Is Synthetic Wig Really Not As Good As Human Hair Wig?

As we enter the market to purchase the wig we desire, we are faced by a variety of options and suddenly, the answer doesn’t seem so clear anymore. Should we opt for the synthetic wig, or go for the human hair wig instead? Or is the heat-friendly synthetic wig the solution to our hair woes? To prevent the confusion from building up, it is better to do some research beforehand, and know which wig works best for us.

Human hair wigs are just as the name entails – they are made of natural, human hair strands. You might have heard about hair donations by people for a good cause. That is mostly how the natural hair ended up gracing the wigs. The greatest charm of these wigs is how real they look; with no unnatural shine and the ability to bounce around like natural hair, wearing a human hair wig is feels just like having your natural hair back. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs are made from man-made fibers, which tend to imitate human hair, and mostly are indistinguishable unless looked at very closely. These wigs are perfectly styled, with the ability to retain their look after any and all activities.

synthetic wig&human hair wig
synthetic wig&human hair wig

There is a popular opinion of synthetic wigs not being as good as human hair wigs. The opinion is certainly not unfounded, because human hair wigs bring with themselves an abundance of advantages:

  • The All-Natural Look

Considering human hair wigs are made from actual hair, they appear no different than the time when you actually had hair. Resembling the texture and feel of real hair, the wig exclaims all things natural.

Being made of human hair also means the hair acts just like normal hair would; stylish as ever sometimes, whilst untamed otherwise. However, this also means it can be styled as any way we want, something we aren’t able to achieve with synthetic hair. Whether we want to don a perm today or go for a straightened look, the human hair wig makes it fairly easy and simple to achieve any of these styles.

A great plus point in human hair wigs is the large variety of textures, hues, and lengths on offer. We can search entire markets and will eventually land on a wig which completes resembles the hair we had earlier, making it difficult for others to tell the difference between the hair we had before, and the hair we have now. Win-win? We think so!

  • Get those Pops of Color

Since the wig has human hair, it can be easily dyed without any side effects, unlike synthetic wigs. This means just because we have lost our hair, doesn’t mean we give up on the little things we love. Dying our hair in a variety of colors, from ombre highlights to purple edges, the sky is the limit with human hair wigs. We simply have to search for a hair stylist proficient in coloring human hair wigs.

  • Apt for Sensitive Skins

When we think about wearing wigs, the idea makes us scratch our heads. We often find ourselves wondering: How will the wig be attached? Will it feel comfortable?

With human hair wigs, there is no need to worry about itching or rash on the scalp because the wig has a very high probability of adapting comfortably to the head. Thus, making the human hair wig an especially good option for those with sensitive skins.

  • Long-Lasting

Human hair wigs are highly durable. Known to last up to a year, they are a good option for those who wish for a long-lasting remedy to hair loss. On the other hand, synthetic wigs merely last for 4-6 months.

People opt for human hair wigs not only due to the advantages brought forth by this type of wig, but also the disadvantages of the synthetic wig. The synthetic wig although is a product of newest technologies and imitates human hair, it has a certain unnatural shine to it which makes it noticeable (especially in the sunlight), giving onlookers the feeling that the person is indeed wearing a wig. Sensitive to heat, synthetic wigs are easily harmed which makes styling them very difficult. They usually come in a particular style (e.g. curled, etc.) and eventually bounce back to their initial form, regardless of the hairstyling you practice on it. Even if you wash your hair, as soon as it dries up, the wig returns to its original style.

However, just because the synthetic wig is refrained to exhibiting a particular look, does not necessarily mean a downside of the wig. For people who struggle with time and energy to manage the upkeep of their hair, synthetic wigs are a blessing in disguise. There is no need to take out time for styling the hair as it comes styled, always. Another charming feature of the synthetic wigs is the low maintenance. They should be washed after 4-6 wears, unlike human hair wigs which, being human hair, need to be washed after each wear. Furthermore, human hair wigs also require proper shampooing, oiling, and conditioning – which may pose as another hassle.

Although synthetic wigs cannot be dyed, why go through the trouble of dyeing when you can find an abundance of colored and widely styled wigs? Simply try the wig on, and if it suits your face, make the purchase. Synthetic wigs are cheap as compared to human hair wigs, and thus make for an easy-buy.

Therefore, the question of which wig is better cannot be answered so easily as each has their own sets of pros and cons. For people who want a low maintenance, easy to control wig – the synthetic wig is the way to go. For those who want their hair to look as natural as possible, the human hair wig should be opted for. For the ones who reside in cities with extreme weather conditions, the human hair wig may prove uncontrollable most of the times, thus a man-made synthetic wig might be better suited. For ones who know their hair loss is permanent, the human hair wig is a better investment due to enhanced durability, and value for money.

Thus, the answer to which wig is better varies across individuals. What matters is, which wig is best suited to us, and our conditions and needs. Remember, although our hair is an important part of us, it surely isn’t the only aspect which represents us. Thus, whatever wig you decide to purchase, don it with confidence, and you are bound to shine wherever you go!