Things you don’t know about UniWigs Trendy Collection

If you are a girl who cares about fashion and trends, you shouldn’t miss this article. You may have bought several wigs from us, tried just one, or just heard about us and were wondering whether to buy. No matter what the reason, we hope this post can help you learn more about UniWigs Trendy Collection.

1. If you are new to UniWigs Trendy, you may want to know why they’re more expensive than the other synthetic wigs?
First all of all, our synthetic hair wigs come with an ear to ear front laced cap which can give you a much natural hairline and make your restyling easier, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful experience that wigs of different colors and styles bring to you. The most important thing however, is that all of our wigs are unique designed online, which means you can’t find them in other wig stores. If you are a fan of UniWigs Trendy, you may know that we special offer 40% OFF for selected trendy wigs (designer wigs included sometimes) every weekend to help you save your money.

2.You may say that not all of the color wigs are designed by UniWigs, and that some of them are really simple and can be found in various shops.
It’s true, we not only have unique design wigs, we also have more common wigs that can be found in other wig shops. For these simple wigs, the price is much much cheaper than the designed ones. We even have a collection for them. You can get 50% OFF using code, 50OFF for all of them. Find them here:

3.How does UniWigs choose new design trendy wigs?
First of all, we have our wig designer team that keeps close attention to the fashion trends affecting hair and wigs. The second inspiration comes from our customers. Our team is really glad to hear from you all, and if you have any input regarding a new wig design, please send us an email or send us pictures, drawn or photographic showing your ideas. If your idea is adopted, we will try our best to design and produce the wig you want.

4.Why you spend so much for the Social Star Vote every year?

UniWigs Social Star Vote
UniWigs Social Star Vote

We have held the social star vote for 2 years. This will continue this year and in the future. Why do we spend thousands of dollars and give so many giveaway wigs for the social stars and followers? We can provide you with many reasons, but the most important one is that we want many more girls to know the UniWigs Trendy Collection. This way more girls can enjoy our unique design trendy wigs.