London Fashion Week 2017

London Fashion Week 2017

The famous London Fashion Week is finally approaching! Beginning February 17th through February 21st, 2017 fashion, styles, and beauty trends, from around the world will be showcased in the UK.


London Fashion week is so exclusive the city prepares Designer Showrooms! On the official LFW website, the About section describes, “Taking part in London Fashion Week’s Designer Showrooms gives brands the exposure they need to make new connections with buyers and press, service existing clients and reconnect with those who you have worked with in the past” the showrooms are one of the unique differences between London Fashion Week and any other a fashion show (


The very first London Fashion Week began in 1984 featuring only a few designers vs. LWF of 2015 where the posh schedule displayed over 83 designers and showrooms to match, in a 5-day time span. Some attendants of the 1984 event organized originally by the British Fashion Council for the London Development Agency included: Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, and Princess Diana of Wales and even showcased designers John Galliano! borris (2)


UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson claimed, “I am delighted to support British fashion, which continues to be at the forefront of innovation. From how our designers are working and presenting their collections, to the fast-paced dynamism of the retail sector, fashion is utilizing the latest technologies to ensure this important industry continues to generate billions for our economy. London is developing a reputation as one of the tech capitals of the world, but it is already a global leader for fashion” showing immense love and support of the huge population that is the fashion industry (Johnson).


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Back in 2010 London’s Fashion Week became the first ever fashion week to present the event online, every catwalk since has graced the web with a full broadcast. London’s Fashion Week has become so recognized that it now ranks amongst New York, Milan, and Paris making its name as one of the “Big 4” in fashion weeks.

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Unfortunately, London’s Fashion Week is invite only. Boo! However, it has been reported that there is possibility for future ticketed shows, as for now there are over 60 screens outside the event that display the entire show and also a full live-stream on the London Fashion Week website.