How to take care of your wig

We do not imagine how pollution and urban agitation attack us every day, and our hair in the wind are the first sensors of these nuisances. The accumulation of fine particles, dust, sweat and also styling products makes the hair heavy and difficult to handle. They swell and tangle more easily. Here’s how to deal!

Wash your hair as soon as you feel it less flexible, that the curls are less defined, and that you find it harder to style your hair (in general or after a week depending on the use you make of the styling products).

Rinse the hair with cold water by adding a teaspoon of… apple vinegar or alcohol in the last bath. Yes, this grandmother’s remedy really works!

For a natural and light look, do not use too many care and hairstyling products. A few drops a day are enough. An excess of products weighs down the hair and makes it difficult to handle. In addition, it would require you to do frequent shampoos, which would complicate your routine.

Use moisturizing and nourishing products.
Do not hesitate to test the products, recommended or not, to find the ones that best suit your needs. The main thing is to invest in quality products like you do for your natural hair.

In all cases, avoid products containing petrolatum and lanolin which grease and weigh down the hair and ultimately dry it out since it does not allow true hydration.

Apply your moisturizer preferably on hair that is still damp, part of the water is then retained in the fiber and the hair will only be softer and flowing.

For wavy or curly hair, naturally drier, use a foam suitable for this type of texture. It is possible to compose it yourself with organic aloe vera, organic shea butter and pure organic oils of coconut, bean sprouts, or sweet almond to mix in a spray bottle with water purified hot. These oils can be replaced by a quality conditioner, in small doses. Another personal solution for quick refreshment and immediate redefinition of curls: moisten the hair well with a water sprayer (preferably from a source) and seal the hydration with a special curl mousse. Do not brush or pull on the hair, but rather press it between your hands. Guaranteed result! Moisturize the hair by emphasizing the lengths and ends and avoiding the base.