Up to 40% OFF for Colored Wigs in Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween 2018! Up to 40% OFF for all of the colored wigs in this Halloween season. Don’t miss them in the last day! If must got your cosplay wigs few days ago, but for girls who love colored wigs, this Halloween sale worth your attention truly.

uniwigs halloween sale 2018
uniwigs halloween sale 2018

Need more recommend looks for your cosplay ideas? Here they are:

Find more cosplay looks ideas here: https://www.uniwigs.com/tag/uniwigs-cosplay-wigs and use code HALLOWEEN40 and HALLOWEEN35 to save your money!

UniWigs Blonde Hair Toppers Released

If you are our VIP clients, you would know our new Arrivals. Yes, we keep releasing new hair toppers almost each season, each month. Its a breakthrough this year compared with last year.

Now for this time at this page, I will list all new arrivals published on Oct 18th.

1.8.5″*9″ Melanie Virgin Remy Human Hair Mono Topper

Color: #18-22 -wooden blonde (medium ash blonde with hightlight natural blonde )
#10H24B –English Toffee (light brown with 20% natural blonde blended)

2.8.5″*9″- Hope Synthetic Mono Topper

Color: #14R Honey Glaze (dark beige blonde)
#G-246 Milk Chocolate ( It combines dark brown, medium brown and light brown)

3.5.5″*5.5″ Claire Virgin Remy Human Hair Topper

Color: #24-613 -Summer Shandy (light golden blonde with natural golden blonde)

4.6″×6″-Upgrade Claire Virgin Remy Human Hair Topper

Color: #14-24 –Cream Soda (medium natural Ash blonde with light natural blonde)

5.8.5″*9″ Hope Wavy Synthetic Mono Hair Topper

Color: #16R (Chocolate Caramel)

6.3″*4″ Mini Human Hair Topper
This topper would be help to hide hair spot on top.

Color: #Natural Black
#G-2 Dark coffee brown

7. Rachael 2-in-1 Halo Synthetic Hair Extensions

Color: #10-Creamy Ice
#04 medium brown

8.1.3*3 Molly No Track Clip in Hair Piece

Color: #Y-686
#G-4 medium brown

In the list of all those hair toppers, do there have one color match your hair? Leave message if you cant. Now we have 28% off for all new arrivals, use code: AUTUMN28 to save your budget.

Happy birthday to UniWigs – 6 Years Anniversary Sale

Time flies. It’s been a year since we celebrated our 5-year anniversary. It will become a tradition at UniWigs.com that we will celebrate our birthday in August, and the sale will last for about a week with a big discount for all of our wigs and hairpieces. This time, all of the wigs, extensions and pieces are 28% OFF with the same code: Happybirthday.

happy birthday to UniWigs
happy birthday to UniWigs

So, do you know how to choose them or not? If you are new to UniWigs, you may want to know which product collection is the best and which wig or hairpiece is a hot seller in each of the product collections. The second point is easy to answer because you can find the “HOT” TAG on every page on our website. And for the first one, what we want to say that UniWigs is the best wigs online store, and that every product collection is the top three among all the wigs stores online. More than 100K followers on social media choose UniWigs as the fashion leader and the answer for the hair loss problem. You can find what customers said about us on Instagram, Facebook(even Facebook group),Youtube, Twitter etc. Also, search on Google or Bing. You can find many good reviews there, too.

Here, we want to highly recommend our trendy wigs collection for girls who want to change their looks every day. At UniWigs, you don’t need to buy many wigs to change your hairstyles. One wigs can be restyled as many times as you want. If you are looking for colored wigs for your back to school party, don’t miss them.

For women who suffer from hair loss, our hair toppers collection should be your best choice if you just want to look much younger and feel confident. And for women who want 100% remy and long-life hair, our human hair wigs collection can satisfy all your needs. One thing you may not know is that our hair extensions collection will update soon, so keep your eyes on our website. UniWigs will try our best to offer you the best wigs and hairpieces.

BTW, only 2 days are left for our 6 years Anniversary Sale, so don’t miss it. For any questions or to chat with us, please email us at: support@uniwigs.com.

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50% OFF All Trendy Wigs for 2 Days!!!

Big News! The day has finally come! This is really just a one-time event every year! Now we have hit 250K on Instagram!! Thank you for your all continuing support for UniWigs.com. We couldn’t have gotten here without you. So…. here’s what we want to do to reward your love: Give you 50% OFF for all UniWigs Trendy Wigs! With Code:INS50. This offer is valid till July 19th 10:00 PM EST.


See what girls have said on Instagram about this big sale:

“Omg thanks!!! Been following for a while and I’m definitely going to order some lace wigs!!!”


“Just bought Autumn Twilight!! And I will buy the Magical Mermaid since it’s the most expensive one that I couldn’t afford before.”


Although green wigs are not as commonly used as blonde or black wigs, nothing is as impressive with various kinds of green hair as this Magical Mermaid wig. Why should mermaids have all the fun? Because they are the freely-swimming sea creature in the deep blue and green sea. Go for Seafoam Green hair that fades out to a soft Mint green shade and see if you’re not ready to live a life under the sea.

So which one is the best-seller among all those in the trendy wigs collection? It’s hard to say, since color trends change all the time. Almost all of them have a hot sale time that varies as much as the color of the wigs. So, what are they? Here we have provided a collection of all of the wigs which have been NO.1 sellers. Hope these pictures can help you to decide which one to choose in this big sale!

UniWigs Semi Annual Sale 2018: Up to 30% OFF

It’s now the time for the Semi-Annual Sale, and we want to take this opportunity to introduce our hair collection to you again. More and more girls and women are getting to know and love UniWigs, and even many men are starting to get to know us through our new collection called “Toupee” which is a special collection for men suffering from hair loss. So, let’s begin with the very hot trendy and color wigs.

All of the products in our trendy wigs collection are synthetic color wigs, and almost every single wig is included in our hot sale for some time. Trends are changing, but all our fashion wigs are still the NO.1 sellers online, and are leading the fashion world with various chic colors. Most of our trendy wigs come in ombre colors with dark roots which provide for a natural hairline and a natural look. Several are not in the ombre style, and these ones are the best choice for your cosplay party.

lavender wigs
lavender wigs

Speaking of cosplay wigs, we specially make a cosplay theme page for girls who are addicted to cosplay makeup and beauty. You can check them all on our website. Also, some good news is that we will keep updating this collection and you will be able to find many cosplay hairstyles and makeup ideas from the others in our customer show. BTW, all of our trendy wigs (including the cosplay wigs collection) are 30% OFF with the code, SA30.

celebrity wigs
celebrity wigs

Recently, our celebrity wigs have been really hot sellers. Few people would say that 1000 dollars is really expensive for a wig, but why do so many women buy them every day? First of all, they are really beautiful and chic, and everyone can get a celebrity hairstyle with the products. Secondly, 100% human hair allows the wigs to be worn for more than a year, and you can restyle them 2-3 times in a year. (and DYE or cut them maybe). One wig can be molded to different hairstyles, which means you can spend less money to get a higher quality hair in a variety of styles all year round. Also, coupons can be found and used at times. This Semi-Annual Sale is really a good chance to save your money with 20% OFF for all of the human hair wigs with code SA20.

6"*6.5" Elizabeth Synthetic Mono Hair Topper
6″*6.5″ Elizabeth Synthetic Mono Hair Topper

All of our hair toppers are also 20% OFF during this sale. If the trendy wigs and celebrity lace wigs are for girls and young women, they are really the best choice for women over 40 or for women who are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair. Toppers and extensions are very simple to apply, and they are much cheaper than a whole cap wig. After more than 5 years of sales, our hair toppers have remained in the Top 3 in sales on Google. If you want extensions to add to your hair length, then our clip in hair extenions should be your best choice. No matter whether you want to add to hair volume or to hair length, UniWigs can help you always.

This sale will end on 25th, June, 2018, so don’t miss it!

How to make a custom order at UniWigs?

More and more customers would like to have a topper which is specially made for them, especially in terms of color. Custom orders are made because she has a perfectly designed apartment to match the color according to the customer’s request, and UniWigs has successfully custom-made thousands of custom products like toppers, wigs and extensions.

How to make custom orders

1, please check the website for the item you would like to purchase which has the perfect base size, or construction you like. if you cannot find any, please save some pics for reference .

2, send your requests for color, length, density, base size or item SKU. cap construction. and your pic if you need to make a custom color. to support@uniwigs.com , and they will provide a quote for you.

3, if your color is very complicated, they will ask you for a hair sample, which sounds weird, but it is a very good way to match the color.

4, if they will customize the color according to your pic, they will send you a pic of the hair before production to confirm that it is indeed the correct color, just in case there will is a mistake.

5, At most, the production time for the custom topper is 4 weeks, and 6 weeks for the human hair wig .

6, their custom-made products can’t be returned, so please follow all of the steps above very carefully.

7, the custom-made products are not eliglible for discounts on their website. This is the most important thing to know.

8, if you are worried that the customizing will cause high risk, you can also buy their NATURAL BLACK product to bleach and dye yourself.

9, the good news is that they have a plan to open a store in US, which will be more convenient for trying on or confirming the color .

Let’s look forward to it .

Mother’s Day Sale 2018 by UniWigs

How to choose a perfect or lovely gift for your mom is really the every year’s topic, there are so many ideas can be chosen from online before the Mother’s Day, most of them are so common, we can’t tell you which one is exactly can be 100% satisfied by your mother, actually no mater what gift you buy, it’s the thought that counts. As usual, we special offer the whole website sale for Mother’s Day 2018: 25% OFF with different code “Lovemom“, and this will be end on 13th, May.

mother's day sale 2018
mother’s day sale 2018

What we can do for you in this big day? As the best wigs online store, we have wigs and hairpieces for women and girls. If you are new to our website, we will recommend the LaVivid collection for you in the Mother’s Day season. This is the caucasian wigs collection and light weight and high quality can be promised.

pasty wig
pasty wig

If your mother has hair loss problem, don’t worry, our hair pieces collection for toppers can help you. You can end her annoyance for the hair loss things by getting a lace hair topper that perfect for her natural hair and skin tone.

UniWigs Claire
UniWigs Claire

Coupon Code: Lovemom

UniWigs Spring Cleaning 2018

uniwigs spring cleaning
uniwigs spring cleaning

This is the big sale for the end of 2018 Spring! All wigs and extensions are 25% OFF until the end of April with code SPRINGSALE. Don’t miss this long time discount. And here we want recommend 2 hot sale celebrity wigs with you:

rihanna wigs
rihanna wigs
UniWigs Gabrielle
UniWigs Gabrielle
ombre human hair lace wigs
ombre human hair lace wigs
UniWigs Inspiration
UniWigs Inspiration

Things you don’t know about UniWigs Trendy Collection

If you are a girl who cares about fashion and trends, you shouldn’t miss this article. You may have bought several wigs from us, tried just one, or just heard about us and were wondering whether to buy. No matter what the reason, we hope this post can help you learn more about UniWigs Trendy Collection.

1. If you are new to UniWigs Trendy, you may want to know why they’re more expensive than the other synthetic wigs?
First all of all, our synthetic hair wigs come with an ear to ear front laced cap which can give you a much natural hairline and make your restyling easier, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful experience that wigs of different colors and styles bring to you. The most important thing however, is that all of our wigs are unique designed online, which means you can’t find them in other wig stores. If you are a fan of UniWigs Trendy, you may know that we special offer 40% OFF for selected trendy wigs (designer wigs included sometimes) every weekend to help you save your money.

2.You may say that not all of the color wigs are designed by UniWigs, and that some of them are really simple and can be found in various shops.
It’s true, we not only have unique design wigs, we also have more common wigs that can be found in other wig shops. For these simple wigs, the price is much much cheaper than the designed ones. We even have a collection for them. You can get 50% OFF using code, 50OFF for all of them. Find them here: https://www.uniwigs.com/tag/cheap-synthetic-lace-front-wigs

3.How does UniWigs choose new design trendy wigs?
First of all, we have our wig designer team that keeps close attention to the fashion trends affecting hair and wigs. The second inspiration comes from our customers. Our team is really glad to hear from you all, and if you have any input regarding a new wig design, please send us an email or send us pictures, drawn or photographic showing your ideas. If your idea is adopted, we will try our best to design and produce the wig you want.

4.Why you spend so much for the Social Star Vote every year?

UniWigs Social Star Vote
UniWigs Social Star Vote

We have held the social star vote for 2 years. This will continue this year and in the future. Why do we spend thousands of dollars and give so many giveaway wigs for the social stars and followers? We can provide you with many reasons, but the most important one is that we want many more girls to know the UniWigs Trendy Collection. This way more girls can enjoy our unique design trendy wigs.

Happy Easter Sale 2018: 25% OFF for all wigs

Are you a Christian? More and more youngster become a Christian nowadays.  No matter what’s your belief, Easter is really a big day for all of us. You can find many Easter Sale online in these days. UniWigs is one of them. 25% OFF for all wigs for 4 days with code EASTERSALE.

uniwigs easter sale 2018
uniwigs easter sale 2018

If you want color wigs for the coming summer, you should really check our Trendy Wigs Collection which full of with beautiful wigs, pink, blonde, purple, grey and even blue wigs, all can be found in one place.