Uniwigs Customized Gray Hair Extension

Blondes may have more fun, but lately gray hair has been getting all the attention in fashion circles, from runways in Paris to red carpets in Los Angeles.


Going gray is a hot new hair trend.These gorgeous women don’t lack for sex appeal and what’s more, women with gray hair can be sexy. However, it is very hard currently for hair products company to make gray hair extensions, which is much more complicated compared to ordinary hair extension. In order to inspire everyone thinking of letting their gray grow and shine, Uniwigs.com’s Research and Development Center recently launched a new generation hair extension by mixing the platinum with dark brown to create gorgeous gray hair effects.


For those elder women, it is much more important for them to add more volumes than just adding some length. Why gray hair so complicated? Because each woman has a different situation and their hair is also different degree of gray hair. So basically, each gray hair client needs to customize the unique hair only for him, which requires much more efforts and research.


Uniwigs developed a new type of color ring, namely gray hair color ring. It contains 10 color switches and each of them has different percentage of platinum, starting from 10% to 90%. So anyone who wants gray hair extensions, welcome to contact us for details.

14″ Grey 7 Pieces Straight Clip In Indian Remy Human Hair Extension E714001STW-G-1B60


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