Best Wigs for Summer: A Review of the UniWig Creamy Blonde human hair high-quality wigs

I’m delighted to share with you a review of the UniWigs Kim Creamy Blonde human hair high-quality wig in today’s video. We’ll analyze why this human hair high-quality wig: Kim, is ideal for the summer as we go into the specifics and examine its attributes, such as the lace top, cozy cap design, and the advantages of Remy human hair. Discover why the UniWigs Creamy Blonde is one of the greatest wigs for summer by starting now!

1. A Lace Top with Multiple Parting and Style Options: The UniWigs Creamy Blonde has a lace top with multiple parting and style options. This human hair high-quality wig allows you to experiment with numerous appearances since there is enough room to create alternative parting styles, whether in the center, on the right, or on the left side. The human hair high-quality wig’s beauty and adaptability are enhanced by the capability of customizing your hairdo, making it an excellent option for individuals seeking flexibility.

2. Comfy and Convenient Cap Construction: The glueless cap construction of the Kim wig is one of its great qualities. Without the need for glue or adhesive, it ensures a snug fit thanks to the ear tabs and stays on both sides of the wig cap. This is especially practical for individuals who enjoy hassle-free human hair high-quality wig application since it makes it simple to put on the human hair high-quality wig and get on with your day. The smooth, elastic fabric used for the cap’s rear makes it more comfortable and guarantees that you won’t feel the wefts on your skin.

3. Luxurious Feel and Superior Materials: The UniWigs Kim wig is constructed of a 100% Remy human hair high-quality wig, which ensures great quality and a realistic look. Due to its minimum processing and unbroken cuticles, Remy’s hair is famous for having premium qualities. This results in smooth, silky strands that replicate the appearance and feel of natural hair. The wefts of the wig are also wrapped with a soft, elastic fabric, adding to its luxury appearance and offering a comfortable fit.

4. Heat Resistance and Styling Flexibility: Summer months often bring oppressive heat, and under these conditions, human hair high-quality wigs like the UniWigs Kim wig excel. Human hair high-quality wigs are a better option for hot weather than synthetic wigs since they can endure heating better. You can confidently style your wig and create various styles without worrying about damage with the right maintenance and the use of heat protectant spray. A human hair high-quality wig gives adaptability to fit your style choices, whether you want to alter the color, add highlights, or create a cooler tone.

Due to its great features and premium materials, the UniWigs Creamy Blonde human hair high-quality wig stands out as one of the finest wigs for summer. Its lace top enables flexible style, and its glueless cap design guarantees a snug fit. The human hair high-quality wig’s natural look and durability are enhanced by the use of Remy human hair high-quality wig, which also provides limitless style options. The Kim wig is a fantastic option for people wishing to embrace a gorgeous haircut while enjoying the summer because of its heat resistance and luxury feel.

5. Customization and Color Options: The Kim has a surprising benefit in that it can be tailored to your desires. This human hair high-quality wig gives you the freedom to create the appearance you want whether you want a human hair high-quality wig in a different hue, such as a rich brown or a fiery red. Additionally, you may quickly change your blonde hair into a cooler-toned blonde if you think the original hue doesn’t suit your taste. You can customize your wig and showcase your style with it.

6. Longevity and Durability: When purchasing a human hair high-quality wig, longevity, and durability are crucial aspects to take into account. The UniWigs Kim wig is a premium alternative that guarantees sturdiness and lifespan since it is made from 100% Remy human hair. This human hair high-quality wig can resist repeated usage and maintain its shine and form for a long length of time with the right care and upkeep. Due to this function, you may take advantage of a gorgeous hairdo all through the summer and beyond, making the purchase worthwhile.

7. Easy Application and Versatility: The glueless cap design and ear tabs of the Kim make it simple to put on. This cap offers a solid fit without any pain or the need for further preparation, unlike wigs that need glue. The human hair high-quality wig provides an approachable and user-friendly experience, whether you’re a wig aficionado searching for a fast and simple style alternative or a newbie discovering the world of wigs. It’s ideal for hurried mornings when you want to put a human hair high-quality wig on your head quickly and leave the house.

8. Suitable for a Variety of Events: The Kim wig is adaptable enough to be worn for a variety of events thanks to its stylish inverted bob shape. This human hair high-quality wig is a great option whether you want to dress up your daily appearance, attend a formal event, or have a casual outdoor gathering. You may confidently wear human hair high-quality wig on any occasion thanks to its natural look, comfortable fit, and adaptable styling choices, increasing your overall style and bolstering your confidence.

In conclusion, the Kim Creamy Blonde human hair high-quality wig stands out as one of the top summer wigs thanks to a variety of characteristics that appeal to both comfort and style. With its lace top, cozy cap design, and premium Remy human hair, this human hair high-quality wig offers adaptability, toughness, and an opulent feel. Its heat resistance makes it perfect for the summer, and the flexibility to choose one’s colors gives it a unique flair. The Kim wig is a dependable option that enables you to enjoy a beautiful and carefree hairdo throughout the summer, regardless of whether you are a wig aficionado or are new to the world of wigs.

I appreciate you reading my review of the UniWigs Kim Creamy Blonde wig. This blog post should have helped you understand why this human hair high-quality wig is one of the greatest choices for the summer. Await more captivating material in the coming weeks, and until then, don your human hair high-quality wig with panache! We’re glad you’re back, Wigs with Stuff! I’m delighted to share with you a review of the Kim human hair high-quality wig in today’s video, which is sponsored by Uniwigs. We’ll learn why Uniwigs designed the ideal wig for summer style as we examine its characteristics, such as the lace top, cozy cap structure, and the advantages of Remy’s real hair. See why the Uniwigs Creamy Blonde is the best option for anyone looking for a natural and effortless style this season by visiting:


New Styles Available! The Introduction of Human Hair Wigs Two New Arrivals

Kim- Full Hand-Tied Human Hair Wig

  • SKU: CL1911

Kim- Full Hand-Tied Human Hair Wig
Kim- Full Hand-Tied Human Hair Wig

Our new style designed for people with complete hair loss such as alopecia. Kim is our coziest wig yet. Kim has brand new features to give full comfort to women with total hair loss. She is a stunning pre-cut bob style with longer 12 inch pieces at the front, and shorter 9 inch hair at the back. This hair is in the breath-taking new color Creamy Blonde, with natural Ashy Mouse colored roots.


  • Ultra Comfort– The inner cap is made from new soft viscose material and is so cozy and snuggly a cap underneath the wig is not necessary. Kim is perfect for sensitive scalps.
  • 100% hand-tied lace top– The 5” X 5” lace top is 100% hand-tied. The lace is soft and gives natural hair parting. There is no need to cut the lace.
  • 4 Skin Silicone grip tabs– The 4 skin silicone grip tabs are placed around the cap perimeter to prevent wig slippage. The skin PU tabs are a perfect alternative to clips and combs.
  • 100% Remy human hair– This hair is made from 100% remy human hair, so you can style the hair with straighteners, curling irons and blow dryers as you like.

Kim is so snuggly you’ll forget you’re wearing her and will have to remember to take her off at night. She will be the perfect wig embodying both comfort and style, which will empower you to wear her out and about with confidence.

Iris- Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

  • SKU: CL1909

Iris- Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
Iris- Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

With long and soft expert layering, Iris is an inviting style incorporating both volume and body. Iris has a natural sun-kissed balayage hair color called Dishwater blonde which is a spin on the regular dirty blonde. The lace top offers a realistic hairline that can be parted anywhere you desire, and the elastic net cap in the back is stretchy and comfortable.

  • Salon Quality Color – expert quality salon quality highlights and rooting.

608R- Dark Beige Blonde with subtle highlights of Ash Blonde. With a natural Dark Brown Toned Root.

  • Cap Construction: Iris’s cap is a 13”x5” hand-tied lace top with an elastic net cap in the back
  • Made from 100% Remy Human hair– Can be easily heat-styled with flat or curling irons as your own hair.
  • Lace Top – The 13’’X5’’ hand-tied lace part provides flexible movement and versatility in styling.
  • 150% Density – 150% hair thickness offers plenty of hair to play with.


One Wig Two Styles – UniWigs Trendy Wigs Unique Design

Girls love UniWigs trendy wigs because we are always the fashion leader for colorful wigs by keeping update new design wigs every month. You can search for our official Instagram channel @UniWigs to find how girls love us. Recently, we began to update “one wig in two hair styles” for girls who want a curly hair but don’t know how to curl a straight hair or don’t dare to.

Find all of them in one page:

How to keep your wig feeling super soft this season

So, it’s still a little chilly outside, and all we want to do is cosy up indoors under snuggly blankets until the sun properly returns. When we do have to leave the comfort of home and brave the outdoors, cold weather, harsh winds and snow can be damaging to our skin, our hair… and our cherished wigs! Until Spring arrives, protect your investment by considering these methods.

Use a pH Balanced Shampoo
Our skin and hair’s natural pH balance is on the acidic side, so acidic based shampoos are very good for hair! (these shampoos are the opposite to regular alkaline based shampoos which can be very drying to hair). Acidic based shampoos close the cuticle shaft of hair and keep moisture in the hair, as well as not stripping off all of the hair’s oils. Any shampoo bottle that says it is pH balanced is going to be acidic based. So, wash your wig with a pH balanced shampoo to protect it from drying out.

human hair wig
human hair wig

This may sound obvious, but conditioner makes hair soft! It protects hair from dryness. If you want to protect your investment apply a generous amount of conditioner to your wig after washing. Let the conditioner sit for 15 minutes to an hour before rinsing in mild water for a deeper condition. A hair serum applied after styling or leave-in conditioner will also give your wig long-lasting protection and shine.

uniwigs human hair wigs
uniwigs human hair wigs

It’s how you brush
Brush through your wig gently to avoid the hair becoming frizzy or ripping the hair from the wig tracks. Start brushing from the ends of the hair and work your way up. If possible, try and separate the tangles with your fingers as this is very gentle. After brushing, a light oil sheen can be sprayed onto the wig to restore lustre, this can be done on synthetic and human hair wigs.

blonde wigs
blonde wigs

Dry naturally
To let your wig air dry after a wash rather than blow drying is much better for your wig’s condition. Also make sure that the hair is completely dry before going outside in cold weather or it could freeze! Wigs are more suspectable to freezing and this can cause brittle hair and breakage. Make sure you allow plenty of time for your wig to dry, letting it air dry over night is always a good way to know it will be dry in time.


Limit heat
Heat tool styling depletes your hair of moisture. We know, we know, heat tool styling provides hair with the most sleek and flawless looks! But consider cutting down during the cooler months to notice a difference in the softness of your wig. Of course, many synthetic wigs are not able to withstand any heat styling, so be sure to double check if yours is heat-friendly.

Cover up
Cover up and protect your wig! Always check the weather before you head out the door, and if there’s any chance of rain, snow, or generally bad weather, wrap your hair or wear a hat (silk lined is best to retain the hairs moisture) or grab an umbrella.

So that is how you keep your wig protected from the cold weather until the sun returns for spring! We can’t wait!

Details about UniWigs blonde wigs

I’ve got tons of wig review requests about UniWigs. I haven’t even loved every single wig but I have tried a few of them. They are a great company and they made really high quality products. This is my newest one. I’m so excited about it.

It is super glam blonde lace front wig. I want to give you guys a slay this summer. I’m going to give all details and show how I install this wig, what I did to my natural hair underneath and how I lay the perimeter of it.

Before I show you how to put on this wig I want to give you guys the specs of this wig. This is a 22 inches synthetic lace front wig. It is light beige blonde color. This is a 200% density wig, which means that basically there’s twice as much hair on this wig than the average wig. You can get more hair and a nice thick wig.


I’m going to explaining the whole process of how I prepared my natural hair. My hair is getting longer so I just make two little pigtails. This is the easiest thing to do since I don’t know how to cornrow still and it’s fast, simple and actually works. My hair is getting longer now so I have more and more hair to try to fit up under my wig and still make the wig lay flat especially when I do a straight middle part wig, you need your natural hair to b laying as flat as possible across the top. Otherwise the wig will not look great. All I prepare my natural hair is wash it, condition it with whatever you want to wash your hair. Make sure you use something moisturizing. Let your hair be nourished ad moisturized under your wig so that your hair can grow while you wear a wig

I have my wig cap. I like to use a wig combination of wig caps depending on how and what I’m doing. I have the net cap and sock cap. I use net cap when I wear glueless method because it allows me to stick the comb through the net and into your hair.But since I will do the glue method and I’m going to secure it around the perimeter rather than really rely on the comb going to my hair. I like to use the stock cap.


The next main ingredient to clean all wig should not be surprise to anybody who wears wigs or frontals. It’s got2b glue. I will apply just a little bit on my edges. After I did my makeup they start frizzing a little bit. The glue really helps to split down your edges before you put on your wig that way everything is pulled back out of the way and you don’t have to deal with it. It lays nice and flat under your wig cap. I also slap a bobby pin to help dole it down.

I put the wig cap pretty low at first to get it on there. Basically I crisscross my braids and tuck it in. I try to flatten it out and scoot it down. It also helps if your natural hair is damp. My hair is still damp from washing it earlier. 

It is a synthetic lace front wig. It has huge lace where the hairs are hand tied off the lace. It’s in the very back of the wig where there are actual tracks. It also has two combs on either side of your head, which helps a lot if you are doing any type of ponytail or high bun. There is also an adjustable strap around the nave of the neck, which allows you t tighten or loosen the whole wig to fit your head perfectly.