While most people think hair loss only affects men, this is not true. Hair loss in women is just as a concern as it in men. If you are one of these women who is experiencing balding then this article will give you some insight into some of the causes that may be contributing to this condition. What causes hair loss in women?

Loss can be caused by a number of things. One of the main things that cause this condition is hormonal imbalances and medical conditions. Hormones keep the body functioning normally, it affects a woman’s mood and many other things in the body. When hormones become imbalanced they tend to show on the outside. One of these things can be balding.

women baldness
women baldness

There are many medical conditions and treatments that can cause this condition. One such thing is the treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, when used, has been proven to make it fall out. Other medical conditions may be thyroid problems, anorexia, anemia, bulimia, diabetes and many others. Hair can fall out either from these conditions themselves or by the medication that is taken to help it.

There are many things that can trigger hair loss. One common problem is chemical breakage causing hair loss in cosmetics. Women all around the world use many different chemicals on their heads. These are usually hard shampoos, dyes, coloring dyes, bleaching and many other additives that are put through their scalp. These chemicals have been known to reduce the life of your hair causing it to remove from the scalp. These are another cause for balding in women.

Women are the most vulnerable when it comes to hair loss through cosmetics. Hair loss through cosmetics is usually the result of improper use of treatment chemicals.

In cosmetics, there are some treatment chemicals such as relaxers. Relaxers function in such a way that they break the structural bonds of curly thus making it much straighter. Relaxing chemicals are to be mixed in the right proportions and the amount of time the hair is to be exposed to the relaxer should never be exceeded. If a relaxer is too concentrated there are risks that the scalp will be burnt and the hair splits and breaks. Hair relaxer chemicals can irritate the skin on the scalp causing the hair follicles to shed hair. This results in hair thinning and development of hair patches. Hair relaxers have to be applied by professional hairdressers to avoid damage to hair. After treatment with a relaxer it is advisable to use a shampoo that neutralizes to ensure the relaxer chemical is completely removed.

Another common problem of chemical breakage causing loss is the dying of hair. Some dyes affect the properties making it become more brittle. As a result of this, hair becomes more prone to breakage during combing.

There are also other chemicals that can cause breakage, which is outside cosmetics. Good examples of such chemicals are chemicals such as chlorine in swimming pool water. The mixture of chlorine and saltwater from the pool remove sebum from the hair. The result is that after a swim hair becomes dry and brittle. If we do not shampoo after a swim we are at risk of increasing the chances of breaking.

There are other chemical products such as styling gels and oils that people apply to soften it. Some of these chemicals in the presence of ultraviolet radiation breakdown to form substances that can either irritate the skin or disrupt the structure of the hair. When the skin is irritated by these chemicals hair follicles will be disrupted causing reduced hair growth and increased breakage.

To sum up, the whole issue caused by chemical breakage, it wise to let only professional dressers handle. If you do happen to encounter any loss problems due to chemicals, it is possible to solve them with some drugs and treatments that are available on the market. Never experiment with your hair, for hair is very sensitive and any stress applied to it will cause it to stop growing. It is advised that all chemical treatments be done after making sure the hair is thoroughly cleaned and washed. This is very important as it helps remove things like dandruff which can mix with hair chemicals and irritate the scalp, therefore affecting growth.

Recent studies have shown that stress and psychical tension trigger hormonal reactions in the body, causing hair loss. Stress increases the concentration of hormones such as cortisol and testosterone, which affects the hair roots. This condition is temporary if the person affected is not predisposed to genetic or Androgenic Alopecia.

The lack of nutrients and vitamin deficiency lead to temporary hair loss. In order to be healthy, our hair needs protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. Your daily diet should include various foods and provide all the necessary nutrients. Otherwise, your hair follicles won. ‘t be able to function normally.

Adopting a diet full of nutrients stimulates hair growth; it. ‘s recommended to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, egg yolks, almonds, whole grains, seeds, oily fish, light meat and diary products. Give up smoking, alcohol, and caffeine. Avoid eating foods that contain too much salt, saturated fat and preservatives, because these substances have harmful effects on your hair.

You might be losing your hair because of stress. Researchers have shown that cortisol and testosterone levels are increased by stress. The good news is that hair loss can be treated successfully as long as you ‘re not suffering from androgenic alopecia.

What about hair styling products? Is it safe to use gels, mousse, leave-in conditioners, hot oils, hair enhancers and dyes? Well, you can use them anytime, but only if you opt for quality products. The harsh chemicals contained by most dyes and hair enhancers can dry the hair strands excessively.

Now you understand why is so important to know what causes hair loss. Once you have identified the cause, you should start taking measures. Follow a balanced diet, give up smoking and avoid stressful situations.

Now you know what causes hair loss. In most cases, it’s enough to adopt a healthy diet and use reputable products in order to maintain your hair healthy. However, if this condition persists, it’s indicated to ask for medical advice immediately.