Tips for Best Clip In Hair Extensions

When you are looking for the best clip in hair extensions, there’re tons of recommended hair suppliers on google and you are still confused what’s the best hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions can transform their hair volume and length instantly, that’s why people like to use them at home.

We will define the best clip in hair extension from the below aspects to help you choose.

  1. Hair Fiber

There are two kinds of fiber with clip-in hair extensions: human hair and synthetic fiber. Both fibers are good for different using. If you are a human hair fan, there’s no reason you can choose human hair. But if you live in Texas where it’s super hot for six or seven months out of the year, you may be considered synthetic fiber. Because you would do updo hairstyles probably 95% of the time, as human hair is more expensive, compared with that, it worths to wear synthetic hair extensions. For human hair, you wear it down and wavy to show the beautiful hairstyles, but it’s too hot. That’s the reason we suggest considering how you use it.

  1. Quality made

The increased consumer demand for high-quality hair extensions. The hair processed to high-quality extensions is stored for production, first strands of hair from each bundle go through special tests to measure their elasticity and to confirm that the hair’s cuticle layer is still intact. The analysis of each hair bundle shows if the hair is chemically treated or colored if testing indicates the hair has been subjected to chemical processing, it cannot be used for the production. After testing the hair, then sewn the hair onto muslin fabric to keep the strands in root to end alignment and organize through the production process. The next step is deep pigmentation. This is a patented osmosis process for removing the hair’s original color without the use of damaging bleach. The color process is performed in small batches by hand by the master colorist to accommodate the sensitivities of the hair. This process develops the base colors required for the next step of hand blending the colors first the hair is gently dried no aggressive heat is used.

The hair is sorted until the length of all of the hair in this patch is of the same length roots to end. The next step is the preparation for attaching the bond. This is what attaches the extensions to one’s natural hair. First, the root end of the hair is pressed, then the bonding strips are pressed onto the hair. The bonded hair is then placed into the printing machine, which shapes imprints and cuts the individual.

The meticulous custom application process is taught to hairdressers in comprehensive certification training facilitated by experienced educators. Now everything is ready for a masterfully applied perfectly blended Great Lengths application.

  1. The best suit

It means neither bad if you purchase a cheap hair extension, nor good if you spend hundreds of money on a hair extension. If you get the right length, or it creates perfect color with your hair, matches well, offers enough hair volume, that’s it. Those are the hair extensions for you. Think about that, you have thick hair, and you have a 10 pieces 200g hair extension set, when you wear all the hairpieces on your hair, you will feel so much weight and unnatural looking. Then you won’t put all hairpieces on, you may just choose a few of them, then how about the left pieces? You just put it in the box, actually, that’s the waste. You waste your money, waste your time, waste your area and waste a lot on it. Of course, we can choose to wear it with the different pieces. But, it’s not the best suit. So choose the right length, color, grams, fibers, and price you can afford is the best.

  1. Price

If you are the first time buying hair extensions, you will have no idea where to even begin with hair extensions, price would be considered as the main factor. The more expensive, the best. There is nothing wrong with it. The main you can do is to compare the features from different retailers. The fiber, the length, the color, the grams, and so on. So you can choose the best one you can pay for.

  1. Brand

If you wear hair extensions frequently, you would know some brands like Bellami hair extensions, Luxy Hair extensions, Glam seamless hair extensions, hidden crown hair extensions…brands mean a quality guarantee.

For beginners, we do suggest purchasing from a brand seller, and after you experience it, you will know how to use it, and you won’t go out without hair extensions. You will fall in love with wearing hair extensions, you will obtain what hair extensions can bring for you, just like you can’t go out without makeup.

7 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Human Hair Extensions
7 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

Different from other brand sellers, UniWigs source hair on their own, made hair extensions by their own factory, which’s a big save for consumers. Not only they sell products to wholesalers but also to individuals, which requires strong quality inspection ability. From the product page, lots of customers share the reviews and experience of wearing hair extensions.

The only problem for UniWigs is the shipping time. We can find some products are in a short time 3-5 business days, but most of the products are 7-10 business days. If you know a bit of thing about the production. You would understand and totally pay for that.

Checking with customer service, for 3-5 business days, means it has stock, but they need 1-2 days to wash, care when they take it out of the box, they put it in air day, so that takes 1 or 2 days. For 7-10 business days, it means the product is out of stock, they arrange the product once the customer places the order. It’s like fresh food, you can taste the best food with the fresh material. We can get the new hair extension, we save a lot.

So, above all, do you have considerations, comment below.

Lace, Skin, Mono Hair Systems, How to Choose?

Here we are with another article aimed at the best knowledge and awareness of the world of hair implants, wigs, and toupees. This time we have thought of describing all the characteristics of all types of materials used in the creation process, hoping it will come in handy. Enjoy the reading!

 Wavy Mono Top Synthetic Hair Topper
Wavy Mono Top Synthetic Hair Topper

Hair implants, how to make it more natural

How to make a wig look like our beloved, lost hair? What are the tricks?

More than on whether it is true or false, it depends on the quality of the wig, so the carnival toy wig, so to speak, will never look like a mass of real hair.

As experts point out, it depends a lot on the hairline. The best wigs have a hairline that reveals the skin, called lace. If we are not satisfied, we can ask to style it by cutting a tuft or bangs.

Surely, trying it a little at home can help us feel at ease when we are away. It is also important to “play” with the wig as if it were our hair: a tuft behind the ear, a scratch, roll a lock around a finger. Hair is an integral part of our expressiveness and our facial expressions.

We can then make braids, tails, chignons, and hairstyles that do not highlight the hairline. Wear a hair clip, hairpin or headband, as well as hats, caps, and scarves. Go to the hairdresser for a trim. However, we will be careful of heat sources, strong wind, children who pull our hair.

Another trick suggested by the experts in the use of talcum powder or dry shampoo to make it less shiny and more similar to our natural hair.

Finally, it must be considered that wigs are always perfect, which our hair never will be. Let me explain: if you were to go out in a hurry, you would put on the first thing you find, maybe you would make a queue and go. With the wig no, whatever your outfit, you will always have a perfectly tidy hairstyle, which can create contrast. This is why I suggest pliers or flannel when you are less careful in clothing. Conversely, when you dress well, you will always have tidy and perfectly styled hair.

Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper
Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper

5 myths about wigs to dispel

1 They are hot and annoying

Modern hair crowns are not like old wigs or hairpieces of yore, they are not heavy and they are not hot. They are in fact made with very thin and breathable bases. When you wear them, you will not only not have the sensation of a foreign body, but you will just not feel them.

The wearers of our products, for example, say that once adhered to their skin, the sensation is like that of having their hair back, you feel the air on the skin and if you take a shower, for example, you feel the water on the head, as if it were your hair then, not a heavy and uncomfortable body.

2 They move with the wind or if one touches our hair and head

This fear arises from various comedies and even advertisements. Who hasn’t seen on TV scenes of wearing wigs who see their hair flying with the wind or a comedy where an often ridiculous character sees their hair literally fly after a slap?

It is not so. Modern hair prostheses and wigs are not old hairpieces, they are in fact adhered to your skin with very resistant glues, and therefore if there is wind the hair will move, just like that of normal hair, not the whole system. If someone touches your hair or gives you a slap nothing will happen (apart from the right physical pain you will have), but even more so, if someone gets into a fight with you and pulls your hair, they will not find the prosthesis in hand but at most, just as happens in nature, a few hairs.

So rest assured, nothing happens to your men’s toupee with the wind or fighting, but please try to live in peace and do not fight for nonsense.

Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper
Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper

3 My alopecia due to lack of air will get worse

No girls and boys, it’s not like that, alopecia doesn’t get worse for a hair prosthesis.

In fact, among the wearers of thinning crown prostheses, we have many people for example who use them due to pharmacological alopecia (chemotherapy), and all, once the treatment is finished, have complete regrowth of their hair.

So, you do not have to fear a worsening of alopecia for the prosthesis. Clearly, it could get worse because it was destined to get worse over time, since androgenetic alopecia tends to increase over time, but never because you are using a hair prosthesis. That is just a legend underground without any foundation.

4 You cannot swim or shower with them

Many fear that if you wear a hair prosthesis you cannot take a shower and worse still go to the sea or swim in the pool. They fear they will find the prosthesis floating next to them.

But this is also clearly a myth without any foundation, deriving from the old world of toupees and movable hairpieces. The capillary prostheses, as we have said, are anchored to your skin with strong adhesives suitable for human use and hypoallergenic, which often are activated with sweat. So taking a bath not only will not move, but the adhesion will increase if you use one of these new adhesives. Rest assured, with hair implants you can not only have a normal life, but also a sporty and active life.

5 They are visible and unnatural

This is just a baseless fantasy. If you have any doubts, please watch the many videos we have published on our Youtube channel! As you can see from all the videos, the prostheses are totally invisible and natural.

In fact, the bases of the new hair prostheses disappear perfectly in contact with the skin and ensure a hair so perfect that you can even comb it with your hair all back.

Silk Top Remy Human Hair Topper
Silk Top Remy Human Hair Topper

Basis Types

Wigs are divided into two main parts: the base and the hair. The base can consist of different materials and even combinations of them. There are more resistant materials, others less visible, some easy to clean and others breathable.

NB: it is very important to understand what are the characteristics you would like to have for your prosthesis. For example: if you live in a hot and muggy region, or if you go towards the summer, it is better to buy a wig with a breathable fabric that freshness to your scalp. So pay attention to your habits and what surrounds you.


Lace Hair Replacement System for Men
Lace Hair Replacement System for Men

Lace is certainly the best-known material for the anterior area of the hair prosthesis. Have you ever heard of lace front? It is a lace-like fabric, light, soft, and completely breathable. There are two main types of lace: French and Swiss.

French lace is imperceptible and more resistant than Swiss lace. It bears even quite high hair density.

Many customers require Swiss lace for the front area because it is the most natural-looking one. True, but it is also very delicate and easy to accidentally tear off during daily care. It is not compatible with hair densities higher than medium-light.

We refer to the lace front when this fabric is used exclusively in the front area of the wig, for a more natural look.


Mono Hair Replacement System for Men
Mono Hair Replacement System for Men

Monofilament is a fabric similar to lace, also completely breathable, but more resistant, therefore thicker and consequently less imperceptible. It usually lasts between four and six months, but some customers manage to wear it for almost a year! Here are the main types:

  • The resistant monofilament (fine welded mono) is certainly the most resistant material and therefore can support high hair densities.
  • The fine monofilament (fine mono) is certainly the most used material in the wig and hair prosthesis industry and also one of the most chosen among customers because it is a good compromise between imperceptibility and resistance. It is mainly used for the central areas of wigs and is enclosed in a perimeter of PU (polyurethane) to prevent it from falling apart at the edges.
  • The very fine monofilament (superfine mono) is the most delicate and soft, with smaller holes than the other two types. Due to this characteristic, it is not compatible with hair densities higher than medium-light / medium.
  • Monofilament silk effect (silk mono): this fabric consists of a combination of two fabrics: lace and monofilament. The hair is knotted first in a layer of lace and then passed into a layer of monofilament. In this way, it is impossible to see the knot, because it remains under the top layer of the monofilament.
  • German mesh: recommended for those who prefer durability to a natural look. It is indeed the most resistant material, but it is thicker and therefore more visible.


All Poly Skin Hair Replacement System for Men
All Poly Skin Hair Replacement System for Men

This material is the most advanced. It is PU (polyurethane, a plastic material) of different thicknesses and is called ‘skin’ in English because the effect is leather-like. These products are absolutely imperceptible and very easy to apply to the skin and clean. Unlike the other materials seen so far, they are not breathable. Let’s see the most important ones:

The ultra-thin has a thickness of 0.03 mm. Which makes it completely invisible, but at the same time not very resistant. It usually lasts for a maximum of 2 months.

There is also a type of film a little more resistant than those mentioned above, which is the film with gauze. It is characterized by a gauze-like fabric to which a layer of PU is applied. The super-thin is instead of 0.08 mm. Thicker, therefore more resistant. Finally, the silicone is 0.25mm thick. It is a very common material and is the strongest of all leather-like products.

To say or not to say that you are using a hair system?

Twenty years ago, hair implants weren’t what they are now. Thanks to technological progress, the production processes have been improved, resulting in an infinity of very well-achieved hair systems in terms of structure, quality, finish, and, above all, absolutely undetectable both to the eyes and to the touch.

Now times have changed and we can have several options to solve alopecia aesthetically using hair systems, as most of these are usually not detectable, although they also affect this factor, the style of the hairstyle in combination with the type of hair prostheses worn by the customer.

Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper With Bangs
Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper With Bangs

However, we know that taking this step leads to a number of fears and doubts. But these must be brushed aside by the fact that using one of our wigs will increase your confidence whether you are a man or a woman. If what you want most in your life is to see yourself with hair from when you were young or longer hair, you will have no reason not to wear a wig! Think how much you will benefit from it as a person!

Sometimes we tend to forget about ourselves and the pleasure we have when we look in the mirror with what we most want to wear. It is enough to spend very little to take home that something that makes us feel good and live as we have always wanted, so why withdraw from the purchase?

Other useful tips

Use tweezers to pinch any areas that seem unnatural to you. To make the parting space mimic real hair and scalp, pluck some hair from the parting space to spread it to a natural density.

Put makeup on the base of the wig. Use face powder, concealer, or foundation to help blend the skin tone with the wig.

If the wig looks bulky, apply a mousse and mash it with a scarf. Of course, if you love voluminous hair, you don’t have to do anything. Also, if your hair feels a little too shiny, you can spray some dry shampoo and brush.

Cut the wig as close to the hairline as possible, especially if it has lace. Although lace front wigs are designed to look like skin, it is essential to cut as close to the hairline to help the wig blend into your skin. Take your time and use sharp scissors to be precise.

Classy Human Hair Wrap
Classy Human Hair Wrap

How to Wear Hair Extensions for Thick Hair?

When choosing hair extensions, you have to consider the hair volume and grams. Different grams for different hair volumes you have. Usually, we define three types of hair volume we have: thin, medium, and thick. Today, we will talk about how to choose and wear hair extensions for people with thick hair.
Usually, the hair extensions glam between 180g and 220g will be enough. Just think, how to weigh it would be if you wear an extension above 250g. That’s why we don’t recommend that kind of hair extensions.

220g 5 Pieces Classic Clip-In Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions
220g 5 Pieces Classic Clip-In Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions

So what to do if it’s thin for me?

That depends on the tips on how you wear the hair extensions.
The key is to hide away some of your own hair! This will eliminate some of the bulkiness and help to blend your own hair with the extensions.

120g 7 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions
120g 7 Pieces Invisible Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

How to wear it?

Normally if you put your extensions in according to the instructions, you would section the bottom half of your hair and then put in your extensions. If you already have thick hair that bottom layer is going to be pretty heavy and when you lift up your extensions you are going to see just this row of really short hair.

160G 20
160G 20″ Invisible Clip-in Remy Human Hair Extensions

So what I’m going to show you is how you can get your extensions without that bottom layer.

First, you have to make a section at the back and braid the bottom hair. When you make the section, the position is very important: at the nape of the neck? Ear to ear? Or at the crown? That depends on how thick your hair, grasp the hair extension with one hand, and grasp your hair with another hand, compare the thickness of them, then estimate the extra hair volume of your hair compared with the hair extensions, section the extra hair with the right place.
Then make two braids for the extra hair.

Ruby 24
Ruby 24″ Ribbon Bow Synthetic Ponytail Extension

Then pin both braids together. That’s good for hiding the extra hair, and also works for clipping the hair extension.

After that, you will find that your hair is not so thick.
Then you can add hair extensions as usual. If you are a perfectionist you can always straighten your hair to match the texture. But don’t forget it’s going to be super noticeable to you and not so noticeable to people who have never seen you before. So we suggest doing some curls, which would be much undetectable than straight hair.

Men’s Frontal Hairpiece for Covering Receding Hairline

Hair loss is a major cause of distress in many men who experience it. With baldness at an early age becoming a common problem among men, the use of stylish human hair toupee has become quite popular these days.
Among the men who suffer from hair loss, 40-50% of people belong to the beginning stage, and there is thin hair or no hair only at the front hairline area. Men’s frontal hairpiece is the best choice for this hair loss stage.

With this product, people have no need to shave their heads to wear this piece; the only requirement is to bond this piece at the front hairline.
Note: Zeus has two hair direction options for you to choose from. One has the hair direction growing forward, while the other is directing backward. So, if you plan to expose your hairline and have a slicked-back hairstyle, then choose the “Backward Hair Direction” option. If you plan to wear the hair forward like a fringe, please choose the “Forward Hair Direction” option. When Zeus is purchased and applied, the hair direction, whether it is forward or backward, is fixed and cannot be changed. So, when you purchase Zeus, consider the hairstyle you want to achieve with it and select the right hair direction option.

Thin Skin V-looped Hair Replacement System for Men
Thin Skin V-looped Hair Replacement System for Men

So the following photos and video show the detailed appearance of two hair directions:

UniWigs Zeus Men’s Frontal Hairpiece is an affordable and comfortable one compare to the entire toupee or hair system. That’s the best choice for Men’s hair loss beginners. Now there is only 1B off black color available, more and more color options will be ready in the near future!!

The most popular hair color trend- Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish must be familiar to everyone. She became famous at the age of 14 and was labeled with many labels. She is also an eccentric girl with a very distinctive personal style. Dark psychedelic, hip-hop, and unruly are all her personality labels. But Billie Eilish is also recognized as a talented woman. With her own music, she has become a bare-handed singer, and now she is in a mess. Many people like to listen to her songs and are fascinated by her unruly personality.

Billie Eilish’s hair color and hairstyle have always been the focus of attention. Compared with some low-key hair colors, many bold and bright hair colors have become her choices. Since Bi Li came out with this color, it has attracted the attention and pursuit of many people in Europe and America and is deeply sought after by young people today. The colors are exaggerated, in line with the tastes of today’s young people, high-profile with luxury, full of artistic flavor, showing coolness and fashion.

Billie Eilish’s hairstyle at the Academy Awards also sparked a heated debate. She casually put on a low bun, then added diamond hair accessories and colorful silk scarves. This seemingly discordant match made her look different. In addition to the exaggerated fluorescent green hair color, Billie Eilish has also dyed many other exaggerated hair colors. She once said that her music must capture the audience’s attention through some exaggerated elements, so she must make herself unique.

Pantone Color of the Year Classic Blue, Billie Eilish has also tried it a long time ago. It is not so much that Billie Eilish is on the cutting edge of the trend as it is that she has been creating trends and looking forward to a different Billie Eilish in the future.

Amazing Fashion Waves For Winter Season

Best Hairstyles with Waves — If you need to resemble a goddess with a look that shocks everybody, point of fact, selecting wave hairstyles is the best choice.

Particularly when there are numerous mixes that you can do, whether or not you have long or short hair since it very well may be adjusted to a hair and hairstyle you have.

Wearing it in hairstyles for free hair or for hairstyles where it will look similarly beautiful and upgrade all your excellence.

Also, the best of everything is that wavy hair never becomes unfashionable, it is present consistently of the year since it tends to be utilized on warmer days like spring and summer in free hair or on colder days like autumn and winter.

That is the reason this article was made so you have groundbreaking thoughts of hairstyles, that have simple waves so you can make yourself at home in a basic and quick manner, looking awesome, exciting, and radiant.

Something significant that I need to explain before proceeding onward with this article is that in this style guide with waves, you will not discover how the waves are made on the hair in detail, it will only give you insight on lovely fashion hair waves that can be made to rock winter this season.

Just as various methods, from stunts without utilizing heat for your hair or utilizing irons, tongs, curling irons, to which is the best curling iron contingent upon the attributes of your hair.

Hairstyles with Waves for Long Hair

The good thing about wearing long hair is that you can do various hairstyles without an issue and the expectation to enhance to perceive what is best for the kind of face you have.

Having natural waves or that you make them through a loop, you can utilize it with an exemplary style of sentimental hairstyle that is typically beautiful for weddings, weddings, and significant gatherings that you need to wear.

For that, you can utilize a lot of waves from one perspective that will seem, by all accounts, to be natural and afterward make yourself a semi-pick with all the tufts from the top that are extra.

Make sure to eliminate the hair from the face to have the option to clear and take a gander at the makeup that you should wear naturally.

You can likewise utilize sconces or accessories to make divisions between the tufts with undulations.

If what you need is to have more volume on your hair to give the feeling of more hair, at that point the best choice will be to make a few waves that are bigger and isolated from one another.

Hairstyles with Waves for Short Hair

Considering the detail of stamping them well with the goal that the hair weight of every wick can extend the rush of the hair.

For a more informal detail, look at what you can do utilizing a semi-gathered where you can wear this hairstyle every day with waves for long hair.

Ordinarily, it is imagined that having short hair can not convey the waves in the hair and that is an off-base assertion.

Since I’m demonstrating how you can wear your wavy hair in short hair.

Since the beneficial thing about waves is that they have the upside of adjusting to a length and hair.

Regardless of on the off chance that it is thick or thin, or if you wear long-short, or medium hair.

What you have to consider is that on the off chance that you wear medium hair, the ideal thing is to wear soft waves, since on the off chance that they were too sharp it would shorten the length of the hair to an extreme.

Hairstyles For Short Hair

What’s more, if you take it short the thought is to show it with movement and that the undulations don’t shorten significantly more than we have the style on.

The pin-up style can likewise be considered as it was worn during the 50s since it is a decent method to look modern and gorgeous, even in today’s society.

Something that you have to consider isn’t to check as much between the curlers or undulations since you will have the option to give it a more noteworthy volume.

So leave the wave open and think that short hair will consistently take a very long time off and you will look a lot younger.

The rumpled impact is something that I prescribe if your thought is to give it a natural touch yet that thusly, your hair is fine, which will give you a ton of points of interest with regards to wearing it.

Make sure to be informal and natural, it doesn’t mean you are not fixed.

Hairstyles with Waves and Braids

The advantage of making braids with wavy hair is that you can utilize the volume produced in your hair by the locks with undulations and gather your hair with the braids such that will give you the vital style for your head.

You can make semi-gathered hairstyles or utilize the interlace as though it were a natural applique in your hair without utilizing suspenders, headbands, or some other outside component in your hair.

You can wear it both for summer, spring, where heat is present, and get it utilizing various braids, which can be an extraordinary choice.

Likewise for winter or autumn where the cold can be a disturbance and it will be better for the waves to prevail and make an extremely unobtrusive side twist in your style that you plan.

Are you parting your hair the right way?

Parting your hair is something you do everyday. Maybe without even knowing it. It is something you should pay more attention to if you’re not already.

Correcting your parting can even make you look more attractive and who doesn’t want to look like a snack. You may have the same parting for years and years. It’s time to change it up. After all, life is about taking risks even if the risk is as small as changing the part of your hair.

So what is the best part for our face shape? What is the best part for your individual style? Let’s go over what’s part options you have first.

Middle parts can often make the symmetry of your face stand out more. It’s the best for round face. Because the center part will elongate the face,all the attention is going right down the middle and nothing on the side. But center part will be recommendation for a circular face.

Off center part or side part means you can leave one centimeter or two centimeter off from the center. It is great if people don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces and you want to just bring that eye not to the center. Oval face is the most optimal face shape. Any part will look great with this face shape. But try a slightly off center part, you will look more attractive.

Another style is side part. The side part is a much edge in my opion.

The last one is Zigzag part. This part can be on the side or in the middle. This part will look nice and jagged. Zigzag part will give you amazing hair volume. A sightly zigzag part for square ladies will looks much better.

Parting line is just an easy thing to do in our life and make hair volume. Befor you purchase a topper, you need to confirm that your hair topper or wigs have enough area for a pring line.

Movies Prove Pink Wigs Coolest Trend in Fashion World

Movies are not only a source of inspiration for people of all ages, but a source of new fashion statements too. The style trends shown in the movies are adopted largely by the fans. The appearance of the movie characters makes a huge difference. It influences the opinion of audience about their character and its impact on the film altogether. From costumes worn by the actors to their hairstyle, everything says a lot about their role in the movie and the way they are going to live in the memories of their fans for the rest of life.

Hairstyle as well as the haircolor makes a huge impression. Hair color says a lot about the personality and character of the person and has a huge impact on the spectators. The hair colors which are very popular in recent movies are mostly bright colors.Copper, blue, teal, red, pink, purple and green color wigs are in-trend nowadays. When we talk about pink wigs, they do not only look classy but cool as well.

We’ve compiled a list of movies that give major iconic pink hair inspirations:

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

1. Margot Robbie in The Movie “Suicide Squad” (2016):
Who does not know about the popular character “Harley Quinn” from Suicide Squad? Margot Robbie played the role of Harley with a very classy signature hairstyle, in which she styled a two-toned pigtails. She is known for styling 3 hair colors altogether; platinum blonde hair with half hair with hot pink dyed-ends and the other half with teal blue dyed-ends. This hair color combo is very popular among teenage girls these days.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

2. Amber Laura Heard in The Movie “One More Time” (2015):
Amber Heard who acted as Jude in her drama film “One More Time” wore a pink and brown ombre wig. She carried the pink hair look very well and stood out with her extraordinary pink hairdo.

Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks

3. Elizabeth Banks in “The Hunger Games” series (2012-2015):
You may know Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket from the famous trilogy “The Hunger Games”, who is well known for her changing hairstyles and hair colors throughout the series, but the most important of them all is her signature pink hairdo.She has experimented with almost all colors and shades of the rainbow. One of her best hair looks from the movieis curly platinum blonde hair with pink dyed ends.

Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth

4. Mary Elizabeth in The Movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” (2010):
Mary ElizabethWinstead plays the character of Ramona Flowers in thismovie. She styled a new and cool hair color in every other scene. However, she also styled hot pink locks in one of her scenes, which looked incredibly cool on her.

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

5. Natalie Portman in The Movie “Closer” (2004):
Natalie Portman has played the role of an American young girl Alice Ayres in the movie “Closer”, which is a romantic drama film. She is seen styling a bubblegum pink wig in this movie in order to gain attention of her love interest. Pink wig quite suits on her and does the wonders too, as she was successful in achieving her goal.

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

6. Kate Winslet in The Movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004):
Kate played the role of an extrovert, Clementine Kruczynski. She has been seen wearing different color hair wigs throughout the movie, as a sign of her carefree and reckless nature, along with clementine’s emotional transition. She also wore a pink wig which is hugely admired by the spectators.

The hair color played a very vital role in the making of this film. Hair color is used to exhibit the sentiments of Clementine and the phase through which she is going through in the film. The viewers can tell about her emotions before she speaks a single word, as Clementine’s hair were specially designed to tell more about her heart contents and her psychological state of. Since pink color represents nourishing, unconditional love, understanding and giving and getting care, Clementine dyed her hair pink when her relationship with Joel was in full swing and she was emotionally committed to Joel.

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

7. Scarlett Johansson in The Movie “Lost in Translation” (2003):
Scarlett Johnson stars as Charlotte, a young college graduate, in the movie “Lost In Translation”. She plays the role of a girl who is bored of her husband’s reckless attitude towards her. She is new to the city and wanted to have some fun and feel the freedom.So, she stepped out of her apartment in a baby-pink wig to sing and feel free for a karaokescene. Her hair color became quite famous and many people began using pink colored wigs to express their need of freedom and some fun during a day out.

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey

8. Jim Carrey in The Movie “Batman Forever” (1995):
Jim Carrey did full justice to the character of the Antagonist “The Riddler” who is also known as Edward Nigma in the movie “Batman Forever”. He styled a pink hairlook, which also became quite famous among the teenagers.

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot

9. Brigitte Bardot in The Movie “Two Weeks in September” (1967):
She styled a rosy wig in her movie “Two Weeks in September” which is a French movie. She played the role of a French model Cecile, who is married to an Englishman. In this movie, we saw her for the first time in a new hair color, that is a marshmallow pink hair look, for which she ditched her forever styled blonde Hair look. Her pink wig look has become one of the most famous hairstyles of 1970s fashion.

Shirley MacLaine
Shirley MacLaine

10. Shirley MacLaine in The Movie “What A Way to Go!” (1964):
Shirley MacLaine played the character of Louisa May Foster, who is a young and idealistic girl. She styled a candy pink colored mane in her movie, which is still admired by fashion icons and hairstylists of today’s era.

All in all, Pink hair color looks sophisticated and sober yet frolic and lively at the same time. It is a hair trend that has brought beauty and energy,together. Normalizing unusual hair color was difficult, but movies came to rescue, and people start experimenting their hair with colors other than the norms. Now, bright colors are in-trend and hair fashion statement has taken a huge turn that is also largely accepted by the people of all ages, because now we finally accepted that “PINK IS THE NEW BLACK!”.

How to Style Wigs with Bangs

“Every girl’s best accessory” has changed over time and for this decade, it is undoubtedly the wig. Different styles with different colors and lengths have flooded the world’s market and can be found in the room of every girl who is considered stylish. And if you are not on this train, really, what are you waiting for?

Maybe you do not have so much of a variety of wigs, but you want to look different at every event. Why not? This is very possible when you style your wigs; creating new looks from what you believe is a limited number. Different styles can be made but this article is focused on styling your wigs with bangs.

Why should you style with bangs?
The most obvious reason is that bangs are always in style. Think back to all the movies you have watched for at least the past 2 decades; actresses, celebrities and everyone in between have worn bangs at some point and totally killed it. Bangs have had their peak seasons but one thing is certain; they have always been and would always remain stylish. So, depending on the shape of your face, you can always find the right size and style of bangs to fit and accentuate your facial features.

Reasons to style your wigs with bangs
We have agreed that bangs are stylish and special, but why should you style them on your wigs? There are a couple of reasons actually, but we would be looking at just a few of them
• Bangs are known to help frame, shape and accentuate the face.
• They are used to cover up forehead and facial skin issues e.g. pimples, acne, and reactions.
• They remove the need for a frontal lace and would make your wig look as natural as possible.
• In fact, most people believe that bangs provide a younger look as it was most common with teen idols in the ’90s who needed to always look young and appealing.

Procedure for styling your wigs with bangs
To style your wig with bangs, a couple of steps must be taken. It is essential to have your selected wig ready and decide on one of the 3 popular styles; the side-swept bang, the curtain bangs and the most common which is the straight bang. Each of them has different ways to make and can be more specific to different facial shape (more on this later).
The only common thing with all three styles is that you need to wear your wig and pack up your hair in a bun before you begin. Also, remove the hair from the bundle gradually, rather than all at once so you can fit it nicely and gradually into the style you want. Ensure you have a mirror and sharp scissors so your work can go on smoothly.

1) For the side-swept bang

side-swept bang
side-swept bang

The side-swept bang is a one-sided bang with your front hair made to be arched at a particular angle on the face. After doing the procedure stated above, you should

• Use a small-sized comb (e.g. the rat tail comb) to comb and straighten the hair in front.
• Choose between your right and left side for the bangs to be at. This is a personal decision and should be determined by your more photogenic side, better eyesight, etc. (Note: your bangs should cover your non-flattering side).
• Next, pull your bangs on the side you want them to be at, hold them in place and make a cut at an angle, preferably around 45 degrees. Continue to comb and snip until you achieve your desired result. Watch out for any uneven ends.

2) For the curtain bangs

curtain bangs
curtain bangs

The curtain bangs are unique from the side-swept bang as they are usually longer, not angular and you might not be particular about achieving even ends on either side. Following the basic steps already stated, you also need to

• Comb the hair you plan to use for the bang, straighten it up and then cut up to the length that you desire.
• Make a defined parting either at the center or any point across the bang and sweep each half to its side.
The advantage of this style is that you can change the “curtain” by increasing the amount on either side depending on your preference.

3) For the straight bangs

straight bangs
straight bangs

This is the most popular style and there are a lot of reasons why it is so; it is a simple look and extremely flattering. Even though it looks simple, it requires as much effort as the other types but may be properly packed into an updo if need be too. So, it acts as a 2-in-1 style. Besides, it is the style that makes wigs look as real as human hair and is the most protective of the forehead while covering receding hairlines and messy eyebrows. The procedure for this style includes

• Comb the bang and make sure it is as straight as possible.
• Place the hair between your fingers and cut the hair in tiny snips (This would ensure that you have the opportunity to quickly correct an error if it arises).
• Continue combing and snipping and ensure the bang is as straight and even as possible.

Tips for choosing the right bangs

1) Side swept bangs
This style helps to cover up unflattering sides of the face and may also add length to the face. Therefore, they are ideal for shapes that are fuller in the middle e.g. round, square, heart and diamond-shaped faces.

2) Curtain bangs
Curtain bangs are also very flattering and lengthening for short shaped faces. If your face shape is a good fit for the side-swept look, then congratulations, the curtain bangs are also a great option for you. So, the round, square, diamond and heart-shaped faces can enjoy the curtain bangs too.

3) Straight bangs
While the former styles soften the facial features, the straight bangs tend to make the face even more angular. For example, a triangle-shaped face would be best suited for the straight bang so that there would be less focus on the lower side of the face and also give the needed width to the top of the face.

Overall, bangs are beautiful hairstyles that always seem to trend. So why not use this knowledge to style your wigs as such and beautify yourself in the process?

Fourth of July Hair Trend: Keep Your Hairs Varied and Popular

Would you like walk in the time machine and return to your mother’s era? To see the popular hair style on your mom, born with her, grow up with her and then become her.

1. 70’s Hair Style
The Magical Synthetic Lace Front Wig is a representative 70’s wig, it has the feathered look, when you wear it, your mother may think of her childhood. This look was popular by actress Farrah Fawcett, who stepped out in the soft, feathery hairstyle on the set of Charlie’s Angels. The style includes mid-length and long hair, brushed back and outward at the sides, just like the feathers of a bird. This hair style was worn by most of people on at era, celebrities or not, and its influence can be given expression to contemporary hair styles.

2. 80’s Hair Style

The Grey Kisses wig is popular on your mother teenager’s time, explosive curl shows the unique personality on your mom. The 80’s own the big, a lot of curl locks on people, often in groups of long, curly hair, almost the huge hair was everywhere. If you mom has taken a few hours at the salon to get the perm? And the Los Angeles appearance hair gel and the Australia hair spray were key to up the perfect that made your mom’s hair as sticky as the jackfruit

3. 90’s Hair Style

Refer to the 90’s hair style, may you first think is the Rachel Hairstyle, who took on the role of the popular TV show, Friends, she inspired millions with her unique full hairstyle that came to be known as “The Rachel.” But actually, the Goldilocks – Short Straight Version is also the typical 90’s hairstyle, in this period of time, you may born in the world, if this short hair is your child memory? After a transitory volume hair trend during the 80’s, famous person began avoid the mega-curls and perms of the 80’s like, and instead choosing extraordinary long, straight locks. Also, the use of straightening irons became a standard part of your mom’s hair routine in order to achieve the sleek look.

4. 2000’s Hair Style

The 2000’s was an excellent period of time for hair styles. There are so much hair experimentation with the color, curls, or the bangs. If your mother didn’t have one of these kind of hair styles in that day, she will definitely knew someone who have this hair style and may jealous of them. And the Black Pearl is always worn by the cool moms on the 2000’s. No matter you loved your mom or hated her, this hair will likely always be imprinted in your memory.

We can imagine that you wear one wig with the clothes that your mom wore before, and then show up surprisingly, your mother will confuse and think if she backed the life that she grown up. Just think about it I have laughed out.

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