It is no doubt that wearing wigs has made looking good easier, but how do you know the perfect wig to compliment that exquisite look especially as a black woman? Time allows us access to make recognizable improvements on everything that beautifies life, and wigs are no exceptions. They keep coming in more beautiful texture and looks. The wigs are beautiful to behold but you are unsure whether it would be beautiful on you or stand the test of time. This piece would serve as a guide to help you get that wig that would blend with your glowing black colour.

There are two major types of newly made wigs: natural hair and synthetic wigs. You can choose either of these wigs depending on how you want to wear them. If you want wigs that would allow different styles, synthetic wigs would be a better option, they can stay in any position you style them. But if you need wigs that would look like your natural hair, then natural hair wigs would suit better. They look real and you can wear them on a daily basis as if they were your hair. But be aware that if you are going for the natural wig, you would be ready to give it regular maintenance. If not, it would lose its natural features.

Cap Construction
Cap Construction

One of the basic things you look out for in wigs is the wig cap construction. The cap is the base upon which the prepared hair is attached to form the finished wig. With the evolution of time, wig caps are no longer as they used to be. Having a cap that assumes the shape of your head upon wearing it indicated a better fitting wig and vice versa. If you are unsure of the cap and how well it will size your head, you can get a wig with adjustable straps on the cap that would help you adjust the cap to the size of your head. This is better than the tedious task of applying adhesive whenever you have to wear your wigs.

Different caps have different designs with which the hair strands get attached. Of these designs, the best for the black woman is the 100% hand-tied monofilament design. This design also called 100% hand-knotted appears like individual pieces or strands of hair attached to the cap. It is as opposed to machine – attached hair and allows each strand to move freely and makes it possible for the wig to be combed or parted in any direction giving the wearer an undiluted natural look. It creates the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp.  Some wigs have both designs combined in one where the hand-tied method is used in some sensitive part of the wig like the crown while the remaining parts are machine-attached. As a black woman, it may be better to go for the 100% hand-tied monofilament because of the natural look and the comfort that comes with it, but you may need to consider your pocket to make a better decision.

Except you have a look you want to mirror, natural colours like black or brown wigs look more natural on black women. There may be rare exceptions where a black woman has a naturally light coloured hair, she may choose to help her natural hair colours by wearing the light coloured wigs. These natural colours can also be dyed into any other colour of your choice. But trust me, natural coloured wigs are more appealing on a black woman than the brightly coloured ones.


You would also need to consider the length of the hair. Wigs come in varying lengths. The length you would choose should be dependent on the occasion you are wearing it and the look you want to wear. Long wigs can serve for any purpose, especially for a social function. Shoulder length wigs are perfect for dinner parties. It blends with the dinner wears to give the wearer a classy look. You can also rock short wigs (pixie cuts) as a black woman. It is easier to maintain and does not tangle like long hair.  The longer the hair length, the higher the chances of tangling it has.

Also, a black woman can never go wrong with a front lace wig. Once this type of wig seats on your head perfectly, it would be difficult for one to tell that it is a wig. It gives a black woman a natural look plus the fact that it gives an illusion of hair growth from the natural hairline thereby enhancing the natural look the hair gives. Ensure you test if the wig sheds. Shedding of wigs, whether natural of synthetic wigs fastens the life span of the wig.

Research has shown that black women tend to react easily to the weather. Going for wigs with enough ventilation would serve as a saviour even in hot weather. This ventilation would reduce (or prevent) irritation. You are also sure not to sweat because of the free air passage. This can help you wear the wig for a long time regardless of the weather.

You may want to go for wigs that can easily be curled or straightened to fit your choice at a particular point in time. It is only wigs that are rich in high-temp fiber (which is safe for use with curling irons) that can serve this purpose.

For a black woman, the texture of the hair should be of utmost importance especially if she wants a natural look. Some wigs are smooth and curly almost like the hair of these women black women. Those wigs are recommended.

Remember, that your budget is very important while choosing wigs. Some wigs are affordable and have good quality. Overpriced wigs are not necessarily the best wigs.

If you put all these are put into consideration, I am sure that you would be able to get the perfect wig that would serve the purpose it is meant for while complementing your looks. Don’t forget that the durability and longevity of any wig are dependent on how you use it. Ensure to use good products on your wigs to enable them last longer while looking healthy.