How UniWigs Handle Clearance Products

“I have limited budget, do there have a cheaper product? “
“The price is much more cheaper than other products, is the quality bad?”
“Could I return it after I place the order?”

Here we take a glance at this blog and get rid of your concerns:

There are certain products in closeout: Items in superfluous stock that are not selling well; Custom orders that cancelled; Wrong products that don’t meet the quality inspection standards made from factory.
At UniWigs clearance page, you can get a reduced price upto 50% discount.That means you can save a big budget to get a wig or a hair pieces that you want.

People may worry about the quality. Actually, vip customers would like to purchase them readily because they had experience after several orders. They know UniWigs products and services.
There’s only left one or two stocks at the lowest price for each one, you can get it in a short time. Return is not allowed when the product is shipped out.

So how UniWigs deal with the products? They will seperate them in different kinds of products like wigs, hair toppers, synthetic wigs or hair extensions. The QA department will wash and condition those products. Then the designers, stylist and workers will work together and styling those products for orders placed from customers.

You can find all clearance products on UniWigs page:

There’s a special link for these products:

Return Policy:

WIG 101- Tips & Tricks to Perfecting Your Wig Style

Wigs can be a gorgeous solution for hair loss and alopecia. No matter you are wearing a human hair wig or a synthetic wig, some tips and tricks are necessary and helpful to make your wig look perfect!

Tip 1: Dab some concealer.

Hanna mono top full hand-tied human hair wig
Hanna mono top full hand-tied human hair wig

Putting some concealer on the part of your piece/wig can add more skin appearance. But for the darker knots, you can put the concealer under the knots and nude eye shadow on top to give you a more natural looking part.

Tip 2: Break the knots with a needle instead of tweezing.

Hope mono top synthetic hair topper
Hope mono top synthetic hair topper

It’s a common suggestion to tweeze your part. But with most of the wigs at are in lace and monofilament features, the knots are hand-tied on the top of the lace. So in order to not damage your lace front, carefully break the knots with a needle or another fine pointy object. Then comb out the hair with a fine toothcomb to remove the untied strands.

Tip 3: Use a wig grip.

Wig Grip Headband
Wig Grip Headband

Using a wig grip is a great way to keep your wig or piece secure. Sometimes the wig grips need a little more attraction to stay in place. You can use little hair spray where the grip sits to help for minimum movement.

Hope the above three tips can help you to achieve the seamless appearance with your wigs and hair pieces.


There are some things that you need to put into consideration to come up with the schedule that works for you and your hair. You need to consider the growth rate of your hair (i.e., new growth), your hair texture, your level of patience with your hair, and how often you style your hair.

1. New growth
The best time to do a retouch is after at least eight weeks. That will help in avoiding the overlapping of chemicals to the previously relaxed hair. Hair typically grows about a ½ inch a month. Waiting till you have at least an inch of new growth before relaxing is a good idea to consider. This will ensure the chemical is only applied to the new growth and allow enough room for it. If you only let ¼ inch of hair grow before going ahead to relax your hair, you run the risk of damage.

2. Hair texture
Your hair texture may also dictate how often you want to relax your hair. In some cases, if your hair texture is coarse you will feel the growth within a short time.

3. Level of patience
When you have mostly relaxed your hair over an inch of new growth, styling and caring for your hair can become a challenge. Washing, conditioning, and styling will all require that you spend extra time and extra attention to avoid breaking and damaging your hair. Considerably, it’s easier to want to retouch your hair with a relaxer more often. But relaxing your hair often, less than eight weeks interval, may cause even more breakage and damage to your hair.

4. Hairstyling schedule
Your hairstyling routine is the last point you should consider when thinking about a relaxer schedule. How do you like to wear your hair daily? If you like your hair to be super straight and hanging down, you may want to stick to a rigid relaxer touch-up schedule like 6 – 8 weeks. If you are okay with big, fluffy hair and wavy roots, then you can go ahead and create a more extend relaxer schedule for your hair.

Relaxing your hair after removing a hair extension
Hair that has just been removed from extensions is usually weak and lacks in protein, so to go ahead and relax it the same day can cause an inevitable disaster. When you remove your hair from extensions, you should first detangle your hair, wash it, and then condition it with a protein deep-conditioner and wait till at least, one week before relaxing. Also, when washing your hair, ensure you wash your hair in sections or in single braids to prevent matting and tangles. Giving your hair one week after removing an extension before relaxing will also help your scalp recuperate.

Here are also some things you should know before and after relaxing your hair.
1. Relaxed hair is weaker than natural hair and therefore you should only relax your hair if it’s healthy. If your hair is already fragile, relaxing it can damage it severely.

2. Do not relax your hair immediately or too soon after you have washed it or agitate the scalp. Relax your hair at least one week after you’ve washed it. That will give your scalp enough time to generate enough natural lubricant to help to protect it during the relaxing process.

3. You should always use a hair relaxer that is gentle on your scalp and hair. Relaxers come in 3 strengths: mild, regular, and super. Understanding the texture of your hair before choosing a relaxer will help you make a suitable choice.

4. Avoid all curly hairstyles a week before relaxing and ensure your hair is straight and detangled.

6. After relaxing your hair, do not install a weave or any braids for up to 2 weeks, because your hair at this point cannot withstand the tension caused by extensions.

7. Relaxing hair usually leads to dryness, so endeavor to moisturize your hair regularly.

It’s always advisable to consider time more than the amount of growth when it comes to relaxing hair. Always make use of a relaxer that is gentle and will always leave your hair strong and bouncy.

Remember also, that treating your hair is necessary to maintain the protein and moisture balance. As we know, relaxers work by breaking down some of the protein bonds in our hair. If hair that is protein deficient is relaxed, it will become fragile or even damaged after the relaxer process. A fragile or damaged hair cannot withstand daily wear and tear and is susceptible to breakage. It is, therefore, necessary to prepare for relaxing by ensuring your hair is not lacking in protein. Hair should be washed and deep-conditioned with a protein conditioner a week before it is relaxed.

Are you parting your hair the right way?

Parting your hair is something you do everyday. Maybe without even knowing it. It is something you should pay more attention to if you’re not already.

Correcting your parting can even make you look more attractive and who doesn’t want to look like a snack. You may have the same parting for years and years. It’s time to change it up. After all, life is about taking risks even if the risk is as small as changing the part of your hair.

So what is the best part for our face shape? What is the best part for your individual style? Let’s go over what’s part options you have first.

Middle parts can often make the symmetry of your face stand out more. It’s the best for round face. Because the center part will elongate the face,all the attention is going right down the middle and nothing on the side. But center part will be recommendation for a circular face.

Off center part or side part means you can leave one centimeter or two centimeter off from the center. It is great if people don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces and you want to just bring that eye not to the center. Oval face is the most optimal face shape. Any part will look great with this face shape. But try a slightly off center part, you will look more attractive.

Another style is side part. The side part is a much edge in my opion.

The last one is Zigzag part. This part can be on the side or in the middle. This part will look nice and jagged. Zigzag part will give you amazing hair volume. A sightly zigzag part for square ladies will looks much better.

Parting line is just an easy thing to do in our life and make hair volume. Befor you purchase a topper, you need to confirm that your hair topper or wigs have enough area for a pring line.