What hair color are you suitable for?

Sometimes choosing a hair style is the same as matching clothes. We will choose the clothes that suit our color according to our skin color. Also choosing a good-looking and suitable hair color based on your skin color on the hair dye will make you more beautiful.

It’s important to find your skin tone. You need to determine if your skin tone is warm, cool or neutral.

The international practice is that you can first make a rough judgment according to the color of your wrist vein. People with blue or purple blood vessels will be fine-tuned; Those with green or olive blood will be yellowish; if both are, it is netural.

In addition, you can judge the skin color according to the color of the jewelry you wear and the color that suits the makeup. Most people who are more suitable for silver accessories and partial pinkish purple makeup are cool skins; those with golden accessories and brownish-yellow tones are warm skins. For those who are not well-adapted, they are neutral.

Choose hair color according to skin color
After you have judged your skin color accurately, you can study the hair color.

Cool skin:
Cool skin gives people a cool feeling, so the skin is cool and even pink. For cool-skinned women, low-saturation, low-saturation hair color is preferred, such as cold gold, gray-green, fog purple, and so on.

Warm skin:
Most of the warm skin gives a gentle feeling, the skin color is white but warm, suitable for some hair color with pink or red, such as orange pink, orange red, maroon and so on.

Neutral skin:
If your skin is neutral, congratulations! You are suitable for all hair colors. With a little attention to the overall mix, you can easily create a sense of style.

At last, if you are still curious about hair color, buy some colored wigs is a good choice. Synthetic wigs are perfect for you. They have many types of hair color and much cheaper than human hair wigs. I recommend you to choose synthetic wigs made by heat friendly fiber. High quality heat friendly fiber looks and feels like natural hair; plus it can be styled with heat tools.