The origin of the wig dates back thousands of years instead. The Egyptians are among the first to wear wigs. During ancient times, many Egyptians shaved their heads and used wigs to protect their heads. The wig can be of human, horse or synthetic origin. There are therefore wigs with synthetic and natural hair.


Besides the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, victims of hair loss, also wear a wig. The wig had then become a symbol of prestige. In France, in the 17th century, King Louis XIII masked his baldness with hairpieces. Very quickly, many important men also began to wear the accessory while covering themselves with a wig to remain elegant. The success of wigs has not waned over the years. Even today they have become real fashion accessories for some and a real necessity for others. Knowing that they can be worn by both a man and a woman. But, whatever the reasons for wearing it – baldness, chemotherapy, change of look – using a wig is always beneficial.

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