Are you parting your hair the right way?

Parting your hair is something you do everyday. Maybe without even knowing it. It is something you should pay more attention to if you’re not already.

Correcting your parting can even make you look more attractive and who doesn’t want to look like a snack. You may have the same parting for years and years. It’s time to change it up. After all, life is about taking risks even if the risk is as small as changing the part of your hair.

So what is the best part for our face shape? What is the best part for your individual style? Let’s go over what’s part options you have first.

Middle parts can often make the symmetry of your face stand out more. It’s the best for round face. Because the center part will elongate the face,all the attention is going right down the middle and nothing on the side. But center part will be recommendation for a circular face.

Off center part or side part means you can leave one centimeter or two centimeter off from the center. It is great if people don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces and you want to just bring that eye not to the center. Oval face is the most optimal face shape. Any part will look great with this face shape. But try a slightly off center part, you will look more attractive.

Another style is side part. The side part is a much edge in my opion.

The last one is Zigzag part. This part can be on the side or in the middle. This part will look nice and jagged. Zigzag part will give you amazing hair volume. A sightly zigzag part for square ladies will looks much better.

Parting line is just an easy thing to do in our life and make hair volume. Befor you purchase a topper, you need to confirm that your hair topper or wigs have enough area for a pring line.