Care Tips for Dry Hair

Feeling annoyed by your dry hair? Dry hair looks brittle and feels “frizzy”. There are many causes of dry hair. Find the respective reasons of your dry hair below.


Inactive oil glands can cause dry hair. If you have dry hair as a result of dry skin, consider washing your hair fewer times each week as to protect the existing oil glands. In addition, pay attention to the type of shampoo and conditioner you use to make sure it replenishes your scalp with essential oils. Check out those products labeled as “hydrating” or “moisturizing.”


Be sure to take care with heat and chemicals, especially if you have dry hair. Nowadays electric hair straighteners (flat irons) are popular among girls. But notice: they do cause serious damage to hair. When used on high heat, hair dryers can damage hair, too.


Decreasing your use of these hot devices (or at least using a less hot setting) will help to keep your hair healthier.


Tips: if you really love different styles of hair with different colors, try hair extensions or wigs. Check out Uniwigs remy human wigs and Hair Extensions.


Harsh chemicals in hair color, permanents, and relaxers can strip the hair of vital oils. Watch out for bleaches and peroxides, because they can make your hair brittle and cause split ends.


Finally, take an extra care of your hair in the summer sun. Sunshine and ultraviolet rays can both cause dry hair. The easiest solution is to wear a hat or simply avoid getting too much sun (your skin will thank you, too).


You can also protect your hair by wearing a swim cap when you go into the pool and then wash your hair in fresh water after swimming. If you swim frequently, consider using a shampoo designed to remove chlorine from hair.

Hairstyles for the Coming New York Fashion Week

Will you go to the coming New York Fashion Show in September? We’re so excited at the new & trendy fashion elements of the next year.

So, what hairstyles will you wear to be the center of attention and keep up with the latest trends at the show? Never let your hairstyle spoil your perfect look during the special week. We are here to give some inspirations.


If you have short hair

Short hairstyles can be cute, elegant, and even sexy. It depends on how you style your hair and what garments and makeup you use to match.


short 3

This short hairstyle will surely give you a sophisticated feeling.

short 1

Short cut with braids plus uncomplicated accessories looks also very chic.

short 2

Having a nice and layered short cut may be a great choice?


If you have long hair

Long hair can be styled as many different times as you want. For texture, you can choose straight or wavy, curly or yaki; for styles, you can choose down hairstyle or half up-do, ponytail or braids. Anyway, the best hairstyle is about getting the best style to suit your face shape.


long 2

Long & wavy hairstyle will be easy for outfit matching.

long 3

Sexy and mature, long hairstyle with braids.


Lovely half up-do hairstyle for long blonde hair.


Simple yet chic long, straight hair really draw the whole attention.



Super love this gorgeous long and wavy ponytail.


If you want to change from short to long without cutting, or to dye and color your hair without damaging it, then wigs and hair extensions are the best alternative for you to try out! Check out today!

Capless wigs VS. Half wigs

Mentioning capless wigs, many may mistake them with half wigs. Today, we are going to discuss the differences between them.
First, Let’s discuss capless wigs
A capless wig is very similar to a standard cap design which consists of a “cap” and “hair”. However, instead of the closed lace layer at the crown, it just has vertical lace strips with open spaces between the wefts. The open-wefting in the crown, back, and sides allows for maximum ventilation. This makes the cap lighter in weight and cooler than a standard cap.

Capless Construction?
This lightweight cap construction is open all throughout for maximum coolness and comfort.

Here are three of the advantages.
1 Ultra-thin weft offers the most natural appearance and ultimate comfort.
2 Wide velvet comfort band allows added security and prevents friction.
3 Adjustable straps allow you to loosen or tighter the cap up to a half inch.

Uniwigs discount for capless wigs: Take $10 off when your order reaches $ 48.


Melanie Synthetic Capless Wig
Melanie Synthetic Capless Wig

So what about half wigs?

Half wigs are used by many women on an everyday basis. They are often also used in the entertainment industry in live theatrical stage shows as well as in the movies to make an actress’s hair appear longer or give her more of a “fuller period” hairstyle. These wigs are mass-produced and available for purchase everywhere from cheaper wig outlets to premium and expensive salons. The term half wig can also be interchanged with the term “fall”.

Half wigs do exactly what the name suggests: a wig that covers half of your hair. It is important for a half wig to blend in with your natural hair color, as some of it will be exposed. Some half wigs contain clips placed in the hair, while others have false hair on a headband (and the half wig is subsequently worn like a regular headband). The natural hair may be left alone (in the case of the headband wing), or can be styled over it to disguise the clips that may be in place.

Now you know the difference. Any questions?

Should I get Hair extensions for my wedding?

Yes, it is important for every girl who attends a wedding to look extremely amazing on the special day. You want a gorgeous hairstyle to match the perfect dress, shoes, and the makeup; to seize the focus of the whole wedding.

What if you have short and thin hair? What about a totally different hair color without damaging your own hair? Try hair extensions.


New to hair extensions? Have a test using three kinds of hair extensions at least a week before the wedding.

NO.1 Flip in hair extensions

It is a bit like a wig, you can’t see the elastic wire but along the top is a wire, this wire sits on your head and then you use a tooth comb to pull the rest of your hair out. Whilst this is a great invention and Uniwigs offers 100% human hair flip in hair extensions and synthetic flip in hair extensions.

This is a new creation for hair extensions. Easy to apply with no clips, no glue and no weave. If you like to try new things, flip in hair extensions is a great choice.

NO.2 Clip in hair extensions

These kinds of hair extensions are reliable and easy to apply as well. Uniwigs has many kinds of clip in hair extensions for you to choose from. Here is our customer show for your reference.



NO.3 Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are also a great choice to add length and volume to your hair. They are made of remy human hair and heat-resistant synthetic, you can style it and color as you wish to achieve your desired wedding hairstyles.

The tapes of Uniwigs tape in hair extensions can be reusable up to 3 times and are completely invisible to all!


Care tips for hair extensions:

1 Do not shampoo hair for 48 hours after your application.

2 Brush your hair in the morning and before bed using a specially designed hair brush for extensions.

3 Before bed, pull your hair back into a soft plait to prevent tangling.


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Feel cool & Look cool in the Summer with Uniwigs

How many of you will stay wearing a wig in the hot summer? What kind of wig will you choose to feel cool yet look cool?


Remember this: Wearing wigs in the summer don’t have to be a burden if you choose the right wigs. We are here to provide a way for you to stay cool while wearing a wig in the summer.

Uniwigs exclusive summer page displays our best lightweight wigs and capless wigs – all prove to be winning styles. You will look and feel cooler with these elaborately chosen ventilated synthetic wigs which are constructed to be similar to natural hair and lightweight for your comfort.


Why not take a quick look at Uniwigs summer cool wigs and lightweight hair extensions and have a try on one of these cool ideass?

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