Do you ever wonder why it always seems like your wig doesn’t listen to you? Let’s say you had a crazy week and you got to use your wig every day because your natural hair just won’t do it, you still have to prepare for next week but your wig is giving you all the wrong signals. It’s dry to the touch, frizzy and worse tangled or matted at the nape from overuse without proper styling. Whew! That is a lot to take in and you definitely do not want that kind of energy in the new week.

The thing about wigs whether human hair wigs or synthetic is that you just got to put in the work. And the truth is it isn’t a lot of work either. There are a lot of reasons why your wig could become dry and frizzy or even tangled and a lot of times these can be avoided with proper caretaking. We’re here to show you some of these reasons and to give you remedies that can help your situation.

• Storage

human hair wig
human hair wig

While it is possible that your wig could suffer from overuse or become dry and frizzy from the lack of care, it is also possible that all of these could be a factor of underuse. A lot of times people have wigs and really only use them on occasions because they want to have a change of look. While this is applaud-worthy, you should also consider proper storage of your wigs when they’re not in use for long periods of time. So, it is safe to say that your wig could get dry and frizzy and even tangled because of neglect and improper storage.

Usually, wigs are better off on wig heads and as this gives it a lot of ventilation and really just keeps the wig in place without fear of tangle. However, when wigs stay on wig heads for long periods of time, they could get dusty, dry up and become frizzy. You would need to get it washed and properly moisturized to get back its shine. It’s the same with your natural hair when you neglect it for long periods on end, it is likely to become coarse and dry and you may start losing your hair in the process. Everything needs an amount of commitment and care and wigs are definitely part of them.

• Moisture
Your natural hair is affixed to your head and your hair gets a lot of moisture from your body. You definitely cannot say the same for wigs which are more artificial. Whether synthetic or a human hair wig, they all need moisture to maintain a certain level of shine and texture. While human hair wigs are more natural and may need a smaller amount of products, with synthetic wigs, you will need to go the whole nine yards. So, something of importance is moisturizing your wig as much as possible to keep it from getting dry.

When we talk of moisture, we don’t just mean products as a lot of products on the wig may just make it heavy and dirty. What you need is light products just to maintain moisture without affecting its texture. There are instances where people go around with water in a spray bottle and just spray it on their hair during the day just to maintain the moisture in the hair in harsh weather conditions. This isn’t a bad idea because using a lot of products on the hair could be disastrous to the wig.

• Styling


This is another factor that can make your wig dry and frizzy. Apart from wrong storage and lack of moisture, excessive heat styling can be a problem for your wig. Sometimes when you subscribe to heat styling every other day, the wig could get burnt as this is a natural effect and when this happens, getting the wig to its original state may be difficult. Curling machines, straighteners, heat rollers cause a lot of frizz by burning the hair. So, you should as much as possible avoid a lot of heat styling and just let your wig breathe.

• Hair Products
Granted that there are hair products that can do wonders for the hair, there are also a lot more that can cause irreparable damages. This is what you need to avoid. There are a lot of chemicals and alcohols in hair products and your goal should be to avoid those because they strip the hair of oils and leave it dry and therefore causing frizz. So as much as possible when shopping for hair products for your wig, try to stick to nature-based products as these are mild to the hair. Remember that a lot of products on the hair will leave it looking greasy and heavy. Invest in detanglers and anti-frizz serums that you could apply after shampooing your hair.

These will help you keep the wig in good condition. Ultimately, watch what you put on your wig. If you can’t use it on your natural hair, chances are that they are not suitable for your wig.

• Care Generally
A lot of times dirt accumulation in the hair could cause frizz and dryness and that’s why it is advised to wash your wigs frequently. If you do not do this, you risk having problems because your natural hair underneath the wig also suffers. Keeping the wig clean is for yourself entirely. When hair is washed frequently, whether wig or natural hair, it will eventually develop split ends so you should get your wig trimmed occasionally so as to keep it in good condition. You should think of your wigs as an investment that you ought to take seriously.

Wigs are an essential part of our daily lives, at least for those who indulge and like every other thing we hold dear, we should take out time to care for them properly. That being said, adherence to these tips will elongate the lifespan of your wig and keep it looking new.