Refresh Your Hairstyle – The Two-Tone Color

Tired of having just one hair color? Ready to test the hottest hair dyeing trends? Then why not refresh your look and start with the two-tone color style? Whether you are interested in an everyday hairdo or just want to get an outrageous fashion look, the two-tone hair color can be a super trendy way to change your look.

Hairstyle - Two Tone Color

Traditionally one overall hair color would complete the dyeing process. The two-tone color introduces (as name reveals) the use of two different hair colors. It is characterized by coloring the top half of the hair using one color, and the bottom half using a different color. No matter how long or short your hair is, from a classic bob to a gorgeous textured hairstyle, the two-tonehair colors offer you the chance to get your unique andvibrant style.


Natural Colors

If you prefer the classy, more natural look, then,by adding a light color to the mid-length or tips and a darker color to the roots of your hair, this can help you to create a more natural and subtle looking hairstyle, complimenting your look.

You’ve probably noticed such stars such as Drew Barrymore whom arecrazy for this two -one trend. Barrymore’s dark-rooted style(which incorporates brown roots that graduated fade out into a warm blonde tip)has long been her signature look.

Drew Barrymore hairstyle - two tone color,


Contrasting Colors

If you are a complete fashionist and are striving for a bolder look, just simply add two contrasting colors to your hair and create an interesting mix.

Those who are confident enough to experiment on a larger scale of different tones might find it astonishing,with bright splashes of colors including purple, red, yellow, orange, pink, green and blue. These fancy colors will look great when teamed with contrasting shade, such as red or black hair.

The biggest fans ofcontrasting colorsthese days seem to be the stars. Demi Lovato,in particular, showed off her baby-pink tips during a performance on Good Morning America, and has since debuted a blue trend while hosting the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.

Demi-Lovato hairstyle - two tone color