Wavy and Bangs styles of Melanie Hair Topper

Due to the COVID-19, it influences the production of hair products. With several months’ hard work, there are two new arrivals: Melane wavy hair topper and Melanie with bangs. Both new products are required by our fans and VIP customers.

8.5″x9″ Melanie | Wavy Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper
If you’re looking for a large human hair topper with flattering waves, then look no further. Melanie wavy is the wavy version of the popular Melanie topper and possesses a super large 8.5″x9″ base for ample coverage.
Melanie wavy features permanent loose waves which can be straightened but will return to its gorgeous wave texture after washing. This sensational topper has a 4.5”x4.5” hand-tied monofilament top which offers a realistic appearance at the root level, as well as a free parting line. This piece also has a wefted back for breathability. Melanie wavy is made entirely from remy human hair and is available in options of 16 and 20 inches long.

It is perfect for medium to progressive hair loss. The large base size is ideal for adding fullness, concealing thinning, and covering roots in between colors.

It is made of 100% remy human hair, so it can be freely heat-styled with flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. When the hair is washed, the original waves will return.

The hand-tied mono top gives the appearance of natural hair growth where the hair is parted and allows free parting in any direction.

8.5″x9″ Melanie Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper with bangs

Melanie with bangs is a striking human hair topper that is the fringe option of the popular Melanie topper. This topper has irresistible 4-5” length bangs, which can be left as they are, worn to the side, or trimmed down for a wispier look.

Melanie with bangs has no topper hairline to disguise as the bangs effectively conceal the topper front. This hair topper has more brunette colors and blondes colors. Lengths are variable from 12 inch to 16inch and 20inch for more choices.

This pre-styled bangs of 4” – 5” which effectively conceals the topper hairline and offers an exceptional style.
It is perfect for those in the medium to progressive stages of hair loss and is ideal for adding fullness, concealing thinning, and covering new roots in between colors.

Despite the few stocks, there was a pressing need, to maintain the needs for most of customers, more new arrivals are on the way of producing.