Why Clip-in Hair Extensions Are So Popular?

In recent years, due to the influence of Hollywood big stars, such as Jessica Simpson, Megon Fox and Beyonce, clip-in hair extensions are becoming popular in the fashion world. Meanwhile, clip in hair extensions are the easiest and safest product to add length, color or volume to your real hair.

There are still some reasons for its popularity.


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Clip-in hair extensions provide the perfect alternative to permanent hair extensions.

Permanent heat fusion extensions are installed in salons and can be expensive. Besides, the permanent extensions for your hair can take a great deal of installation time. While temporary hair solutions like clip-in hair extensions are more affordable and easier to maintain. These accessories have gained popularity for they are not permanent and can be removed if need.


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Clip-in hair extensions work with most hair types and will not cause hair breakage.

At the same time, they are the perfect Do-It- Yourself system. Only need a little time can you mix them into your existing hair. With these hair extensions, you can get a salon result without spending money and time in a hair salon


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Clip in extensions are virtually undetectable.

They provide a natural look and feel for unlimited styling versatility. No more waiting for a long hair, with clip-in hair extensions, it is easy to have long and volume hair in few minutes. They are perfect if you want to turn your hair into beautiful flowing locks instantly. So clip-ins are good for a party, a special date or just whenever you want to look different for a few hours. They are much cheaper than salon-made permanent hair extensions


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To sum up, the advantages of clip in hair extension is that they are quick, easy and simple to remove. They are cheaper than salon-made permanent hair extensions. Meanwhile, it’s possible to change the color of the extensions to suit your personality. Clip-ins won’t damage your own hair in any way.