Start Your Beauty Regime from the Head down – How to Massage the Scalp

Scalp maintenance, is usually neglected by most people during their daily life. In fact, it is as important as skin maintenance. The reasons for this are as follows: Firstly, scalp maintenance can relax the mind so as to keep your brain clear and focused. Secondly, blood circulation will speed up through massaging the scalp, which can reduce the risk of hair loss and slow down turning the arrival of those unwanted grey hairs. Thirdly, last but not least, massaging the scalp can help you enjoy a sound night’s sleep. As we all know, good sleep can make you look more beautiful and young. Therefore, let us learn to massage the scalp and start beauty from the head down.


Step 1: Put your hands through your hair. Massage your scalp with your fingers horizontally and vertically. Then, pull your hair up gently and slowly in order to make your scalp feel absolutely relaxed.

How to Massage the Scalp-step 1

Step 2: Grasp the front part of your hair (see picture below) and pull the front forward, back, right and left. Through doing this, you can relieve pressure and relax yourself.

How to Massage the Scalp-step 2


Step 3: Knead and press the back of the head with your thumbs and index fingers, Follow this same method on other areas of the scalp. Repeat this action two or three times.

How to Massage the Scalp-step 3


Step 4: Tap yourscalp gently with your fingers. Repeat this action all over.

How to Massage the Scalp-step 4


Tips: During step 4, ensure that every 3-5 taps per set is followed by 2-3 sets a time. It is easier for you to do these exercisesduring your routine hair washing.

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