How UniWigs Handle Clearance Products

“I have limited budget, do there have a cheaper product? “
“The price is much more cheaper than other products, is the quality bad?”
“Could I return it after I place the order?”

Here we take a glance at this blog and get rid of your concerns:

There are certain products in closeout: Items in superfluous stock that are not selling well; Custom orders that cancelled; Wrong products that don’t meet the quality inspection standards made from factory.
At UniWigs clearance page, you can get a reduced price upto 50% discount.That means you can save a big budget to get a wig or a hair pieces that you want.

People may worry about the quality. Actually, vip customers would like to purchase them readily because they had experience after several orders. They know UniWigs products and services.
There’s only left one or two stocks at the lowest price for each one, you can get it in a short time. Return is not allowed when the product is shipped out.

So how UniWigs deal with the products? They will seperate them in different kinds of products like wigs, hair toppers, synthetic wigs or hair extensions. The QA department will wash and condition those products. Then the designers, stylist and workers will work together and styling those products for orders placed from customers.

You can find all clearance products on UniWigs page:

There’s a special link for these products:

Return Policy: