you need to have a little skill or knowledge of what you are about doing. These five tips will set you going, and in the end, you can drop your comment in the comment section. We would be excited to hear from you about your experience.

1. Dampen Your Hair And Hold On To Your Tool

Just as mentioned earlier, you need only the right set of tools to make this happen. It would be best if you had a good pair of shears to make this work because the hairstyle is more than a blunt work. This should be a hair cutting shears and not a scissors for sewing or one for your kitchen. Using the wrong hair shears will cause damage to your lovely hair if you don’t have the right tool. You can conveniently make an investment buying the tool, knowing that you are still going to need it some other time.

Having a handy comb is another tool to have. A tail comb is just the best for this work. Even at the salon, a comb is necessary when cutting layers. With the comb, you can easily distribute the hair for an even cut. You wouldn’t want to end up having chunks.

Back to the process, working on damp hair allows room for more precision. So don’t forget to spritz your hair strands with some water before you start. Or wash your hair and wait for it to dry off a bit.

2. Part Your Hair Into Sections

Now you have your tools ready, and hair dampens, part your hair into sections according to how it normally falls. Parting your hair into sections helps to determine how deep you will be cutting the hair. Part the hair and clip any piece that you don’t want to touch. This is very important.

The hair you are working on is right at the very front top of your head. This should form a triangular shape into your part. You can use this hair for your layers or bangs.

3. Now Cut Slowly

You have to control the speed at which you cut. Remember that you can always cut the hair off but cannot attach it back after cutting. This is the more reason you have to take it slow.

Hold the front triangle section of your hair (as already sectioned), then divide down at the middle, this is what you will use to form the layers. Take a section at a time, then cut diagonally towards the section part. Repeat the same process at the other section making sure that the length of both sides is equal.

The length of the hair is very important; however, your face can be used as the ultimate guide to getting this right. Make sure you go a little longer when cutting your hair and make use of your facial features to track your cuts. For instance, the longest pieces should be at your chin, while the shortest ones should fall around your nose.

Another tip to take note of is this, when forming your face-framing bits, try to elevate and cut upward into the hair slightly. This is known as point cutting. Point cutting is simply holding the hair scissors at the tip of your hair and cutting a little amount of hair at the tip to make it look soft. Also, this technique can be used to get cut off bulk hair without touching the length.

For starters, point cutting is very easy and simple to try. Some other methods may be too advanced to catch up with. Whatever methods you decide to use, try to do it slowly, only cut off a small amount of hair at a time to avoid making irreversible mistakes.

4. Ensure Both Sides Are Even

Once you can go past the front cutting process, then it means you are almost done. Layers cut is all about making sure that both sections are equal and match up. To know if you are right, comb the sections altogether. Comb downwards in front of your face to confirm if it’s equal. You are permitted to do some trimming once you notice that some parts of the hair length are longer. Just make sure you don’t take off much hair while trimming.

5. Style Up For Final Touching

Congratulations! This is the last thing to do but not necessary. Now, you can style your hair. The only fact about this is that it will make you notice what needs to be adjusted. Use a round brush to blow-dry the hair. Then fix your layers as you deem fit. Styling your hair will help you know if you have successfully given yourself a nice layer cut or if there is more work to do.


Now you know what to do to give yourself a befitting layer cut while at home this fall. If you are up for this task, follow the process as explained, and don’t forget to let us know about your experience in the comment section.