Fresh Choices – Human Hair and Synthetic Blend Wigs


Considering the high costs of real human hair wigs, human hair and synthetic blend wigs are becoming more and more popular nowadays.Wearing a wig is a great way to instantly change your hairstyle. Human hair blend wigs not only make you look fashionable but you also reap the benefits of minimal care and maximum styling options.


Wigs come in a variety of styles with different options in terms of hair material, color, texture, length and cap construction, among which,the material of the hair is one of the main factors that alters the price.


As we know, human hair wigs are natural, durable and flexible. They act just like normal human hair would. You can style them as you wish and incorporate the use of either a curling or straightening iron. However, just like your real hair, human hair wigs don’t hold these styles for very long. In addition, they are far more expensive than synthetic wigs, which are not affordable by the general public.

Human hair Wigs - Uniwigs H8001


Synthetic hair wigs on the other hand, are mostly shiny and unnatural. They do not feel as ‘lifelike’ as human hair and also cannot be colored or styled. That is, unless it is a heat friendly synthetic wig. Synthetic hair cannot breathe, therefore the scalp may perspire and itch more than usual.

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Having said that, synthetic hair wigs do have their advantages, especially for those heat friendly synthetic wigs. They can be styled with heating implements such as steam, hair dryers and curling irons, and they will always keep the preset style even after being washed. What matters most, synthetic wigs are significantly cheaper than human hair wigs.


With these pros and cons in mind, we are starting to see a new product of ‘human hair and synthetic’ blend wigs hit the market. They can offer the best characteristics of both human hair and synthetic. You can gain the advantages of both starting with the natural look of human hair all the way to the easy styling features of synthetic.

Human Hair and Synthetic Blend Wigs - Uniwigs M11001

However, to give the human hair blend wigseven more styling flexibility, heat friendly synthetic fiber is added to create the best finish. Due to the fact that it closely resembles human hair and can withstand heat, allowing you to choose how you want to style it.


Human hair and synthetic blend wigs create a medium in terms of cost and make those goregous locks more affordable for the general public. If you are currently deciding which wig to purchase, and do not want to invest too much money, yet still want a natural look, then human hair blend wig will definitely be a good choice.

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