The first thing that comes to mind with a topic of this nature is “what’s the difference?” Though the difference between the two for some people may seem like an effort at futility because it looks like distinguishing between cars of the same brand but for the women who use these two products, it is necessary to find what is most suitable for them.

First of all, why cover your hair at all? Most people have been banished to the use of wigs or hair toppers due to fashion, genetic or biological reasons. So, if your hair starts to fall off whether due to stress or medical conditions such as cancer or alopecia or lupus, then you’d need to resort to wigs or toppers. Some other people wear it as a fashion statement. So, to avoid the hassle or trouble of dyeing their bio hairs or getting them cut short, they resort to these products which frankly are a tad easier to maintain.

Wigs are preferable to toppers or extensions for several reasons and these reasons also double as their advantages. Wigs are hair extensions that cover the whole head. Usually, they are sewn into a base and could be in different colors or forms or even lengths. Hair toppers, on the other hand, are like mini wigs that are instrumental for just a part of the head. They are meant to cover bald patches on your head and to blend in with your bio hair. They come with fasteners or pins of some sort where you get to clip to your scalp. They are mostly used to add layers to the hair and make it appear fuller. So, here are some reasons why wigs are a better investment to toppers.

•Full coverage
One of the most obvious benefits of a wig is that it gives you full coverage on your head as opposed to toppers. Where you are suffering from any condition that facilitates hair loss, no matter the state or level, a wig covers everything. It could also be a different color from your bio hair and this is what makes it interesting. A problem with toppers is the fact that nine out of ten times, it is difficult to find one in your exact hair color. So, most times you’d have to dye either your bio hair or the topper and this could facilitate its deterioration. Toppers also have a unique problem with the clips. Where it is of inferior quality, it tends to tug and pull on your bio hair and this is unhealthy. Where you have bald patches on your head, there won’t be enough hair to place the clip-ins from the toppers and this could defeat their whole purpose unless you’d like them glued to your scalp.

•Save a Ton of Money
You know how you’ve always wanted stress freestyles? Well, this is one of them. Owning a wig will save you the stress of styling or coloring or cutting that you would have done with your bio hair. It also helps you save money since you aren’t indulging in all these. Wigs are low maintenance and can be very functional week in and week out without so much as frizzes that are common with your real hair. They are pre-cut, colored and styled too so all you need to do is wake up and put them on. If you’re feeling it, you could have it brushed. Washing, however, could be several times a month as opposed to your bio hair which would be several times a week.

Some of the Few Disadvantages of Wigs Include the Following

•Difficult to wear
Wigs could be tricky to wear especially for people who just started using them. You would need regular practice and a lot of trial and error sessions to get it right, however, once it is perfected, you wouldn’t have such problems. Hair toppers, on the other hand, are quite easy to install. Whether it’s your first time or a regular occurrence, toppers are very easy to install and take off. This makes them a better choice over wigs.

•Wigs are Expensive
Wigs could be a tad expensive because they require a lot of hair to make a full head wig but the money saved on styling makes up for this. This is not the case with toppers which are very affordable because they cater to parts of the head. You could change toppers with the season or even own quite a number of them because of their low cost.

•Workouts and Games
Wigs aren’t best for outdoor games and workouts. This is because the sweat trapped in there could be bad for your hair and could increase frizzes on your bio hair and make it tangle. Toppers do not cause frizzes on the bio hair, they do not fall off easily and since it’s only covering a part of the head, the sweat is evenly distributed on the head.

•They Stand Out
Wigs could be very obvious. If you are a brunette, putting on a blonde wig could make it very obvious, unlike a topper which is very incognito. It is very difficult to know when someone is wearing a topper as part of their bio hair is still shown. A topper is the same color as the bio hair so this just makes it blend in perfectly.

With all these in mind, you would need to ask yourself which of the products does it better for you. Where your hair is thin and sparse and has a lot of patches, a full wig is advisable but if this happens on just a spot, you could use a topper. Since most of these products are used as fashion statements, then a good quality wig is the best choice. This allows you to change your look, your style, and your hair color all at once without having to go to a salon. So honestly, a wig does it better.